Yu-Gi-Oh satire banned?

March 19, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
O.O Littlekuribo’s videos were taken down? I loved them! Youtube’s gone a little crazy with the whole copyright violation thing, if you ask me. Posting movies and shows should be banned but it’s getting to the point where you can only post vblogs… that’s bad for people like me, who make AMVs all the time.

One: Whats an AMV? But off of the top of my head when you say copy right infrigment I think of someone stealing someone elses idea thats protected and making shitloads of money off of that. Thats copyrightinfrigment! I dont think what littelkuribo did was wrong because he wasnt making a profet. Now if he were selling the over dubs than that would be a violation to copyright law.

I think the original copyright holder has a right to assert his/her ownership, and contest anyone else using it. YouTube is not a court of law. Don’t use someone else’s material – even satirically – without an awareness that it could be challenged.

fair or not, i’m uncertain. i wonder if youtube is operating under international codes of copyright protection or US codes, and whether there’s a difference. as to the hypothetical SNL not being allowed to satire copyrighted material, i could only hope that it would make the writers apply some *gasp* creativity, or at least make the show funny again

UR mid frame, Blunty?If the Copyright owners saw this, they could ask for it to be removed. Maybe that is the point U are trying to prove:how long b4 removed. The fact is,vids will get removed at request of Copyright owners. I don’t disagree with you about the satire part and such a grey area.

What I wud like to c is some details of why,on the removed vid pages so that others can c specifically why instead of just the fact that it was asked to b removed. Maybe a warning to asking first to remove the vids, just out of courtesy.What do you think of those thoughts?

mmmmmmmmm the entire episodes are copyrighted , soundtrack AND video and I know I wouldn’t like it if I started making money for my productions and then have people “compress” them. It still is breaking the copyrights weather it’s entertaining and cut down. : ( sorry but that is the way the world works and if you don’t want to make it easy for everyone then yes punishing will come.

Good video, Blunty. recently Matt Hawes had a similar issue with Viacom taking down one of HIS vids in error. A side note to THIS case, however, use of ANY copyrighted material, like music, sounds, AND/OR images can be considered infringement, so that’s probably the angle they took, as crappy as that may be.

THANK YOU!! Oh my gosh! You really are life saver for putting up a video against this. I am big fan of his satire series, it was absolutely ridiculous for being put down! His videos are hilarous and it’s just not right for them to ban it! I’m so angry, I might video blog it if I have time.

He would need to recreate the visual aspect of the episode. The image is has a copyright even if it is satire. You do not need to have permission to “cover” a bands song… you just can’t make money off it. A complete recreation of content with likeness of something else should be ok. We are not making money off YT yet.

I’m sorry, you’re incorrect – officially you DO need to seek permission to “cover” a song. and yes while the images in the eps are copyrighted, the provision for “fair use” in copyright law allows for satirical use (as well as certain allowances for educational and review use). And that’s what I believe applies in this case.

No, one can perform any song that’s registered with the Harry Fox Agency (and that’s probably most of the songs we’ve ever heard) and put it on a CD for a statutory rate per CD, no permission needed, just payment.

AS for performing live, one can perform any BMI or ASCAP song (most songs) as long as the venue has BMI and ASCAP licenses.

However, with non-satirical videos/films it is a Sync license, which must be negotiated with the rights holders.

With so many Tv networks and Film studios asking youtube to take videos for copyright infringement .. a lot of the tv shows and movies have been posted on Dailymotion , france’s answer to youtube…
Blunty, do you think Dailymotion can grow big enough in terms of popularity and views as youtube .. Why or why not ? Would love to know your views on dailymotion

It’s a very thin line here…but yeah, I think they went a bit far in this case because, yeah, like you said, he’s not posting the whole episode and he’s making it his own, sort of thing. I don’t think it’s copyright violation PER SE, however, I can also see the other side that says it is copyright infringement. Point: In this situation, I don’t see it as copyright infringement.

I’m sick of amv’s and parodies getting deleted (even though I rarely watch them). I know amv’s are 100% copyrighted materiel, but parodies and other things that involve personally added content don’t violate any laws. LiberalVeiwer was a guy who used news clips and clips of Jon Stewart along with his voice in them as FAIR MEDIA ANALYSIS which is protected, but sadly his account got suspended anyways. My oppinion is that YouTube isn’t properly reviewing flagged materiel.

I agree with you on the point that youtube is taking things a little too far these days. But as for the slippery slope argument, SNL and other shows have to get consent from whomever they are doing the parody of. Family Guy has had to go with a lot of plan B stuff also due to difficulties associated with gaining permission (bonus features on one of their DVD’s talks about it).

I know very little about copyright law so wouldn’t even approach the legality of it, but I have to say it seems pretty mean-spirited…it’s a different piece of work entirely (even though the images are used). I think I remember a case of Mattel suing when Barbies and Kens were used in an indie film…can’t remember if they won!?

Short (1-5 sec) video clips or sound bites in your vidoes from tv shows and/or movies is probably alright I think. Second hand footage (recorded off tv) is suppoed to be ok too.
Maybe its more an issue with the amount of footage/audio that you use, regardless of whether its used satirically or not.

This is getting sad. Our whole world is getting sue-happy.
Example: Two kids are rough housing outside, just playing around you know? One gets a bruise from falling on a rock or something, and the parents want to sue the other family! What happened to “kids will be kids”? People are sueing for the silliest things nowadays!

I think you’re exactly right. Fair use allows for satires and parodies. Short clips are allowed to be used. I think the only way that they could have gotten him though would be on the fact that he sums up the episode. That’s technically hurting the commercial value of the show which isn’t allowed.

Well I agree with ya Blunty, I think your point about SNL was almost the same thing. Goes with MadTV also, if they god into trouble everytime they made fun of a show then they would be off the air in a heartbeat. The Abridged Series is quite funny and I would hate to see it all go away.

I think YouTube is banning videos based on tags and not looking very closely at what they’re banning. A user named MattHawes got his parody of “The Real World” banned when the Viacom purge happened, even though it consisted entirely of original material and was merely a parody of TRW. Personally I think YT should allow fair use but they’ll probably err on the side of avoiding a lawsuit from a media company rather than from a user. πŸ˜›

I had to cut this comment up because it was too long, so look for the second part shortly after this post. Too bad it doesn’t strictly work like writing a research paper. I’m not knowledgeable in copyright infringement, but I do know that every time I use someone else’s ideas, words, etc. in a paper, I need to give them credit and cite the source.

Could the fix be as simple as a disclaimer, saying he’s not claiming Yu-Gi-Oh as his own work and has only has the intention of producing his own work using his source, in his case Yu-Gi-Oh? That would seem reasonable, and in the case of a site like youtube, where everything is free access, I would think the Yu-Gi-Oh people would be happy for a little bit of free, popular advertising.

apparently not. Even if he used a disclaimer his vids would still be removed regardless of a disclaimer or not. Because the shit head arse holes that complained about this dude taking a shity anime and making funny. Its almost like those japanese bastereds only find humor in there own shity commedy and anybody that makes it any better needs to be obliterated by that very same shit head!

You Tube does not blindly delete stuff, how do they know whether I got permission to use something or not? They delete stuff if the copyright holder complains. The Yu-Gi-Oh thing was in violation of copyright. There are ways to satirize something without breaching copyright, but this didn’t quite make it.

