Chris simon high Sticks Ryan Hollweg

March 20, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments: be the first guy to tell u hockey is a really aggressive sport and of course fighting will ensue just like it does and they do and we’ve seen many dirty plays before but that doesnt make it any less severe; i aint a hockey guru but that looked like a pretty clean, yet hard i admit, check from behind and there was no call for that kinda conduct, i dont care WHO defends him, i agree with the crowd…phuckin asshole.

Pulle88 that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Hollweg checked Simon hard but clean and instead of waiting till later in the game to retaliate or droppin the gloves, he takes a swing with his stick to Hollwegs neck.. that is a sorry act. And to imply that he deserved that is ludacris. Simon is lucky that didnt end up like a Bertuzzi situation. He should get suspended the rest of the season.that could have been a career ending hit. Simon is a Pussy for that cheapshot

Look, Hollweg had just released the puck. Hollweg’s head was down. He needs to keep his head up. Chris Simon finished his check and took the body. His elbow was tied to his side.

Look, it’s a rough game. These things happen. Rangers fans need to stop whining.

Give me a break. I’m sick of the “New NHL” and all these crying, whining little babies. Why don’t they just play the game in dresses?

Besides, this kind of thing gets them on ESPN. All publicity is good publicity. If you can’t take a hit get off the ice.

You’re a fucking douchebag…a hit is a hit, and a fight is a fight…and that’s all great. But when you swing your stick like a fucking baseball bat at someone’s face, you need to be thrown out of the league. Period.

And no, I am not a Rangers fan…

Passyouby, you could be the dumbest person I have ever heard. Simon was finishing his check? He used his stick as an axe to injure a player when he wasn’t looking? In the face/neck? You stupid piece of shit. Typical Islander fan-completely clueless.

Simon didn’t finish any kind of check. That was a swing, and the only reason he didn’t finish his swing, is because of Hollweg’s neck got in the way. These things don’t just ‘happen’ like it’s some sort of bowel movement. Cheap shots do happen, but this goes beyond that. And I am a fan of the Islanders, but I hope never to see Simon on the ice…EVER. He’s been an idiot even from his junior days.

First off, I’m neither a Rangers or an Islanders fan…both teams suck my ass.

This is BULLSHIT. A suspension?? No way…kick this piece of shit right out of the league for good. I think its a complete crock that scumbags like him and Bertuzzi are welcomed back to the league with open arms.

Passyouby, you could be the dumbest person I have ever heard. Simon was finishing his check? He used his stick as an axe to injure a player when he wasn’t looking? In the face/neck? You stupid piece of shit. Typical Islander fan-completely clueless.

If the initial boarding had been called, it could all be different. But Simon’s reaction is well over any acceptable line as far as retribution is concerned. Using one’s stick as a means of enforcement is garbage. Hell, if he’d clotheslined him or something, that still would have been well more within the boundaries of “civilized” payback than this.

Hollweg arcs his path to wait for the puck before checking Simon. Hollweg hits Simon on the left shoulder. A referee was watching behind the goal line. The video does not support that a penalty called changes the outcome. Simon does not look towards either referee. He gets up, sees Hollweg and swings the stick at him.

Anyone who makes a teepee/tomahawk/peace pipe comment is as moronic as Simon, and is probably some White-Trash moron, who beats their wife and hopefully, for the World’s sake, doesn’t have any children. Breed hatred elsewhere, this is America, LAND OF THE FREE FOR EVERYONE, wehther you were here first or last.

As for Simon’s actions, he should be suspended for the remainder of the year, and for a substantial part of next year.

oh, please. the hit on simon was nothing but an nhl level body check. only a crybaby girl would call it “dirty.” however, simon’s high-stick on hollweg was nothing short of assault with a deadly weapon. he should be banned from the game and do prison time. he’ll kill someone if he’s allowed to continue.

Cheap hit from Hollweg but all I gotta say is Simon is lucky he got him in the chin and not clean in the face and that Hollweg got up or Simon would be going to jail. Thats assault brotha. I propose a one game suspension to Hollweg and at least the rest of this year and all of next year to Simon

hollweg’s hit was clean, not from directly behind and not late. if you notice, they didnt even mention the hit at all…that retaliation from simon was really stupid, and it was cheap, but thats hockey, hollweg will live…so please stop fuckin whinning about shit…its a tough game, and it should always be that way

hollweg’s hit was cleaner than jansen’s hit last week, simon is an idiot for retaliating, he was just mad cuz he got jacked up, he should be season for the season and maybe more cuz he could have killed him, the isles arent making the playoffs now just to let u know

I see all of these cheap shots you have, but where’s the one by Chris Neil on Chris Drury?

