a little example of what goes on inside my mind (reposted)

March 20, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
very energetic mind you got there nats..videos are lookin great..germs ehhh? i sometimes can become a germ freak ..best way to fix your problem carry hand sanitizer ..or wash your hands everything you touch..but that’ll lead you to dry hands 😦 here in the states ive seen some put their currency in bras and panties, breast etc ..well hope that u can come to the usa and enjoy our american traits ahoy cheers

Cases of asthma are on the rise world wide. They are beginning to suspect that children are not be exposed to enough dirt and dust and therefore their lungs never develop resistance to dust. Germs and dirt are often good things. Oh and the coin not dirt but tarnish. I think well maybe a little dirt.

Was it supposed to cut off at the end?

Anyway, the germs thing. I have a similar train of thought.

In my head though, I’m only constantly worrying about my own hands and where they’ve been. For example, right now I cam thinking how I touch this keyboard a million times a day, and it must be covered in disgusting bacteria and such.

Ugh. Going to wash my hands.

Hey Nate, you are a trip. Look, finish your damn degree and THEN start the new one. How can you leave something unfinished like that? That degree will earn you money – even if you don’t go into the field your degree is in. You are just wasting time and money. If you want to go into graphic design – finish your first degree and take a photoshop class. Geez.

Natalie, Good for you about choosing Digital Media. You could also minor in Education and still get a teaching degree. It pays da bills. Your dry humor is wonderful and I love your neurotic mind. No way that I would unsubscribe, I enjoy your work too much. Oh and thank goodness for sanitizing gel. You can take it with you.

As an obsessive-compulsive, I know where you’re at. The trick isn’t to fight this stuff, but to find a way to make it irrelevant.

Rubbing alcohol spray. Stick it in your bag, and every time you get something dirty on your hands, pull out the spray and rub some on. It evaporates in 10 seconds and sterilises your hands. Perfect.

Show me all the blueprints…Show me all the blueprints…Show me all the blueprints…Show me all the blueprints…Just kidding. A little “Aviator” movie humor there. Hope the germ thing isn’t that bad 🙂 Oh and I can watch your “Bond” video over and over. Very well done.

Dont worry about germs. Have you ever seen a germ? no you didnt! its because germs arent real ! yes! theyre just a part of soap-producers *slash* (yea i know i could just use “/” but somehow saying slash makes it much more interesting) doctors *slash* goverment evil plot to scare you into using soap *slash* take medicines *slash* be afraid ! Dont belive them !!!

hey, i like washing my hands 2, sometimes they just feel grimey or sweaty and washing them just feels great, i actually when and washed them after i watched this lol, i loved the toll both, way to use the shower lol, ive been thinking recently bout changing my degree, i do medicinal chemistry, it’s not that i dont like it, it’s more that i wanna do enginneering as well or something

everyone in Ausralis can drive. except me!! Damn country and its barriers to abilities. I swear at school here, they tend to damagae them mentally so they can’t carry on to unioversity and get jobs becasue of their low self-esteem. Its dog eat dog world here sometimes. God help me

You mean in United Kingdom right. Cos you from UK. Australia is great. There are certain barriers to entry for ppl to enter the country I heard once especially being foreign. But yeah..Aussie land is great. its so friendly. I know not everythings friendly and sometimes there is some problems. But thats the small part. Is fun there. the weather, the way young people can live life fuller. In England young ppl can feel trapped with no prospects and beach ball. And work places are hell

I am a phobic too. you are not alone Nathalie. Just be careful otherwise your skinc an get fragile. Morning wash is fine. after sticky food is fine, Before eatign with hands is fine. After touching firty things is fine. We all wash our hands. That guy in the film ‘ the aviator’ played by di caprio played a slightly neurotic guy too. But he was brilliant

im like that! im always washing my hands, and im constantly telling my younger siblings to wash their hands, and my close friends. and nobody can touch my stuff until after they’ve washed their hands. and i hate meeting new people becuz u cant tell them the first time u meet them to go wash their hands..lol

I get that way sometimes but could never leave someone hanging like that lol!! Anyway digital media… AWESOME! My husband is starting at the Fine Arts Institute of Dallas in August for Digital Media!! He’s always filming and editing stuff and has yet to put anything on youtube! :/ Anyway you are really good at what you do and I was wondering a long time ago why you weren’t going into something with media!! Good luck!