But it shouldent have been deleted because he didnt make a profit. Quite simply it wasent a violation to copyright law. He didnt make cash off of it so I dont think it should have been deleted. There is a user that makes a DVD series of them playing Halo online and they didnt get deleted.

That is a common misconception. You ask almost anybody and they all say that as long as you don’t make money off it then it’s OK. But that is NOT true, copyright law has almost nothing to do with whether you make money off someone else’s work or not. You’re talking about piracy. Less than 1 percent of copyright law covers piracy.

The Halo stuff didn’t get deleted because the copyright holders of Halo haven’t complained. Maybe they bothered asking permission first.

Nope. They never asked permission to do that. So I guess this means no more pariodies then huh? Well either be baned or just our vids removed from you tube. Newgrounds. com isnt like this! You can make fun of shity movies all you want and not get removed. But here on youtube you dont get video game pariodies or movie dubs because there all removed. Thank god I draw my shit instead of using the actual pixel charicter.

From what I’ve heard recently, there’s a new UN law, that really screws the user over in these cases.
What is does, is that if Blunty for example were to post a video containing clips of, lets say, Underworld, even if for satirical purposes only, the company have the rights to that video (Underworld) would have monopoly control over Blunty’s video for the next 50 years.
Meaning the Yu-gi-oh videos uploaded by this user was removed legally. -_-‘

PS: Guess what country proposed this law? U.S.A

FYI Blunty:

In Australia, it’s “fair dealing” as opposed to the US’s “fair use”. There is a difference.

Fair dealing allows for research or study, criticism or review, (recently added) parody or satire, news reporting or lawyer use.

It’s a tricky area. For example, a copier business can’t copy from a book, study material for a student as the copier business is making a profit from the copying and thus not fair use.

Oh and I understand that in Australia.

When you create something, written, visual, aural or a combination of some or all of the preceding. It’s automatically copy-written and you don’t even have to use the copy-write symbol of the “c” inside a circle to indicate it as such.

I like that law, as it shows that Australia wants people to be creative and not be concerned with being ripped off because they haven’t lodged relevant Intellectual Property forms.

YouTube and Google are American companies. Americans pretty much lost all of their fair-use rights when the DMCA was enacted. YouTube has no choice but to take down material when a copyright-holder asks. The copyright holder doesn’t even have to offer proof of violation: the DCMA mandates that all they need do is ask and the service provider must obey. No judge. No jury.

if you havent noticed .. they ban people for less than that. they dont seem to stick to a set of rules. and especialy they seem to be more likely to ban people who actualy alter the content, like in this case. posting unedited material, those accounts dont seem to have much problems. maybe its like the BBC said: we consider it advertising, but if its altered, it delivers the wrong picture, we dont want that.

also people who talk about topics that are politicly unpopular get banned alot. videoclips which show politicly explosive things are banned within a few hours.

when people like mordeth13 are taken down, you simply loose all trust in youtube 😦

(1/3) Suppose it is a borderline case. Why should YT put themselves at risk? If they refuse to do a DMCA takedown, all they gain is another pack of crazy content industry lawyers at their heels that want to lay their hands on that big Google money. Assume they lose the year-long lawsuit that ensues; that could be the decision that many others have been waiting for. I’m still surprised that people seem to think YT qualifies for the Safe Harbor Provisions at all.

(3/3) This could easily develop far beyond takedowns and user suspensions. I’m really not quite at ease with some of the recent cases (LiberalViewer, especially, but also, say, Paperlilies’ Chicago video), but I suppose the last thing we want is a lawsuit against YT. This site exists as long as things remain grey area; grey area videos, grey area takedowns. – Do you read Mark Cuban’s blog? It should be mandatory reading for every YTer.

(2/3) Section 512 (c)(1)(b) says quite clearly Β«[if the service provider] does not receive a financial benefit directly attributable to the infringing activityΒ». How else does YT earn their money if not through videos being watched? Also, consider the situation when later this year they start the whole revenue sharing thing (if they do). All of a sudden, people like LittleKuriboh would offer videos derived from copyrighted material — commercially!

:O OMFG! A Wii shirt πŸ˜€ I want one, where do you get it? Also, I totally agree about how youtube are always deleting ‘copywrited’ stuff. Say, if someone is posting all the episodes of a certain series, that’s against the laws of copywrite, but dubbing an episode and making it shorter isn’t, so wtf?

IMO this whole copyright stuff is taken way to far. As long as people not making money from it one should be happy with any use of their “creative work”.
Original makers should allways be credited in end titles tho. It’s all free advertisement… what are they wining about??

The only people that really understand this are game studio’s because most of them give out free promotion packs with images and sounds one can use to make fan art, websites etc.

hey blunty, im a fan, and personally belive copyright is an outdated oldfashion pile of crap.. BUT!!!! this is not the same as a skit on saturday night live… the user did not animate any of the orginal meterial, so technically its diff, its only his cool voices not his cartoons

I have to agree with what you’ve said blunty3000. There’s a lot to consider in regards to copyright. I think two main area’s to start on and work towards a realistic solution – because satire will always exist in this world….hopefuly – is giving the original artist/producer a mention before/after your take-off, and secondly that you can’t make money off of someone elses work unless they give you permission. My quick two cents.

I believe satire is only protected in the event that it is an original work. Ie in the case of Mad magazine or SNL they are creating original artwork or sketches. In this case he was using copyrighted material in his work.

If he wanted to do a legel satire he would need to create his own artwork. If SNL creates a satire of a TV show for instance but uses the actual TV show’s theme song they would have to get permission and pay royalties for the use of that music.

I agree with pppllluuummm’s point — it is not the same. If I were the creator of Yu-gi-oh, I doubt I’d have a problem with videos such as these. But Nate, what if I were to take one of your vids and mess about with the clips, overdub (?) my own voice and song, but otherwise add no original content? What if my purpose wasn’t lighthearted satire, but a hateful attack, or a religious, political, or philosophical argument? Is intent even relevant?

I agree with your views but, soon youtube is going to scan for for copyrighted material with a bot or some kind of automated script, to delete copyrighted material and a computer doesnt see the differents between satire video’s and blunt video’s that are copyrighted material. Going to be hard not to get those satire vidz delete unless youtube first watch all the vids before deleting them.

What about those AMVs huh? They principally do the same thing, small clips from a series (or many) of something. So technically, by what YouTube considers a copyright infringement, all of those should be banned as well.

In the end, I feel pretty pissed off because of the whole situation, since I really liked The Abridged Series.


But legally that’s not the issue. You can also deprive other people of profit by copyright infringement. For instance, if I were to upload Heroes episodes to YouTube, then maybe some people won’t watch them on TV or on NBC’s site, and then NBC will lose money in advertising.

I had a lecture about copyright laws just the other day and someone actually asked our lecturer the same kind of question, about if you dubbed over clips from another film/show, would that constitute infringement, and the lecturer dude said no.

That said, I think YouTube would rather just use their power and delete videos rather than fight over the fine print and possibly face losing money being taken to court or what have you…

The reason why SNL can use pieces from tv shows if it wanted is because, and correct me if I’m wrong, is because they are granted permission to use the copyrighted material. SNL wouldn’t make fun of a show like Lost anyway, maybe that crappy Heroes show though;)

Copyright infringement has everything to do with a company’s possible loss of revenue….I don’t see how a satire on the show would take away anything from the YoGiOh botom line; if anything it makes more people aware of its existence. I really don’t understand why this particular satire was pulled.

