New Nalts Intro

March 15, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
RE sukatra: GOOD IDEAS.
NALTS,>>> GO with this fellow’s thoughts…
BTW, this thing you’ve posted… it DOES suck
it sucketh mightily. Consult your own taste, or, better, that of WifeofNalts: you guys must know that this thing sucks I’m hoping.

like some others said, it’s cool but it doesn’t go well with the music. ie. “nalts nalts he somersaults” should have your avatar somersaulting. other than that, great.

oh, and i like when introductions are short, but if you want to keep it the same length i’ll manage.

instructive critiscism ftw

I agree. Something else which is also starting to bother me is that I thought nalts’ earlier stuff was not only good, but more genuine than a lot of other stuff here as well. Lately however, it seems like that’s changing. He’s talking about wanting to join the “in crowd” of YouTube, and trying too hard in general. Don’t sell out, nalts…you’ve been yourself in the past. Don’t give that up.

That was bloody awful…and speaking of which…I’ve just watched that video that Mr Ego-Tripper…I mean “Safety” and Tripped Out have made where they wank each other off over New York “As One”. Talk about Cheesy. You’re well out of it. Hang on…haven’t they got you down as “committee” or some fucking thing?

I’m going to be honest: I thought you were alot bigger on YouTube than you are. How come everybody knows you when you really don’t have that many subscribers? Not that that really matters, but it’s jus tinteresting to me. I just looked at Barats and Bareta (who are osme of my favorite people on YouTube, and you of course) and they have 10 times the subscribers that you do. Hmmm

While it’s good to brand yourself in theory, doing so officially like this doesn’t serve you well when so much of the humor and quality of your videos depend on sincerity of emotion (including that which drives the parodied emotion). Could be wrong, but it just feels limiting. The tone of your channel allows for more variance. Maybe consider a shorter, live action intro. Also, the timing of your site at the end of clips was such an established trademark. There’s a necessary rhythm there.

The animation just isn’t funny. It seems like it’s trying too hard to get a laugh. The same goes for the song. The song makes me want to kick a puppy every time I hear it, and if you actually keep this song and use it as an intro for every one of your videos from here on in, I’m going to start kicking said puppies. No disprespect or hate towards the creators of this intro, but Nalts, come on man. To put it honestly out there, you’re way too good for this intro. You deserve something better.

I’ve watched it several times amd considered it. Here’s my two cents- Don’t use it. If it’s a trademark you’re going for, you’ve already got it- black background, white letters, website at the end. That’s how I’ve come to recognize a Nalts video. The song doesn’t make sense, especially when put to the video. Monster trucks? Ninjas? Machine guns? Let’s stick the kids, WifeofNalts , and a resurrected sheep in there instead. This seems so un-Nalts. If you start to use this, I might unsubscribe.

Oh, I’d also like to say that I think fourteen seconds is a bit too long for an intro, Nalts, especially for a video that’s between thirty seconds and three minutes, as almost all of your videos are. If you used the last four seconds (with the cartoon head coming out of the little explosion thing, and where the song just says “Nalts, yeah.”) I think that would be much more fitting.



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