If the NHL would’ve done something substantial after the Drury hit, or the Kaberle hit, then maybe Simon would’ve thought twice about tomahawking a guy in the face.

Gary Bettman and the NHL had a chance to put a stop to this weeks ago after the Neil hit, or the Kaberle hit, and they did nothing. Bettman and the NHL made their bed, now they should have to sleep in it.

im a diehard devils fan and do anything to spite the rangers but cmon…even i cant deny how wrong this is. if you gonna do something this dispicable, at least do it to the guy that hit you. not some innocent player just skatin by. what a pussy. criminally charge him plllease.

Acting dude a f@#king stick to the jaw isnt some ouch that hurt ill get up and sit over here kinda thing. a normal fist to the jaw can nock someone out if it hits the right way. on top of that his teeth can get bashed in from a shot like that ive seen smaller hits to the face break teeth.

I was there…Chris Simon should jump off the Verranzano…he’s a disgrace along with the rest of the team…you go and do something like that in front of your fans…well half were your fans but still on your home ice…fuckn idiot…you she be happy your suspened bc the next time Rangers face arent the target

Simon only got the stick up a little bit. hollweg should have got called for boarding. hollweg has over 100 minutes in penaltys and 1 goal. no class by hollweg got what he desevers punk ass bitch. you want to blame someone blame Bettman for taking fighting out of hockey. punks like hollweg are allowed to skate freely with out care about repercussions on their action

Okay, kmonti, you are retarted. Barry Melrose called Hollweg’s check clean. He hit Simon from the side, and just extended his arms. Simon then decided that he wanted to try to play baseball, and smacked Hollweg right in the jaw. Also, Simon really didn’t need to raise his stick too high, he’s 6’3″ while Hollweg’s 5’11”. It’s a 22 game suspension, and it should have been more. You need to be able to take you bias away from these comments. Grow up, and think before you type from now on.

how was that “nothing” compared to McSorley/Brashear??? It’s the same goddamn thing!
You Islander fans defending this are sick (I’m a Sabre fan, so no bias here). You need to call a spade a spade. Imagine Hollweg chopped Simon like that? If that slash hit the throat, the guy could be dead. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Do you know why baseball players don’t attack each other with bats? Or why football players don’t take off their helmets and use them as weapons? Because they know that if they did, it would mean MAJOR financially hardship and long suspensions.

Hockey players know the NHL won’t do shit about this (slap on the wrist at the most) so they should expect this kind of shit to keep happening until they crack down.

Hockey needs shit like this to boost the games ratings a it makes the rivalry better… was a cheap hit…and technically thats assault…but emotions grow high in intense games like this…plus you cant blame a guy for a hit like that when he Sniffed Gasoline as a kid when he lived on that shitty reservation

dude im a die hard isles fan…and i just did a real sports segmaent on Nolan with C Simon….not a bad guy…but that hit was deliberate to the face/neck….he basically used it as a weapon..hes lucky he wasnt seriously injured or he would be in deep shit

This whole thing was because Simon can’t take the fact that he got hit. He hit him from the side watch it, he got hit by his number and his arm, he turned into the boards. What a chicken shit move, honestly i feel bad for Ryan Smyth for coming to such a useless fucking team!

What a fucking cheap shot! Simon need to sit out next year also, two inches lower and Hollweg is seriously injured. His hit was clean, i don’t know what kmonti is watching, i guess Simon didn’t chop with the stick either? I don’t think it’s anywhere as serious as Bertuzzi – Moore, but it’s plenty bad enough.

i hate mcsorley, i hate bertuzzi, and now i hate chris simon… what a fucking piece of shit… inexcusable… regardless of whether or not the rangers play had a “cheap hit,” you dont go and swing your stick (with 2 hands!) into the throat of the player…

(go bruins!)