Congrats on changing your major to Digital Media! I feel your pain… back in my college days I changed majors (and schools) FOUR TIMES. I have the student loan debt to prove it! ;^) I don’t regret it. My final major was similar to yours, and I did land a great job. Question… what do you use scapels for in DIGITAL Media??

Nat’ you are a genius in the world of entertainment. Changing your education was the best thing you could have done. The future for you is very bright, it can not go any other way. You have a unique ability to elicit emotion from your audience, the non-crazies love you. You have a unique ability to demonstrate your thoughts and ideas in your performances. Best wishes always. One of you Canadian fans.

If you’re such a neat freak, why is your bed ruffled, the blinds dirty, dust on the victrola, your hair a mess in several clips and your clothes wrinkled ?
OH I C, you want to be a movie star … Is it tuff in Australia, I heard they realy give Asians grief down there. Well good luck, you seem to have the acting down, and you’re not afraid to talk …

Hi there AtheistAtLARGE . I find it very amazing that you presume to know anything about my condition.. i also find it amazing that you conclude that obsessive compulsive tendencies are simple and that neatness and cleanliness have anything to do with eachother… more specifically, that to ME and in MY condition that they hold any relation to eachother. Just because i portray things in a comical manner does not mean i have great difficulty dealing with them. If this is an act

Well you’re comfortable in front of a camera, so thats 1 reason, a messy bed might, but you might be afraid of dust mites, ugly little buggers. If you weren’t so cute Id say you had a complex, the dust mites help to keep your skin clear and healthy.

Unless your phobia is just with the hands. The part of the brain that controls your actions I believe is at the bottom above the roof of the mouth. Your condition has been cured once by the person that had it. I dont recommend the precedure he took tho … Good Luck, and I hope you get over things, perhaps the understanding of “germs” in that they do help to keep you healthy as well as can get you sick …

Hi Nat,
Just wanted to drop a comment saying that I’ve been watching your vids now for awhile and I love them! You’re beautiful and really talented at making videos! And I don’t know why, but it might be because I’m American, I can’t help but love the way you say “know”. I love it!

Hrm you like to wash you hands…. alot… did you do something bad? 😉 My x used to do that …. alot… then I found out she cheated 3 times 😮 — not saying ur a cheater… just telling you about my experience with… washing hands. I like being clean too. I have always believed that if I don’t expose myself to germs, I won’t have an immune system… I haven’t been sick in 5 years. Happy posting.

Ok, so:
1) Germs are like people. Not all of them are bad!
2) Deal with the “germ touch” by remembering which hand had the 3rd-degree-contact and simply keep that hand “isolated” until you can hash it again!
3) er… again, not all germs are bad!!!!

Joe Goodgerm.

I surely hope you don’t consistently wash your hands with ANTIBACTERIAL handsoap, because if you did.. well. Antibacterial gets rid of all the germs on your hand.. and germs are especially attracted to non-germy hands. You’d end up with more germs on your hands than when you started. Tip if you didn’t know.. though I think you do, having maybe looked up tips, being the germ-paranoid person you are? Not a bad thing.. but yeah ok. Use regular hand soap.

I wouldn’t worry about the black 20c. It’s probably just covered in cancer-causing chemicals rather than excessive germs. Anyway, the list of deadly diseases you can catch from a 20c coin is pretty short. Just check the picture of the Queen – the younger she is, the more likely you are to die from touching it…

Great video… i know what you mean about the new degree + new debt… man, i’ve been considering the digital media degree (which is also fine arts here in these parts as well), but am not sure only because i dont really want to start all over again. sigh… good luck!

I have similar problems, not the germs in itself, but
others “dirt” scrubbing of to me. Shaking hands is
hard, especially since in my empirical experience
from visiting public “washrooms”, half of the men
goes directly from the booth without a sink and out
the door, without washing their hands… 😦

Every time I so much as put my hands near water my skin shrivels up and tries to drop off. I have really dry sensitive skin.