I’m sure lawyers that represent productions view ANY use as a potential infringement. I did some educational stuff that tapped current culture and even with “fair use” we constantly second-guessed everything we used. Notice a lot of music in SNL or others is not original artist, slightly different, or names are altered to avoid trouble (use Yuhigoh instead of Yugioh or something). I hate it, but I appreciate its intent, only as long as it doesn’t stifle creative exploration.

Slightly Off Topic: first time I saw my neices playing Yugioh I thought the older was just making up rules since the younger didn’t know better. Then I saw an episode and realized she was actually probably following the rules! It totally sounded like FizzBin or something.

Blunty! Which video of yours brings this up when thousands of YouTube users were “banned” over little 2 or 3 minutes clips of South Park or The Daily Show? Their accounts wiped out. Did LittleKuriboh get banned? Does this have anything to do with 30,000 subscribers? It’s all or nothing, the first battle has already been won. Taking down a couple of videos is nothing to what happened in the February massacre, and you never even mentioned it.

2 or 3 minute excerpts? You can’t pick and choose. Either both are copyright infringements, or neither are. The correct answer is neither. No more than I can charge you for using a patent everytime you click a frame, there shouldn’t be 100% ownership on any idea, production, or product. This is especially important now that we have left the industrial age and into the information age. Your pick and choose mentality would have destroyed the age in its infancy back in the late 70’s.

We are slowly being manipulated away from the Rule of Law into a Rule of Corporations. Look at the ridiculous extensions granted by the copyright term laws in the USA. The intelligent reasoning behind copyrights expiring has pretty much been gutted to uselessness. Combine that with stupid Patent Office grants, and we eventually have a corporate takeover of trade… and thoughts.

LEGO could demand your stop-motion vids be removed. And YT would probably remove them. Scary.

I was thinking about LEGO too. same thing happened to Newgrounds content couple months ago. LEGO contacted them, and removed all LEGO content as to not deal with legal matters.

a scary thought to have. We can’t really express are thoughts/feelings without worrying about copyrights. it’s saddening, because at the same time we want to have these laws so we receive credit for our work. holders COULD think of it as fan service instead of “stealing money”, but it seems corporations aren’t like that.

But LEGO will eventually count. That’s the concern here. Certain ideas are becoming relevant that intellectual media property is real property that is “leased”. If they fully succeed, then the laws will eventually apply to all products already conceived as real property. Click a picture, send a check or don’t publish the picture. Outstanding thought to an Engineer. Lousy thought for the big picture.

too bad hundreds and hundreds of videos should be taken down every second because of copyright infringement, in fact i bet you can’t even wear that Wii shirt because you’re not promoting the views of the people of Wii and they don’t want to be asscociated with your views.

I noticed the music in the background. It sounds familiar but can’t place it. Maybe it’s public domain or royalty free, but have you ever switched your choice of background music just because of fear of copyright infringement? Do you generally find yourself thinking about such things when you decide what to use?

Sorry, didn’t mean to sound accusatory or anything. The music just made me wonder if you ever struggle with the issue yourself with music. Obviously you don’t have to worry about copyright infringement for the visuals since you do all of that yourself. Do you make your own music for some of the work you do? You’re lucky to have friends that are musically talented.

I’ve done a few videos singing karaoke songs before, about a month ago one was removed at request of the music company that owned the licenese, a few days later, they took down my video of me singing the song (it was a chinese version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love”) yet they left up about 25 videos which were posts of the actual music video for the song.

So where’s the logic in that?

In my opinion, he’s simply editing original episodes, and adding a new soundtrack yes? Wouldn’t that mean that every user thats created anime music video’s, video reviews or anyhting else of the like would also have to be deleted?

He wasn’t causing any-one harm, or effecting the sales of either YouTube or Yu-Gi-Oh. I think it’s all been blown out of proportion to be honest.

While I understand the need for copyright laws, I don’t understand why youtube and other companies get their panties in a bunch over content on youtube. Things posted here are, usually, fan made. We make these satirical or appriciative vids because we LIKE the shows we are satirizing or using in things such as amvs. Wouldn’t pulling them off of youtube simply discourage a fan from letting others know about shows or songs that they love?

Blunty;- The Law Is Enforced Into Existence, Not Created By Petition. Trust me… Whoever has the money can make up the rules. Youtube is owned by who? How much money do they have? It doesn’t matter. They don’t want it there, so they delete it. Your ‘law’ is invalid to them. They care about what buys them jets and moves them closer to becoming one of the more powerful elements within the system.

I dont think there is any copyright loophole that allows you to use other peoples material, even though he re-edited and over dubbed it, the visual is still copyright, the whole thing is copyrighted to the company who produces it. Like someone taking one of your videos, redubbing and cutting it down! Its your work. ITs not satire. Maybe Youtube should clarify this detail!

I understand that companies and such are always about the money. The user HAS a disclaimer in the describtion of each video where he clearly says “Belongs to (the original creator)” So I don’t see the problem. But I guess the user is expected to pay some sort of royalties for using the original footage. YET it’s satire, so he/she shouldn’t have to…gah. Copyright laws are messed up. I REALLY dislike them.

Hey – LittleKuriboh here. πŸ™‚

I think the problem lies in the fact that I did explicitly use Yu-Gi-Oh footage. Perhaps if I had performed the scripts using actors, or with *original* animation, there wouldn’t be an issue.

Personally, I’ve been kinda waiting for something like this to happen. I’m not overjoyed, but I’m not angry or anything. YouTube has to do what they have to do.

Its not copyrighted because not only is it a satire, he is not selling the episodes or claiming that show belongs to him. He strictly says in his description for every single episode that he does not own Yu-Gi-Oh and gives the credit to the original creator. Its not that big of a deal youtube! Let LK do his thing, He’s not doing anything illegal here!

well personaly i think its all bullshit, i uploaded 4 music videos and 3 were taken off by youtube, but theres probably 1000’s of users and maybe even millions of music videos still being allowed BULLSHIT!!!
anyway i think its perfectly fine using the using a source of copyrighted material (music, sounds, video, whatever) as long as your not using it to make money or posting the full un-edited source.

while it took you 5 min. to make a 1min. point, it’s one that i do wholeheartedly agree with what LK has done it create a well concieved, brilliantly executed derivative work. i believe YGO:TAS is entirly in the pervue of fair use and should be allowed to stay as such. if youtube continues in this fashon, nobody will stick around much longer.

Youtube’s taking copyright stuff a little too seriously. If it’s licensed, full episodes, fine, but fan-made material just for our enjoyment? No. That’s just cruel. It’s not like we’re cheating them out of their money by watching a music video or a good parody.

it should not have gotten deleted for 3 reasons. 1. it was not the real show just bits of it. 2. he said that it belonged to the people. and 3. THERE ARE EPISODES OF YUGIOH ON YOUTUBE. this makes no damn bit of sence why not delet those real episodes insted of a funny fun dub/ parody?