Ohhhh shhhuut upppp. all you people that make comments here whining that he should get kicked out you dont know what your talking about, its the same situation as the bertuzzi thing. yes its a cheap shot and he should be suspended, if anyone plays hockey they would know what he is trying to do here, he was trying to draw a penalty but instead he got his stick too high. Shit happens ! honest mistake

what happened here was a disgrace to hockey. you cant say that this was an honest mistake. any hockey player knows that bringing the stick up anywhere past the elbows is just poor class. watch at around 2:00, it was intent to injure at that point

It’s quite possible he might have played his final NHL game. If he’s a free agent at the end of the season, Betteman can just issue a suspension until December 2, and that would effectively wipe out the entire 2007-8 season for him too (players have to be signed by December 1 or else they are not eligible to play the rest of the season).

But a suspension should be the least of his worries…the DA is looking into this too.

I’m not a fan of either team but Chris Simon has been a complete piece of shit his entire career. I know he’s pissed about not getting a call but come on…a swing of a stick to the face of a defenseless player. He should be given the same treatment/punishment as McSoreley and Bertuzzi. Chris Simon, you piece of trash, I hope you get your ass handed to you by somebody if you EVER think of coming close to another NHL game EVER AGAIN!

I don’t think he should be allowed to play the game period. He’s been a thug his entire career. I think the title of Enforcer went to his head =/ And personally I don’t think Bertuzzi should be playing the game today. He ended Moore’s career, his should have been over as well.

I’m an Isles fan of 27 years and ANY Islander fan that was clapping when this happened, you should be ashamed of yourself. One Isles fan in this video near the glass who was wearing an orange Isles jersey with a 1 on it I can see you clapping dude. And, you just lost a friend, because I know the guy.

Porchy, what the fuck are you talking about? Yeah shit happens and tempers flair, but if you cant at least somewhat control your temper you shouldnt be in the NHL. I mean, if I fight is fair, Im all for it, but not a cheapshot like this. The NHL is going to get a really bad rep. because of all these cunts thinking that they can do whatever the fuck they want to whoever they want.
Its bullshit and it doesnt belong anywhere near the NHL or any amateur or professional hockey league.

hey scott…SHUT THE FUCK UP!, sports IS violent you pussy, as a matter of fact, thats what makes hockey so great, because its a fucking WAR, giant men with razor sharp skates at high speeds with big wooden sticks firing a disc of vulcanized rubber that gets over 100 mph, keep your mouth shut

ScottKin you are a frickin retard… I have reffed the game for 21 years and have never seen that at any level; sometimes it happens… What about L Sprewell you moron… what about all the bench clearing brawls in baseball… need I go on… You should go piss on a live wire dumb ass.

i never understand why they tolerate even this fist fights in hockey. some times the referees are watching the players fight for 2 minutes befire they stop them and then there’s jsut a 2 mnute penalty or soemhting. In soccer you would be banned for at least acouple of weeks if not kicked out for your team completely.

u have no clue what the hell ur saying.. that was a fair check by hollweg or like u say “the clown?” good one..
it was a fair check..wasnt boarding or anything simon lost his temper and did something hes gonn a pay for it

ur pretty dumb for sayin that simon has a right for doin this im sure if u even ask a big islanders fan they will disagree with u and say he had no right for doin that..

Finally some sensible logic in a post. From what I hear, the rangers have a few goons that had it coming. Goons are the problem in hockey. Holweg is a wanna be goon. He problably was trying to impress his friends on the team or a girl in the stands. He deserved what he got cause he started it. Simon should get a two game suspension for political correct people in hockey, but anything more would be forgetting that holway initiated it with a cheap shot.

for you english tw*ts that get on every big discussion and can only say football is better is canadian 2.fighting IS allowed and this IS a contact sport dont like that then get lost 3.WE DONT HAVE HOOLIGANS maybe because our players dont whine like b*tches everytime someone steps on their toes.according to chris simon you hit them across the face with a stick 😉 i dont agree with what he did but if you are from across the pond and dont really know and dont really care, why comment.

nerd? thats it? you really should not attempt to trashtalk you brainless jock. did i bring rugby into the picture? no i didnt. soon as anyone throws football back in your faces comes the classic “rugby response”. hockey has NOTHING to do with rugby and is more similar to european football than rugby. and since when does pay have anything to do with how good the sport is? grow a brain.

