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March 16, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
This whole thing is childish. Really it is. We all could get along, if only everyone would get over themselves and try a little harder. Am I going to get banned by either of you for that? Don’t care if I am. Isn’t gonna make me go away. Just keep me from commenting. Seriously guys, come on. Let’s all try to at least be civil to each other.

I appreciate atheists not getting along. We’re people. We don’t have to get along. The diversity of thought, even in anger, is what makes us human and I find that not only fascinating but also beautiful. As long as we don’t try to kill each other, I’m down.

I dislike the notion that atheists have to get along and be unified so that theists can’t cast light in the ‘cracks’ of our cause. Theists are certainly subject to the same scrutiny in the diversity of their sects and denominations. Atheists are unified! We don’t believe! Beyond that, why should we get along? Disagreement spawns new ideas and the challenging we gives ourselves spawns personal growth. Fight the good fight.

Brett is a douchebag.
His video today (one of many that he’s posted today, of course)whining about how people don’t rate his videos, acting like his videos are the only ones worth watching and crying about the supposed “hit list” he’s on was the last straw for me.

I want to like him too, but he makes it so completely impossible to do so.

Good work. Keep on keeping on, Case.

I watched his video where he said someone had launched a 17min tirade of hate in which someone had personally attacked him including his children. I went looking for this video and then that’s how I discovered you. However after watching the alleged 17min vid by you it didn’t come close to the way he described. You also never mentioned his kids once! I’m subscribed to him, but I can’t take him seriously.

I just want to say: I told you so. Yeah, I’m one of those assholes who loves to shove it in your face once I’m proven right. Hahaha. I’m surprised Atheists give a free pass to Keane. He’s worse than the Christians because he makes us look like shit and he lies about scientific and historical “facts.”

Oh man, I just saw the ending. Thanks for the shout out. Sorry bro, but I gotta tell you how to be because you’re like those children that want to cross the road by themselves but you know will get run over if you don’t hold their hand. Exactly what happened today. Hahaha. Stop being so pissed off at me douche. I was kidding before and now.

yeah well, brett sucks in some ways, but your unctuous back-patting whenever i find fault with him grates on my sense of dignity, motherfucker

if you have a problem with brett, take it up with brett. dont presume to hand me my fucking opinion cause i’ll hand your mouth a dick

Another fellow atheist here in good ol’ Washington state! Boy we’re popping out of the woodwork here. Nice rant. I stopped subscribing to brettkeane because he’s boring, I’ll resubscribe to him when he boils his stuff down and skims the good stuff for us.

Couldn’t give a rat’s ass about this so called conflict, but I certainly enjoy a good rant, and would consider it an honor to be “owned” by hardcase!

hahah, hardcase. Pop open the bottle of gin, have a few sips. Take a few puffs a joint and relax….The hole battle of subscribers is the most childish fucking thing you can do(brett keane) Its like 4th grade comparing your valentines cards. Makes me sick. I’m goona have to unsubscribe to him though because I just realised YOU have made some new videos and I cant even tell. Because Keane videos fill that box up everyday!!

At first, I thought you were a bit (alot) abrasive, but then you seemed to come around to jist of it.
I can respect that.
Very poignant, about the child that finds solace in the words. I hope for that, everyday.
The more enlightned children, the better the world.


I’m one of those kids who typed atheists in the search engine, and saw Brett. I’m definitely biased since I watched him before anyone else.

Every time atheists on YT go to war it’s always over something stupid and inane. I do wish this would just end.

I did the same thing (even though I’m from a country (Norway) where the largy majority of people are atheists). But Brett is just not the rational human being I first thought he was. His arguments are not that good, and he does not strike me as an intellectual – who has the ability to have some sort of idea of what goes on inside his head. I don’t know; I’m just getting tired of Brett thinking he’s more gifted than he really is.

When you identify someone as a drama-addict the next step (unless you also enjoy the drama crap) can only be to remove yourself from their drama whirlwind. You’re not doing that, so I figure you’re getting something out of the drama despite your complaints about it.

What Brett doesn’t get is just what TheAmazingAtheist said. People don’t subscribe to others because they like them as humans, or they like their message or whatever. They subscribe because they want to see them act like jackasses and monkeys and perform for our entertainment. And, Brett makes a GREAT monkey.

Less bitching about Brett Keane, more Great Moments in Atheism!

All you’re doing is giving attention to an attention whore. I don’t watch his videos, so the only things I know about him are through the perceptions of others. But wouldn’t he get off on this more than mindless praise? He has all sorts of assertions to distort in his mind now, the man will probably accuse you kidnapping his dog now.

I don’t know if he has a dog, but he could probably just make that shit up.

As you say, the main problem with Brett Keane is we all want to like him because of the many good videos he makes, but end up hating him for the bullshit tactics he uses against EVERYONE, not just the theists. I wish I could just ignore him, but I’m addicted to the drama, and have a nagging feeling that if he could just get past his ego fits, he could really be a golden YouTuber.

100% agree with this. bk sees himself as king atheist where the validity of an opinion is directly correlated to suscriber count and “omg i need stars to feel pretty!”. some of it can be attributed to how serious business this is to him. but ya i mean i want to like him too, but it’s hard.



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