Well this wasn’t exactly copyrighted. If you give the author of the clip and/or show credit then that’s not copyrighting. If you could think back to the first episode in his description he put, this show belongs to: “the author of Yu-Gi-Oh”. That’s not copyrighting that’s throwing a dog a bone by saying it’s not his it’s the creator’s. I’m not pleased with youtube’s lack of judgment but It’s still not copyrighting ether way you put it.

No hun, you’re wrong. I’m well versed in copyright law because I’m an artist. All work is copyrighted the moment it’s created. Even if you give credit, even if you aren’t making money on it, you can’t use someone else’s work without their permission. If you do it’s copyright infringement which is illegal.

YouTube has so many legal inquiries that I think “Fair Use” Gets no consideration at all most of the time. In a way I understand it because I bet they don’t have time to review many of the clips they receive complaints about. On the otherhand I think it sucks that satire and other elements of fair use are rendered useless as a result.

THANK YOU for the level headed response to this. Nobody will listen to whining thirteen year olds.
Anyway, this is exactly what was on my mind. I strongly feel that this was NOT copyright infringement, and reading copyright law concerning parody has merely solidified my convictions.
I’m not a lawyer, but this is one of the times I wish I was, because for the sake of everyone that watches those videos, someone needs to stop this.

Youtube is just scared really, I remember there used to be clips of what 4kids edited out of the original yugioh series, but now if you click on a few of them it says copyright infringement of 4kids. now for my points and questions:
1. How can 4kids claim something they edit out, something they decided not to release?
2. yes Takahashi does own yugioh, and little kuriboh did give him credit in all the episodes
3. littlekuriboh doesn’t make money from this there’s no reason to take them off.

I really like the way you put that.

I think part of the problem could be that it’s just considered to be like an AMV, although I’m not sure how youtube stands on that matter. It could also be because the show is from Japan, maybe their laws don’t allow such things? Or maybe the company just doesn’t want it being put on youtube. :\

Fair Use allows people to parody ANYTHING – even to the point of making a profit, without the consent of the artist. All you need to do is look up Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc. You will see that parody is TOTALLY LEGAL – even when you make money!

How is what LittleKuriboh does any different from what anyone else posts on YouTube. TV shows of every sort. You can pretty much get full episodes! It doesn’t make any sense. Unless the actual creator is the one doing the complaining and wanting it taken off, which I can see would constitute justification.

I don’t understand how those Yu-Gi-Oh parodies are any different from AMVs. They’re both using clips from the shows, but AMVs are also using someone else’s copyrighted music! If YouTube is going to take down those satires, then they might as well take down the thousands and thousands of AMVs. (which we know isn’t going to happen) I think the people who own the rights to things like that should just chill. It’s not like we’re making money off of it or anything…

This is all so interesting. Copyright laws are very grey indeed. Someone mentioned earlier that Japan’s laws may be stricter but I doubt it. Over there, there is a phenomena known as ‘doujinshi’ which are essentially fan drawn comics. Those are sold, and there are even full out conventions for them! Apparently many creators of original manga begin this way… there must be some sort of exception there for creative expression… (shrugs)

The Jim Henson Co. seems to do copyright right. There is a large Farscape fanbase that creates AMVs. Technically they are a violation of the laws but they are often showcased at conventions, recieving awards and to introduce the actors from the show. Henson seems to recognize them as they are meant… tributes to a great story.

The only copyright issues I’ve seen with the Farscape vids are music ones. Enya requested on various sites that the vids featuring her music be removed… they were. It’s a shame there has to be such problem with AMVs. It’s like free advertising. People have discovered new shows through them and I personally have discovered music and bands I never would have heard otherwise.

Yes, Blunty. The major studios, here in the US and elsewhere, are trying to squeeze the life out of the Fair Use Doctrine. YouTube doesn’t want litigation, and so errs on the side of caution. Users aren’t likely to sue; big corporations are.

Wasn’t that Philip Glass’s music in the background? I’m wondering what your legal theory is to support its use in your video.

I agree. It’s not infringement, because AMV’s aren’t infringement (they use the video clips, but not the original sound, and does the abridgement). sure, it was lampooning the television show, but let’s face it, who’d want to watch the original version if you’re just going to watch children’s card games. It’s just a show about a card game, but littlekuriboh lakes it worthwhile.

Or did he try to get comments by wearing it? Obviously he knows by now that wearing a product by a well known company would cause question..right. I dont trust him at all. I have a higher than average I.Q. (really I could give a shit what anyone thinks about it, I live a simple life and bragging is a repulsive habit to me), and because of that I have been in settings with his type. Trust me, he is determined. Though I think in the long run the youtube thing might have been a bad call..IMHO

if you are too call these types of video infengment, then youtube must also take down every and all ‘amv’, ‘movies’, ‘episodes of shows’, and last but not lest every singel music video that is not uploaded direcually by the ather’. then what is left of youtube… the answer is a bunch of three star vids that really dispite what three stars stands for… are not worth watching. youtube is unlocking a bucket of worms that if is followed to it’s end result, will be the doom of youtube.

An actual episode is 22 minutes, the first two minutes and the last two minutes of which are the intro song and the credits. Of those 18 remaining minutes, usually the first two or three are going to be a “recap” (recycled clips from the last episode), leaving only about 15 minutes of “new” content per episode. Of those 15 minutes, ten minutes worth is comprised of still frames with the mouths being animated independently, leaving us with FIVE minutes per episode. Ironic?

If youtube keeps removing good vids off their site – the only thing will be crap. LittleKuriboh made me interested in watching the original episodes again. Would 4kids, which basically barely exists anymore, and hasn’t aired YGO for a year really enforce its copywright to youtube, when LK isn’t making a dime off it?

hey. i am a huge fan of yugioh but i hate the dueling. what does that tell you? it is not all about the duels, if you looked further into it, you could see that it has a far deeper meaning.
also, i believe LK videos should be returned. they are well done. =)

you sir know your legal stuff very well. *claps* i’ve only just started looking to other people for there respones to this threat that is youtube and its already reached a nation wide scale(i’m guessing). but none the less i’d say we all have our hearts in the right place by standing behind Littlekuriboh

Wow, this is going to be hard to answer. It’s like we need an officail judge on this or something.

My thoughts: LET IT BE ON YOUTUBE, in a way it IS an amv. There are your bits and parts of the eposode, which theres only 16 of them, not about 40 like in the show. The eposodes also have voices dubbed over them, making them different, and funny. This is confusingly confusing.

parody law that you speak off only applies to music. we have no such law in australia. the vids are defiantly an infringment of copyright by making use of their animation. but copyright law can kiss my ass! i think people need to see this as appropriation for the sake of art
dr ash…

I’m not sure about copyright laws, but I DO know that if they take down his episodes, they also need to take down every single AMV, and every full, fansubbed episode of anime on this site — as there are tons of those out there and those are definitely violations.

Really, YouTube really just needs to realize what they’ve gotten themselves into.

Well I think pardoy to a small extent is a freedom of speech.
His not showing whole episodes and there is only one point in the 15 together that he accually uses dialog from the show.
So I can’t think that it hurts the hip pocket of the people behind it, I think that it sending a message which is sad.