Even as an Isles fan, I can’t defend that. That was a brutal hit, and he should be suspended, and fined for sure. Hockey is a tough sport, but you should never use your lumber to exact revenge. Simon’s a tough guy, he should have just dropped the gloves if he was that mad.

this was so messed up
simon was so dumb doin this im sure even the big islander fans were mad at this he messed up the game for them and they didnt get the points..luckily he helped out the rangers to make 8th seed though
chris simon lives right by me now i gotta mess his house up 😀

Simon should be out for the rest of the season. That is uncalled for, he was hit clean into the boards. Unfortunatly Simon showed how much of a little bitch he really is, I’m ALL for hitting and fighting but that was a pussy ass bitch move if he wants to play like that go play soccer.

This is one of those cases where the rules don’t make much sense if they’re really trying to protect players. If it’s against the rules to hit someone across the face with a stick, it should also be against the rules to check someone head-first into the glass so hard that they get a concussion, regardless of whether the check is otherwise ‘legal’…

No sympathy for Hollweg, complete hit from behind. Simon facing the boards the whole time and Hollweg blindsided him from the rightside. Only time a hit from behind is justified is if a player turns into boards at last second. Cowardice hit begets a cheap shot. Everything is square, get over it!

It’s easy to tell where the hit is from. The numbers and name, clearly seen during the clip, is on the BACK of the jersey. The contact happened on the left shoulder, directly above Simon’s attempt to play the puck. And, what part of that check caused Simon’s knees to bend and lift his feet off the ice? It looks like he jumped.

It was a clean hit. It only would have been dirty if Hollweg had hit Simon in the numbers. He didn’t. It was shoulder to shoulder. There is NO excuse, no matter WHAT to bring a stick to the face of a player. He should be at least gone for the rest of the regular season and the playoffs, if not more.

the refs arent calling the game. the league is.the only channel that airs hockey or the garage league is oln or the bull fighting network.nascar is ahead of hockey thats a shame.if the refs called the game right then players wouldnt take matter in there own hands

All the keyboard warrior posturing aside, sooner or later somebody’s gonna get killed, and then the chuckleheads who run the NHL will sit around wondering what they could have done to prevent it. The answer, of course, is to kick criminals like Simon out of the league after shit like this.

I’m going to go out on a limb here, and guess that all the comments are by Americans. Because, if you’re Canadian, and you like Hockey, you know there’s going to be violence. Frankly I don’t see what all the big talk is about. IT’S F***ING HOCKEY! IT HAS F***ING VIOLENCE YOU F***ING NOOBS! What do you people expect in the US, huh? America is a gun-loving, war-starting, alienating machine of racism. No wonder the world likes Canada, cause we play nice and we don’t discriminate.

spootcloot, hollwegs hit was clean, he finished his check and it was a clean hit, chris simon was a pussy ass faggot and lost his cool, and thatt fucking hit could have killed him if it got him in the neck. simon didnt get “cleared out” you dumbass

I know Simon personally, he’s from my home town… I am shocked at this too. Hockey is a rough sport, but he is one the nicest, kindest people. Very polite. So for him to do something like this is a shocker to me… But I feel he retaliated because of the check on him and as you see his face when face into boards… Personally what he did was wrong but I’m sure alot of would have done the same without thinking about the consequences… Flame me if you want, I don’t give a shit

We’re not out to scare people you idiot. Don’t you understand? Funny how youtube is full of hockey and soccer highlights and never any baseball or any of those other pussy sports that noboby likes but dumb americans who can’t get their heads out oh their asses.

Speaking as an ER nurse practitioner, this man could have died or worse, been left paralyzed. There is no excuse for this type of behavior and it also happens to be a crime. Simon has already has 5 prior suspensions. He should be banned from the sport,convicted of substantial battery with intent, and pay a punitive fine to Hollweg.

You are mistaken. Simon has 5 prior suspensions; 4 for violent on ice incidents and 1 for a racial slur toward Mike Grier. This will mark his 6th, which is ridiculous. Obviously the 5 prior suspensions did not work as a deterrent. After 3 suspensions, players should be banned.

