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March 20, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
Added the other account so I can try to keep up with you, Phil. I’m new to your videos but I’ve watched back a bit to catch up some and seeing as how so many people I like seem to love you, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. And I haven’t been. Wow, that was a run-on sentence. And now I’m rambling.

Um. Okay. All done now.

Stop reading.


Hey Phil,
even though I like really like your videos, it sometimes seems to me that you´re a bit to full of yourself, no offense.
I´m anyways gonna subscribe to your other account bcs of your good videos.
Hope you´re gonna stay “normal”.
– peace dude

yea i dont see that either. just a good sense of humor and make other laugh. dont know why people are saying that. Maybe b/c you became a hit and they think u posting a video of you on tv is like you’re bragging but actually you’re thanking your subs. for voting and showing them their effort. all in all, you are full…full of humor…haha…

ok blown joke, that’s why i stay away from comedy:)

It´s me again =)
I honestly didn´t mean to offend you, the being “full of yourself” was a bit to harsh it think, haha
It just looked like you pretend to be THE MAN because of all the sudden fame ;).
But as I said you just ACT and your a really good comedian and probably a cool guy in person (can you say “in person” – I´m from Germany so please correct me if I´m wrong)

I guess I was just kinda shocked that you´ll post your vids on your website first and that you became so damn professional lol
So don´t worry, I sooo will subscribe to the other account. And you, just stay as you are and thanks for answering.
– peace

Mate I’m a fan too, you’re cool. Truth is though you strike me as having a self esteem problem and your video persona is a cover for that. Like you jokingly talk yourself down in your names, intro, etc. Dunno if you already figure that yourself, perhaps I’m full of shit. 😉

Love the vids though mate.

Below that in gray appears the legend “>>Download Link
Below that in gray appears the legend “>>Download Link
its funny how you say that people used to see if they made it onto the top 10 when you used to be asking people on stickam to send you videos because you never got enough replies 😛 of course thats before u got all famous and stuff. your off the telly now!

yahh well hey .. good for you agin . things are loking up . but this is the first video as i really think that .. you . take al this a l little too serious .. and you seem a little on top of the world .. i don’t know if you understand .. the part with the “cute little things people did for YOUR video” sounded bad to me



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