Lots of good thoughts. It seems like countries all over the world are still struggling to figure out how copyright law will work with electronic content. But LK doesn’t make any money from them, doesn’t reproduce audio, doesn’t feature full episodes, doesn’t claim ownership of the original content, etc. *Sigh* I can’t wait until LK gets a new home somewhere else. He’s the only reason I’m here, and I’ll follow wherever he goes. πŸ™‚

I recently had an, approximately, one minute ten second video of Cartman from South Park taken off of YouTube. Personally I think that’s just nit picking. I don’t make any money from it and if anything it’s like free advertisement for the show as I praised them for the clip/joke. I do realise that technically it is copyright infringement but I don’t think I’m doing Paramount any harm whatsoever by basically advertising their product FOR FREE.

Did you notice that southpark stuff gets banned almost immediately now, while the latest episode of southpark had a blatant advert in it (ironically cartman talking about how he managed to watch the show on YT).

Pretty sure Viacom and YT did a deal there.

one yugioh is for babies and a is rubbish anyway two i am getting sick and tired of people putting episodes of shows on tv from lost to skins (A PROGRAMME ON UK TV) i dont care if hes doing a complete new dialouge hes still putting the episode up this is just priacy and will end up destroying thses companys that make your bloved yugioh just buy the boxset for goodness sake if u want theses companys to keep making your shows

And what if you just wanted to laugh at a good parody? What if you don’t like Yu-Gi-Oh one bit (like myself) and you end up cracking yourself laughing at the little abridged series that don’t even give you a fair understanding of the episode (as if you saw the whole show in a language you just don’t understand) but which are really entertaining, fun and a satire to animes in general?

Why can’t people that don’t care a thing about Yu-Gi-Oh just laugh a bit about something funny?

I totally agree that satires are allowed.
HOWEVER, if the images or songs are exact copies of the originals, then there is copy-right infringement.
Now, the use of spoofs and parities as you are alluding to is fine.
If Little Kuriboh had spent time and draw a few slides (like a bizzaro) then he would be kosher.

he didn’t do the work to draw and animate the work. Maybe if it was shorter then 5 minutes I’d agree. But that’s just too much. Hundreds of people in thirdworld countries illustrate and animate that show for pennies on the dollar. And then this guy just comes and jacks their work. PFFFFT

Have there been any direct complaints from 4Kids about copyright? Is there really a problem if they haven’t?
YouTube obviously has to adhere to copyright laws in order to keep this site running – but there are so many videos that have to be taken down if they’re using this example as a standard for removing videos. If they take down every video with copyright infringement (what about logos on clothes?) there will be no YouTube left – and a lot of the users will just follow LittleKuriboh.

Omg, that song in the background is almost completely the same as one i made for a school project, good to see a mac user out there. I completely agree n the satire point of wiev, and im oretty sure what you are saying is correct from a legal point of view as well. Keep going

It was stupid to delete littlekuriboh’s videos for copyright infringement, although I’m not sure that was the true reason (but that’s a different discusion).

The only reason I started watching the orginal Yugi-OH was because of LK. The only bad thing LK did was to increase the popularity of one of the crappiest animes EVER.

Hmmm…this is shakey ground the we are standing on. I do understand YouTube’s desire to tread softly here and will support them wholeheartedly if they end up taking off full, unaltered episodes of copywrite shows (partly in order to stop my brother from hogging all the bandwidth πŸ˜‰ )…

But this is the fricking YGO Abridged series, so I honestly don’t care!

I mean let’s face it, this is basicly the best satire on the whole site, and arguably the funniest video series currently on the entire internet.

I have great respect for animators and artists and the work that they do, don’t get me wrong on that, but I wouldn’t be supprised if the creators of YGO actually had a chuckle at this thing themselves.

The funny thing in all this is that all they managed to do was spread the video even further. Most of the videos have been cloned to other accounts on youtube and some of the other video sites are now hosting it too. I managed to get 23 of the videos saved before they disappear again (think I am missing the letters page by that british kid).

I pretty much think YouTube is being stupid. They have people uploading episodes (REAL episodes, not satire pieces) of other various television shows and anime onto this site, yet they’re getting on LittleKuriboh’s case for his Abridged Series? It’s not like he’s making money off of it. If anything, he’s promoting the Yu-Gi-Oh series. I’m upset that they’re taking away the one thing that brought me to this site to begin with. >:\

Right on. The Abridged Series isn’t the original YGO, it doesn’t look like the original YGO, it doesn’t claim to be the original YGO, and, for that matter, it reaches a completely different target audience. I think it’s worth noting, for anyone who hasn’t seen the series, that LittleKuriboh’s voiceovers are NOT the original lines from the show. He writes his own script and cuts up the images to accompany them.

Agree, agree, agree, agree!

TAB is the greatest thing on this site by far. If anything, it’s more beneficial to the company because of all the attention it is bringing to the show. (I’m so depressed they deleted it…T.T) Anyway, you make some very valid point, cause honestly, what the heck is youtube thinking?

It’s not often I watch a video blog since so many people talk crap, but your opinions here are nothing but truth. The way I see it copyright should only be a factor if you’re making money from their original media or to a less extent costing the company to lose money. maybe it’s this whole rewards based on page views thing is the reason it got taken down?

Its ridicolous being removed. The abridged series is just a great spoof, he’s not selling the material and its hardly damaging the copyright name. You see t.v shows do parody’s of other things, so i think its absurd for a thing such as the abridged series by ‘little Kuriboh’ to be removed 😦

I really wonder sometimes what YouTube was thinking would happen when they created this site. Did they seriously expect people would not upload everything that’s their’s and not their’s alike? Another thing, if these other websites don’t want their videos to end up on YouTube, why do they put it up for download?

Half the videos on youtube are breaking copyright infringement but only a few thousand people ever see them before their removed. The problem with yugioh abridged ep 1 + 2 had over 900,000 people and counting watch and loved them. The rule is once a fan video gets too popular for its own good then its removed for ‘copyright infringement’

Copyright laws are becoming more and more ridiculous every time I hear about them. Companies–Viacom in particular–are essentially gorged on their self-importance, and despite the millions and millions they line their pockets with, they find excuses to shut down nonprofit parodies of their work, as if somehow the parody in and of itself would bankrupt the whole bloody franchise. Every shadow with faint resemblance to one of their works is pounced upon like a cat on a toy mouse. (cont’d)

Recently on the TV Show Heroes (which I love, so factor in any possible bias; however, I doubt bias is related to any slaps-on-the-forehead, -what-the-hell-sentiments), Emerson started up a lawsuit because in the first episode, one of the characters sticks her hand down an electric garbage disposal and it gets mangled. (cont’d)

(cont’d) Emerson, feeling like they can’t market the “Stick your fucking hand down the chute with the spinning blades!” angle anymore, blared out that their products were not dangerous at all, and pressed charges in such a way that the pilot was even taken off iTunes for a while. While not a media copyright story, the way companies fear that their credibility would be ruined if a cameo of their product appears on a popular TV show without an enormous royalty check is comparable.

They shouldn’t cut out the Abridged Series because it’s not going against copyright laws. Besides the orignal YU-Gi-Oh sucks so really this is the only thing good to come out of the show. Also if YT bans this allot of people are just going to go somewhere else to watch it and YT will lose money. So all in all it isn’t a very smart move on You Tube’s part.

