The Muslim Rational Response Squad???

March 6, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
Although the Malaysian constitution theoretically guarantees religious freedom, in practice the situation is not so simple (See Status of religious freedom in Malaysia). Non-Muslims experience restrictions in activities such as construction of religious buildings and the celebration of certain religious events in some Islamic states.[40][41] Meanwhile Muslims are obliged to follow the decisions of sharia courts. As a legal matter, Muslims may not leave their faith.


I thought exactly the same thing when I saw Muslim Rational Response Squad, can you say oxymoron, I was having a conversation with TogetherForPeace on one of his videos, and he was trying to say he was a rational Christian, I asked him to look up the definition of rational. lol

Wus up with the Mister Rogers sweater? lol j/k

Allah is gods muslim name. Allah in arabic looks similar to the hebrew elohim. Elohim is the name jews made up to refrain from using the tetragrammaton. Allah mimics a made up name. The koran wasnt written by one man. Muhammad’s followers wrote. Muhammad couldnt read or write. Just like Joseph Smith. Islam was spread through military action. An all powerful being doesnt need humans to spread his word especially not by the end of a sword..

They have been indoctrinated as children to fear that hell awaits those who doubt their religion. So if they even try to imagine an alternative, the fear response kicks in and stops them thinking. I think it causes a kind of compartmentalisation of the brain. All religions use threats to keep their followers in line, keeping them too scared to think straight.

Yeah, that does seem silly. I know girls got married in Europe at 13 not too long ago, but I’d say 13-16 is probably the age where a lot start looking like women. 9 on the other hand, lol. I can’t imagine a 9 year old that has any womanly traits at all. It would be like finding a needle in a haystack of infinite size.

at 5:58 HE SAYS THAT MUHAMMAD S.A.W(PEACE AND BLESSINGS BE UPON) this prophet, should have knowledge beyond. IF ONE was to find out the scientic discoveries in the Quran one would find that no man in the middle of the desert would have known about like (the divider between the salt and fresh water in the sea,the 7 levels in the atomosphere,where lies of a liar comes from, and many more GOOGLE: SCIENTIC PROOFS OF THE QURAN

He should concentrate on housekeeping rather than going after the RRS. It makes far more sense to me that he should preach the “peace” and “rationality” of the Quran to those Jihadi motherfuckers intent on spreading Sharia law to every corner of the globe.

Theocracies are not the way forward for our species!!

You’re not rational yourself, if you were you would be calm and composed, you wouldn’t stutter and nor would you swear for no particular reason…. also if you choose to stereotype muslims, then you have to stereotype people such as yourself and internally blame yourself for Stalin’s genocide, as he too was a “rational” atheist.

Actually I’m not a bible basher, so better luck next time.

Secondly, Hitler was actually anti-religious, study Durkheim and Anthropology to understand exactly what Hitler’s purpose behind using religious cult like claims was.

Thirdly, Stalin killed more than Hitler.

Rex20171, You cann’t just talk without historical evidences. Actually Mohd was unsettled during those three year. After the death of his uncle ( the leader of the Bani Hashim trip) He was moving between Makkah and Altaef and other places around Makkah, negotiating with many Arabs trips and advertising his religion. After few days of his movement and settlement in Almadenah, he send after Aisha, she was just turned 9.

The age of Aisha at marriage is an unsettled issue. Comparison of hadith of Aisha’s age with hadith of Laylat al-Qadr, in which 1 was used for 21, 3 for 23, 5 for 25 and so on, suggest that maybe Aisha’s reports were transmitted literally and 16 became 6 and 19 became 9, as it is a way of talking in Arabic language when base is already known.

Ten years ago, a crack scholars unit was sent to prison by a rational court for a crime they did commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum rational stockade to the You Tube underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of religion. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… The Islamic Rational Response Squad.

Muslims countries are NOT really fascist states. Fascism is glorification of a centralized state government. Since Middle Eastern Muslims care more about Islam than about government, their countries would be classified as theocracies and dictatorships.

hey fat ass look at yourself…just honestly have you ever looked in the mirror? Your hairline is like 8 inches farther back than where it is really supposed to be and not only that youre fucking fat like honestly look at yourself man youre a disgrace to HUMANITY with your tiranisourical fatness….oh ye and as for your chin pubes…baaa baaa…i hear the shepherd calling man you better run before the dog catches you

the quran is NOT violent. The quran is NOT irrational. THE quran IS QUOTED OUT OF CONTEXT. As for the miracles ( surah numbers added = 6555, verses = 6236, even surah + verse numbers= 6236, odd surah + verse numbers = 6555) The quran testifies that it was a bisymmetric book, this is why the numbers are like that.

” superpalestinianguy (5 days ago)
just for the record or anyone who might be reading this I’m trying to flag a guy who actually did say “kill al muslims” and threats are not a part of free speech.”

that seamed like a new type of flagging lol

Religion itself is a flaw. As is the Skeptics Annotated Bible/Koran website and I can point out where ten different Bible versions have none of the verses that bullshit web site has. I’d be glad to point some out to you if you shoot me a message asking for it. That web site is bullshit, I wouldn’t use it as a source.



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