Germs are good for you, they make your immune system strong. I am the anti-you, I like to eat things that have fallen on the floor cause it freaks other people out.

Kids who eat boogers are less likely to get sick because the exposure of bacteria to the body actually strengthens the Immune System. Being afraid of the unknown is very common, infact it can lead to racism, skepticism, and paranoia. I have a disimilar disorder, Agoraphobia, I lose depth perception at times, and for some reason it can be random and vary on frequency, it’s hard to deal with and embarassing which usually leads to panic attacks and blurting. I hope you get better.

Well good luck with that. And good luck with your digital media program. I know a guy at work who doesn’t carry money. He says it’s dirty. Well, yeah, I know…He owed me some money, and it took a week for him to remember to bring some to work. Anyway, I sincerely hope you can find a happy place and not worry about germs to such an extent in the future. You’re young, you’ve got time to work it out. And if you don’t, meh, we’ve all got our thing.

I think the problem is that we call them germs, which has a bad connotation. There are lots and lots of different kinds of tiny organisms some are bad which we would call germs, but most and i do mean most are either completely harmless or actually good for us. I really do think antibacterial soap is a bad thing.

If you don’t like germs, then how come you have so much stuff in your room? It collects more dust and makes it harder to clean. I like to keep my room simple; that way, it’s easier to clean, and more germ-free. Ew, your room looks really messy… No offense. It just doesn’t make any sense.

I’m new to the youtube so I haven’t seen many videos but… This one is really well done. You’re well-spoken, the editing is great, and the music just seems to fit perfectly. I also wash my hands ALL the time. For me it came from working in hospitality way back when. Now I work in a pharmacy so it’s a lot less germy. I still wash my hands any time I walk by a sink though. Best of luck.

Hand washes I do:
Before & after the toilet,
Before eating/preparing food,
When they get dirty working,
Brushing teeth,
After lots of handshakes,
Taking out the trash,
After public places,
After cut/hurt,
Before touching my eyes,
After touching the ground.
If I’m away from a bathroom, I use just water from a hose, or bib. Gems spread over the entire body, so at the end of the day, I take a shower. With clean water and good food my immune system keeps me safe in this fantastic world.

You would absolutely hate me. My room has to be most untidy on my entire floor. I think washing your hands obsessively like that would only lead to irritating your skin, and wasting water. Bod is right about the immunity part. The only problem with being a hot chick on the Internet is that you will be considered hot only by people like me – dirty (university) students, or anyone who just wastes their time on the Internet for absolutely no reason.

Hey funny vid xD I know I don’t really wash my hand before eating and stuff and pick food that drop down on the floor and still eat it >.anyways I sent ya a msg if you haven’t read it or would like me to send again, please tell 🙂 thanks

It’s called OCD. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). My brother has had it his entire life. He washes his hands far more than a normal human being. There has to be some germs around or your body wouldn’t be able to build up a natural defense against them. I’ll bet you also use your sleeve instead of your hand when touching a door handle in a public place. Just carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer around with you and you’ll be all set.

I think i might even subscribe to you know just because you are nearly as crazy as me with being OCD. hahaha. I totally understand how you feel about people shaking your hands and CHANGE. I do not leave the house w/o a bottle of hand sanitizer.

You never know if someone took of their socks and then decided to shake your hands. What did they do with their socks? Were those socks in a Red Hot Chili Peppers photoshoot? (Google it…) Yeah…carry portable hand sanitizer. It will save you from Chili juice. Think about it.

“The skin supports its own ecosystems of microorganisms, including yeasts and bacteria, which cannot be removed by any amount of cleaning. Estimates place the number of individual bacteria on the surface of one square inch of human skin at 50 million though this figure varies greatly over the average 20 feet2 of human skin. Oily surfaces, such as the face, may contain over 500 million bacteria per square inch.”

Don’t they have Purrel in Australia? PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer
* Kills 99.99% of most common germs that may cause illness.
* Use anytime, anyplace, without water or towels.
* Leaves hands feeling refreshed without a sticky residue.

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