LK wasn’t posting full episodes or selling his episodes. All he did was take clips from the anime, copy the voices that he does, and made a scrpited that’s loosly based off the episodes’ and then showed them saying “Hey, look at this funny thing I made.” Though Naruto abridged hasn’t been removed, and in the rules it says it can’t protect under fair use if the owner has a problem, so I’m guessing 4kids did something because they’re asses that would like to take peoples laughter

if we dont get this stopped now, then the next step will be not being able to watch any vid with coppywrited music on it. and that would include things like amvs, video game montages, and more. this is some giant bs which may even lead to the fall of youtube.

I noticed the same thing happened to a really funny over dub of the show “Doug” it was probably the funniest dub I ha ever seen. and this other guy, 7fatcat, took episodes of spongebob and overdubbed the clips with music, and his whole account was deleted.

I happen to agree with you, but I understand the issue that a company would have if their material was used to get somebody else popular without compensation. Putting it under the banner of satire is fine if, as you say, it really IS satire. Then it should be protected.

MattHawes had this happen to him when he parodied MTV’s The Real World. He eventually contacted someone at Viacom (owners of MTV) who was on his side on the issue and it eventually got sortakinda resolved. The assumption is that the owners of EweGeeOh complained, but this might not be so…maybe LittleKuriboh should take his case to the owners of YooGuyOh and let them know what’s happened. Satire is protected, it must be protected and if it is not, we’ll soon be doomed.

LK’s rights were violated. I couldn’t agree with you more. His series WAS pure satire, and you make a great point with SNL using satire. If shows like SNL, Mad TV, The Daily Show, etc. etc. use audio/video clips for satire and get sued each time, they wouldn’t exist. But they do exist, because satire is LEGAL. YouTube got bought by Google, and now it’s going downhill.

Blunty, I agree with you. This is not fair.. It’s an… well, it’s an injustice! … The way I see it though, is if LittleKuriboh’s stuff gets taken down–what next? Will they start taking down AMVs? Will they start taking down music videos? It’s just really worrisome..

I’m surprised they only deleted his first episode. Why not the rest of them? The whole thing is crap on the part of the companies that own the rights to the various shows that are having amv and satire vids deleted. I don’t really blame Youtube for this. They just don’t want to get sued for what their users are doing.

what about those music video which use footage of Animation or TV series?? are they gonna be taken off too…. then what youtube is gonna be? an other place for rich artist who has money and time to make a film to express their artistic vision???

LK did nothing wrong! I believe that’s on everybody’s mind. If you delete LK’s work, you might as well delete AMVs for doing practically the exact same thing.

And then, we might as well go a step beyond that and delete anything with a copyrighted song in the background.

And then go a step beyond that and delete anything with copyrighted brands!

If you get what I’m saying, Youtube owes its users an apology. Or else users are going to go to other locations. This is extremely ridiculous.

I think that something that is made by using only the original material can’t be qualified as satire or parody. On legal terms, that is. It is rather sad that the makers of the original YuGiOh can’t grasp the fact that, for instance in my case, I wouldn’t have ever even heard about the show without YouTube.

it`s quite stupid and meaningless by youtube to remove the video:S if you sarch for this video “Sagan om de bannlysta hela” you can finde somthing that`S almoust the same as this satire baning. this guy has taken clips from lord of the rings, and adding is own voice insted to make a comedy, if Yu-Gi-Oh is baned, than shouldn`t this be banned aswell?

i cant actually remember if it was your video or zenarcher’s but it was rather clearly put foward that on youtube you dont have rights, you have priviledges. that ‘the right to freedom of speach’ or in this case as you said ‘the right for protected satire’ does not exist. this is not america, it is the internet. and you have been allowed to put videos up here, so youtube can take them down or use them for their own purposes as they see fit.

wow, i can;t believe Youtube would do somehting like that to LK, i mean he’s one of the biggest names in youtube, this guy is practicly a legend. Watching his material is even sort of a topic to talk about, its almost like AMerican Idol or Lost of something. Also, mean come on, who the hell are we hurting by watching his vids, its not like its physicly possible for anyone to have an even stronger negative opinion of the original show (iv seen it, it really is crap).

ilikeburning’s concept is right. but you do have rights. videos like satire or parodies are in a different league from posting full episode of whatever. does that mean that other shows like beach or naruto or dramas that come on every week will b deleted? no it wont or utube will be sucked down and another site which allows this will replace utube. its just that an admin of utube sucked and messed up big time by making a mistake. they should just apologize and let ppl be.

i have no clue what copyright laws require of us toobers, but i agree that LK should be able to upload videos like the one that got banned, and anyway as creatnos says, the show is crappy anyway, just let it be, it’s probably better in it’s condensed satirical state

I LOVE LK’s vids, but unfortunately, one of the people who already commented is right. This isn’t america it is the internet and the monarchy of youtube can do whatever they please. Also, those videos probably have at most 500,000 fans thats a small number of the youtube population. No matter how hard we rise up and make ourselves known even if we all threaten to leave forever we probably wont make youtube or google lose a lot of sleep over it. Face it we got screwed

I think it’s totally stupid for youTube to remove LittleKuriboh’s video of the yugioh Abriged series. He wasn’t making a profit nor did he say anything negative about the show. Did the company that produces and creates the show complain? I thik with all this “Copyright Infringment” going on, it’s just a way for YouTube to seem powerful. In my opinion they’re using LittleKuriboh as an example. They are trying to say “we have power and look what happends when you don’t follow the ‘rules'”

The issue is not about the use satire! The real issue behind why his videos are getting banned is he is using copyright images that belong to Kazuki Takahashi. These images do not belong to him! Now, did he use his own voices? Yes. Was that the reason why his videos are being taken down? No. The real reason has to do with the footage he used. It wasn’t made by him! Plain and simple, that’s all it is.

I agree it’s not fair. Satire or not, LK is not profiting from the work of someone else ergo he should be in the clear. And if he were, Weird Al does the same thing with songs and he’s made a career out of it. Why should this be any different? These copyright issues are getting ridiculous. They’re focusing on the letter of the law and not the spirit of it.

The Japananese do not care about copyright infringement, as this adds veiwership, and they allow people to make satire/AMV’s of the show on YouTube. The American Companies who distribute anime in america and music in AMVs do care… about the money they earn. I’m sure this entire situation is all 4KIds fault, becouse they don’t like their show having adult content, it turns off parents and decreases veiwership.

something evil is taking over youtube…
a bunch of abridge series are getting taken down
for example, mathewfish got half his parodies taking down already, this place is going to become a very unpopular place if youtube continue to do this…

I’m wondering if he had credits at the end of each ep if this wouldn’t have happened…But I think mainly because he’s not putting up WHOLE FREAKING EPISODES along w/ not making ANY money or anything like that it should be allowed. I know some people are saying it should’ve been deleted but people don’t realize that that could lead to AMVs getting deleted like crazy as well. This would result in alianating a TON of users.

YOUTUBE FAILS!!! i said it i completely agree with the guy. i’ve already started to stop watching the useless crap on this website and im just keepin an eye on a few channels. i feel youtube is wrong for bein tight-assed about this little kuriboh is far from reusing the full episodes. My two cents…deal. heh.

