As One 7-7-07 NYC

March 22, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
YEAH!! I’m really happy that we have all come together “As One”! I hope to be able to make it there!
I live in CT and am currently not working. If I can
do anything to help such as phone calls etc, pls let
me know! Id be more than happy to give some of my
time to planning & organizing this wonderful event!

Haha well said….
Thats the point.. people trying to make it happen all over.. and other people just stealing the idea and making it happen just coz they have more views.. and more people will respon to what will happen.


I’ll wait to hear from Nalts before I cheer.This whole thing makes me edgy and vaguely ill. Sad that it’s turned that way. To be honest..Nalts and Zipster were the only reason I was going to go. I didn’t even know (or care) who the “yt celebrities” were. Funny that

It says in the credits that Mr. Safety wrote the music… so he wrote “Imagine”?? Who knew?! ;^) So it’s NYC, eh? Sweet! Time to start saving. I’ll be there. After that, I’m going to push hard for the first gathering of 2008 to be in LAS VEGAS!

“this is just to make the big YT people bigger “stars” in my opinion.”as one” my ass! a lot of people trying to become fomous up in here. and you will be serving as little monkeys for them to acounplish their goal! “

I agree with whoever said that.

play with the people, they will cum. you guys are taking yourselves way too seriously. your conceited dicks… a whopping 2,000 views. good bye i will just stop watching, if we all do that, then maybe you will stop producing such vapid, self-serving, pompous vids. LOSERS

This whole thing is really getting embarassing now.
It’s getting funny how all these guys are trying so hard to make a career out of their 15 minutes. It reminds me of Big Brother contestants thinking they are the next big thing and then disappearing. ha ha ha good luck!

All of you in this video are stupid douche bag cunt wads. Fuck you all and your dumbfuck “gathering.” This video is easily one of the lamest pieces of shit that actually had some effort put into it. Many people hate each and every one of you cunts.

“Imagine all the things we can do?” “We can get this thing done?”
What? Are you going to bring our troops home?
Also, what’s up with the composing credits at the end? Yoko Ono and the John Lennon estate might have something to say about that.



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