Contact sports will inevitabley have contact and hockey can be a particularly rough sport that is why they wear padding but there is a line to be drawn where it basically turns into assault. The hit was fairly clean and simon has turned around and attacked him in the face/neck with his stick. Fuc* the ref lol, call the police.

The NHL is totally barbaric for condining this garbage. Chris Simon should go to jail for this. Hockey could be a great sport, if it didn’t let its players try to kill each other. It just shows what a joke the NHL is. Instead of getting the best players, they choose instead to reward the most violent thugs.

I’m English and reading some of your comments is pathetics, we got Ass Holes saying canada is a wussy country…so you are saying your country is violent?? how the fuck is that a good thing? you stupid morons it isn’t a competion on who is the least wussy…fucking stupid Americans…

Way to go Chris!!! To bad he got up Hollweg takes a cheap shot and now nobody says anything because Simon didn’t get hurt. Hollweg should get 10 games and find 10,000 for hitting from behind in the atempt to injury and Simon 5 games for atempt to injury. As they say in American land what comes around goses around

I’ve played hockey for ten years, and this is just plain stupid. These kind of players ruin the entire sport. It’s a physical sport, I give you that. But hitting with a stick in the face is fucking wrong. All the cool kids say it’s awesome. They’re probably trolls or wannabes. I work as a referee as well, and sure, there could have been a penalty for what Hollweg did, but hitting one in the face with a stick is just fucking wrong.

Speaking as an ER nurse practitioner, this man could have died or worse, been left paralyzed. There is no excuse for this type of behavior and it also happens to be a crime. Simon has already has 5 prior suspensions. He should be banned from the sport,convicted of substantial battery with intent, and pay a punitive fine to Hollweg.

I’m an Islander fan and I will admit that it was such a stupid move on Simon’s part. Whether you think the hit by Hollweg was clean or dirty you still don’t respond in that way. Its just stupid. I definitely think he should and will be suspended for the season. I don’t think it will go much further than that because in my eyes was Bertuzzi did was worse and he was only suspended 17 games or something like that. I guess we will see though. Whatever he gets, he deserves it.

i think u need to forget about how legal that hit was..wasnt called during the game, and didnt seem so bad, the refs didnt deem it an illegal hit…and for simon, i think he should be ejected from the league…hes such an idiot, thereis no way that was called for…he has a serious mental problem and gives a bad name to hockey

here’s some things we can learn from this video
1. hollwegs a beast and got up after being hit in the face with a hockey stick
2. chris simon is a little bitch who cant take a good hit into the boards cuz hes a big faggot and cheap shots people in the face
3. karl Rachunek is the man for goin after simon
4. islanders fans are still giant douche bags cuz they were cheering for simon ad he left the ice and also because they love potvin who beat his wife

my response was to this post..
here’s some things we can learn from this video
1. hollwegs a beast and got up after being hit in the face with a hockey stick
2. chris simon is a little bitch who cant take a good hit into the boards cuz hes a big faggot and cheap shots people in the face
3. karl Rachunek is the man for goin after simon
4. islanders fans are still giant douche bags cuz they were cheering for simon ad he left the ice and also because they love potvin who beat his wife

By the way my take on the hit is this. I think what simon did was wrong and should be punished worse then he was, 25 games does not send a message to the players but 50-75 games would have. As much as I like hard hitting and fighting in hockey, vicious cheap shots has no place in the game and should be punished worse then that, Colin Campbell your making a joke of the NHL disciplineary system.

Hockey is a tough man’s sport. Unlike basketball, football etc. when you do nothing but play with balls, lol. The speed, hits, fights, shots, plays and everything that makes Hockey the great game it is comes from the blood, sweat and courage of true atheletes.

dude, dont put hockey on a pedestal above other sports, i’ve played hockey now for close to 15 years and while its a physical game, its also a game about NOT axhanding fellow players in the face after they cleanly check you into the boards. its as much about finesse and discipline as it is about aggressiveness. chris simon isn’t a tough man, the real tough guy took some graphite to the mug.

All you ice hockey players are pussies. Ice hockey is like the WWF now. What a joke on all you. No one attends Hollwleg for at least 30 seconds. Is this a Pofessional sport ? Any those stupid fist fights while the ref. just watches ? I feel sorry for all of you. And the Sharks suck, too !!