Since it’s satire, it should be protected. Sketch comedy TV shows don’t always use video footage, but almost always use audio from the shows. And on late night talk shows, they constantly show video footage. For example, they were showing a clip from Lost that ended with Vice President Dick Cheney almost shooting some of the people on the island. (It was the David Letterman show. They were making fun of him after he shot the guy he went hunting with last year.)

What you said is totally true. Personally, I think this website is completely going to die in a few months time if it keeps this up. Personally, if it could happen…we could show them what would happen if we weren’t here for like 48 hours or something…

I dunno…I’m just throwing things in the air really…but it would be interesting if something to that effect would happen.


I have had at least 2 videos taken down for copyright infringment already! (South park clips) My videos have had an open policy on them from the creators (Trey Parker and Matt Stone) saying that they could be posted up on the net as the user pleased. Now that isn’t copy right infringment. LK gave credit to the creators of the show in his description of the video so he is protected. So Youtube needs to suck on that!

My point is that even if it’s proved that these Yu-Gi-Oh satires are not violating copyright, there are still however violating YouTubes terms and conditions:-

“Do not upload any TV shows, music videos, music concerts, or commercials without permission unless they consist entirely of content you created yourself.”

well said, love the wii on ur chest (ha ha ha) but anyway
its annoying that youtube banned it, as you say, its SATIRE!!! why would youtube ban it when it wasnt hurting them!!!
unless they were getting teir asses sued off they dont have a good reason
and if they were getting sued then wouldnt they tell people?
as in, inthe form of comments?

Well said i personaly think that if they start taking down all vids which use programs vids soundtracks etc. Youtube will have hardly any vids left. Anyway Little Kuriboh has already said he has found i new home for his vids. So Youtube loses out on that one.

Although i agree with most of what you said there is one problem, yes in the real world of media satire is allowed and protected, but on the web it is a whole other animal, this is a private site, such as tv stations that are privately owned, TV stations choose to allow SNL to exist, such as this site will allow or not things like yugioh:tas to exist, it is up to the administration of the site. there is no free speech on the internet, only what admins allow

What you said is true, it is their website, but the REASON why they deleted the video was because they claimed it was copyright infringement, which it arguable isn’t.
And besides, that doesn’t mean that we all have to be robots that can’t form our own opinions that something isn’t fair. It’s their choice, yes, but obviously we can petition youtube to change its policy.

It amazes me how people think they’re a freakin expert on intellectual property law and they have never even picked up a law book in their life!
Has anyone here even researched the law on this???
No! Why should they when they have all the freakin answers to everything. Yur all just a bunch of Monkeys With Car Keys!!!!

I think personally that you were basically right. LittleKuriboh shouldn’t have had his satire taken down, YouTube is just trying to do the best that they can. The big problem I see is defining satire. It might get to the point where people post clearly copyrighted material and say “Oh no, this is satire.” But then YouTube might get too strict and start taking down everything copyrighted. So, like you said, it’s a really gray area.

Great points. Excellent.

However I believe that Youtube is probably going to be a bitch about this (big authoirites happen to be extremly difficult to deal with when it comes to “gray” matters) and I believe you’ll have quite a fight ahead of you all.


Although when you called Yuugiou simply a vehicle I wanted to tear your head off through the screen, fangirl fashion, what you said makes sense, and they should keep LK’s awesome series on. It’s been such a great series and had me laughing so hard I might have chokedXD

Yeah that wasn’t right because even though it’s clips from the series it isn’t a whole episode and furthermore it doesn’t have the original cast’s voices. Completely Wrong Move On Youtube’s Part *hears ominous thunder* Please don’t delete my account, Youtube *hears guttural roar* NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

If anyone REALLY wants to learn about this issue go to my channel and watch the vids! But you all just want to find excuses for being “Tards” and doing whatever the freak you want! If you really had a freakin brain you would get off yur ass and research the law yurself!!! Yur all TARDZ!!!!

Yes, youtube has rules, but to be honest copyright infringement should be the least of their worries. Unfortunately this is all a moot point. As far as LittleKuriboh’s videos are concerned, they are satire. If Lauren Michaels can do it, we all can. So in conclusion, I hope youtube changes their nazi policies because they are pissing off anon and we do not forgive…

=random thought= YOu’re wearing a WIiiiiiii! shirt!

Okay. I totally agree with your opinion. But Unfortunately, there are new people running the youtube management. The site is owned now, by google. Sux eh? its really unfortunate. I wish someone out there could get us in touch with the people behind it so that we can really get a discussion out of it and not just posting here, hoping that they actually read this.

Hey Blunty! You know, I was actually thinking of Sat Nite Live and MadTV while you were still talking. They both do this sort of thing on a regular basis, I’ve seen it, often, incessantly, regularly (yes, I’m making a point) But seriously, they do something similar almost every week! I enjoy satire, and often partake of it while speeking. Are they going to start censoring my conversations??
Anyway, on to a lighter subject, what about Pokemon? Later!

Eh. The original Yu-Gi-Oh. (The one that aired in Japan.) Was actually pretty mature and you know… well thought out with decent acting. The mockery that 4Kids makes out of it, is more of an (unintentional) farce of it than anything LittleKuriboh’s made. =P

Anyway, I completely agree. He’s only using visual content, ONE medium. (Visual) And personally I think if you’re only borrowing one medium from a form of media, you’re not in violation of any copy-write laws. *Shrug*

I think you’re right about the satire. It’s not like LittleKuriboh’s pretending he made Yi-Gi-Oh himself right? And doesn’t he mention all the time that Yu-Gi-Oh belongs to *I forgot this persons name*?
It’s just making fun of Yu-Go-Oh and that’s all. Blah. Stupid YouTube.

This is the 1st time I’ve looked at Little Kuriboh’s series, and it’s pretty funny. I don’t think he is in violation of any copyright infringment, he’s not even making a profit. People need a better understanding of these laws. That’s all I got to say.

A friend of mine dubbed his own voice and music over some warner brothers cartoons [Bugs Bunny, Animaniacs, Etc.] he didn’t change the diologue at all, or the tune of the music– just the instraments. But Warner had them removed. He wasn’t making money on it, and he wrote that it was clearly in homage to Warner Bros. but oh well..

I think it sucks that the took it down, my friend Elegantbutterfly2000 got taken down because of her Final Fantasy AMV’s, but Im not sure what they are saying is copyright, LittleKuriboh only used the clips from the show, but the thing is all the character designs are copyright arnt they?? but then they should have to go on art websites like FAC or DA and get rid of all of those pictures people draw of em, I dont know. I loved YU-Gi-Oh abridged seriese, and I hope they put it back online

Yeah, it is gay that youtube banned those 2 episodes. I mean, there are much worst copyright violations on here than that. If you look around you can find entire episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh on youtube. Not to mention that technically any music video using a copyrighted song in in violation of copyright laws but you see those types of videos everywhere on youtube, yet you don’t see them ripping those videos down. Odd isn’t it?

It is, bluntly, disappointing that such a major company could fall foul to what you have picked up on. That’s why I agree with you. Unforuneately, their argument could in deed be that being the internet, it works in a slightly different manner (of course I don’t beleive it does), but laws on the internet are not as firm as that shown on the TV or presented on the radio.

Irregardless, I do hope this situation comes to a suitable resolve, otherwise it would be disappointing on all 3 sides of, what would become, a frivolous matter that was incurred due to a lack of understanding into legal words.