Ice hockey players are pussies!? You are obviously a retard. Hockey players are some of the toughest athletes in sports. I would like to see you fight a hockey player, or even get hit by one. I bet you would cry. You are a faggot for even posting your mindless comment. Go suck a dick.

ya no shit you obviously have no idea what you are talkin about i totally agree with samsonite these guys play 3 -4 games a week at least and they go at it pretty hard, and the refs just watch so they dont get a fist in the face dumbass thats why they jump in when they fall or stop throwin punches.

You are a moron. So, ice hockey is like Cage Fighting ? Ha !! A “Blood Sport”, a street fight ?? A circus show and nothing more. Look at the fans… Beer drinking, jersey wearing fans with fat stomachs and low income and no education. Thgey also love Tractor Pulling very much !! Please keep writing, you make yourself look even more stupid ! Why aren’t you out playiong hockey today or cross-training ??

Hey samsonite7711. How did you come up with you handle ?? Always packing a bag to stay at your boyfriends and then pack some more ?? You go race amature motocross you moron. You are an arm chair athlete like most American males ! You even defend your fake sport on YouTube instead of really playing ice hockey !! Give me a break !! And, the only reason I go to the ice rink is to buy Jofa protective gear for racing motocross. You suck !!

holligolightly didn’t die so get over it. simon lost his cool and smashed the guy in the face with the stick. big deal. if you were carrying a fucking stick when some dude smashed you, you would reflexively do the same shit, so don’t bitch. in the 70’s, they basically started each period with a face smash rather than a puck drop, so stop crying you granola eating hippie faggots. IT’S IN THE GAME.

What kind of group sport that is watched by children in a civilized society allows fighting of any kind? What kind of example is this setting for our children? That violence solves conflict? I personally think that they should be banning fighting or any act of violence across the board.

There is far too many people posting here who know nothing about hockey. If anyone here has been hit from behind while playing you know exactly why he did that. I am not saying what he did was right, and fully agree that he should be punished. Go watch 1972 Summit Series and see some real hockey… expansion to the Southern US killed the NHL. Give the bring the stars and jets back north and scrap the rest.

This is what happens as a result of letting things like the Bertuzzi incident go with a basic slap on the wrist for essentially breaking someone’s neck – it should have been an automatic lifetime ban and yes Girlie951 this was just as bad considering what the damage could have been. Theres plenty of hard working rookies that would glady fill a space and play good hard hitting aggressive hockey without going to the head of any player.

Fuck this. What Simon did was completely inexcusible, and he’s paying the price for it, as are the Islanders. Simon IS a good guy though, he just really fucked up and lost his cool, and you can see by the look on his face afterwards that he was thinking “oh shit, what did I do?”

Crazy things happen once in a blue moon and because CNN decides to show it 8,000 times, unknowledgible people think that’s how hockey always is. This is as retarded as someone calling the NFL a league full of niggers (again I’m calling this a retarded statement, don’t get all racially defensive on me) who all order prositutes and test positive for roids and cocaine. But because football is watched by nearly everyone, this type of stigma rightfully doesn’t stick.

That bodycheck was right on the border between a good check and hitting from behind. Simon’s retaliation was unacceptable, however, there are too many fans and NHL executives that think that hitting from behind is part of the game. It’s not. This has to change. Cheapshots are an epidemic in the NHL today. Suspensions and fines have to be elevated or total expulsion of players has to be considered and now!!!!

All I know is that if I did that to someone at my job, and god knows some days I want to, I wouldn’t get a suspension, I’d get FIRED !!!
To bad the NHL doesn’t have the balls to give Chris waht he really deserves, a permananent suspension, docking all further pay effective immediately. Then let him live in the real world where the rest of us cannot cannot behave like that.

hockey ranks low in American sports and last time I checked this is america…I hate Nascar but this is the order of popularity and by the way SOCCER sucks more cock than HOCKEY and is for faggots just like all Bruin fans….1)FOOTBALL 2)NASCAR 3)BASEBALL 4)BASKETBALL 5)GOLF 6) HOCKEY 7) SOCCER 8) BOWLING….blah blah blah

Dumb ass dude look like he was coming back to chuck chris simmon again. Fuck that shit, I would of did worse. Theres not reason to chuck people like that in hockey. Learn to play hockey without being violent like a boxer. Or u deserve a slash in the face



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