(Sorry about triple post, I couldn’t fit what I had to say in 1 post, and I thought you might be interested in my opinion)

Hey, I found your video on LittleKuriboh’s profile, and I decided to take a look. I agree with what you said 100%, and I didn’t think he did anything wrong with his movies. I’m a bit worried that if what happened continues, there will no longer be a freedom into creating movies, and I feel that is wrong. I would say more, but my last comment broke the character limit.

I think your completly right. Isn’t it the same thing as all the AMV’s and all the other Parodies(and theres ALOT of these) that are on Youtube? Because it’s popular they take it down?
I don’t really understand there reasoning. What did Youtube say on the matter, or did they just take it down?

I agree with what you said as it pretty much sits right there with my own opinion. The Saturday Night Live reference was a nice parrelel to use.
One of the main reasons people like myself come to Youtube is to find things that we can’t get a hold of in Real Life.
Naturally, Youtube has been taking them down.
But I honestly thought that that was the entire point of Youtube. If they’re going to get rid of all the things I like then there’s really no point in sticking around, now is there?

The information wants to be free, yo! But seriously, I think these copyright laws and such are opressive. As long as the person isn’t posting entire movies, episodes, etc. it should be perfectly fine. I’m tired of seeing people have to walk on eggshells just so they don’t break a copyright law. They need to ease up a lot.

According to “Fair Use” clause in the Copyright Act (Title 17): “use in a parody of some of the content of the work parodied” is deemed fair as long as it is not for profit and does not “effect the market” (questionable). So IMO its fair game, check it out for yourselves.

That logo and image on your shirt is copywrited and trademarked material! Be careful or you might have this video taken down. That is, unless you get permission from Nintendo(c)[TM] and approval of their marketing department on the proper use of their logo. …and of course, after you pay the nominal fee.

Isn’t avarice a wonderful thing? πŸ™‚

My understanding is the ability to use original copyrighted material in satire relates less to freedom of expression and more to a permitted exemption located in copyright laws. They vary from country to country but the most common exemption is for educational purposes. These exemptions are very proscriptive and violation of these laws can carry heavy fines particularly in the US. The way YouTube polices copyright may very well determine how long it exists.

comment pt 1
I think that youtube deleted the video more to save their own arse rather then make us angry. They would be the ones sued if who ever owns the rights to YGO ever wanted to. Who knows if the case would go through or not, but it would be youtube’s, not LittleKuriboh’s, behind in court. Now, I’m for getting the abridged series back up as much as the next fan, but I see the logic behind youtube taking it down.

comment pt 2
We have to remember that this is a website that is free to the users; we can post whatever we would like. BUT if the owners/staff of youtube see the content unfit, they can take it down whether it be for a valid reason or to just piss people off.

comment pt 3
And I quote the Youtube Help Center site thingy: “This means don’t upload videos you didn’t make, or use content in your videos that someone else owns the copyright to, such as music tracks, snippets of copyrighted programs, or videos made by other users, without their permission.” LittleKuriboh does not OWN nor has PERMISSION to use “snippets of copyrighted programs.” Argue all you want but youtube can do whatever it wants with their own site.

Hmm i like both yours and LittleKuriboh’s videos… but the reason their cracking down so much nowadays is that Youtube and its owner Google just got sued for over 1 billion dollars and are starting to realize they need to crack down on ppl so it doesn’t happen anymore. I don’t get why it was only the one video that they took off but can’t change that.

If LK would have posted full episode satire, I could kinda agree with it being taken down (right, cuz all full eps of anime and TV shows get taken down, right?) but he’s roughly using 3-5 minutes of a 23 minute show AND using his own audio, not to mention his own inserts into the episodes.

Once more, under your logic, a trailer or 30 second segement of a show would be illegal to post on youtube, and quite frankly, no one uses youtube to check out other peoples family videos (well, some do, but they are a minority).
So if LK’s case warrants his videos being taken down, what does an AMV (Anime Music Video) deserve? Major lawsuit by the song artist and the anime producer?

I agree, not just because I’m a big fan of LittleKuriboh and his videos, but because it’s simply unfair to punish someone for something they didn’t do. It is a satire and that’s within the law, so what’s up with the taking down the videos for copywrite infringement when that never happened? Maybe I’m still a little bitter from when they took down one of my best videos for the same reason, but either way, sometimes Youtube really pisses me off.

no doubt AMVs are a violation of copywright infringement, you couldn’t defend that case no matter how you go about, but LK’s position is slightly different. AMVs are illegal as far as footage go and then there’s the illegalities with using an artist’s music. LK does satire which is a whole different ball park. Taking the ideas that this guy brings up, LK should legally be allowed to satire the series if he so chooses.

I still believe what he didn’t wasn’t copyright infrigment. I mean, really. It’s not like half the people on the internet, who post full episodes/movies of things, in their true form.

That’s not what LK did.

Sure, he used real footage. But, he never actually used
+all the footage
+the real voices
+the real dialouge.. well, he did use some of the dialouge.. but anyway >_>

So no, I believe what he did was satire, and it’s a shame that YouTube/the people at 4Kids can’t understand that.

I agree with it not being copyright but YuGiOH in Japanese is much better than the English 4Kids version and most episode ‘made alot more sense in the original manga’ so please don’t diss yugioh ‘in America’ or anywhere else. The ‘card game makes no sense’ and is actually quite fun with a bunch of friends + alcohol + bad LittleKuriboh impressions or a strategic trading card game πŸ˜›

I agree it’s an abomonation what youtube has begun with banning satire vids. If that’s the case, MANY more vids will be taken down in the near future, seeing as more abridged series have awakened since LK’s ygo one. It’s sad and frustrating, to say the least. I don’t see why satires are viewed as copywrite infringement, where AMVs aren’t. Anyway, I shall voice my opinion on the petition and hope something positive happens as a result of all our efforts.

You raise a VERY good point! It’s not fair that it happened, and it shouldn’t have happened! Really they (Youtube) are screwing themselves over, because if they start banning/deleting people who use satire and “copy-righted” material, then people who make AMVs and such (which probably makes up a great deal of the users) are screwed and then they’ll find somewhere else to go. And that’s what will happen — eventually users will go somewhere else

the fact of the matter is that littlekuriboh is within the rules that youtube set for making videos. He posted his videos in a way that were entirely his own, & did not use the original copyrighted material. He didn’t post the actual episodes, he posted his own, which is allowed by youtube. This is why AMVs are legal, so there should be no reason for satire videos to be removed.

You’re mistaken on the legality of AMV’s they aren’t protected under any fair use laws like parody is, in fact the infringe on both the copyrights of the owners of the anime AND the record company’s music. They’re often awesome, and many AMV makers ar every talanted video producers, but make no mistake, they’re not legal.

dude, im a big fan of your and littlekuriboh’s, im so glad you took it upon yourself to continue this. your one of the people most people will listen to, and hopefully youtube will take that into account and we can get this all sorted out, thanks blunty, you rock =D

This is a gray area and this probably needs the attention of someone who is an expert in copyright law to interpret this particular case. Personally I think the percentage of copyrighted material/concepts littlekuriboh takes from 4Kids is not significant enough. I believe they may have gone too far (and I’m not just saying that because I think YtAS is funny).



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