KO’d: Glenn Beck Named Worst Person for Requesting Nude Pics

March 6, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
I guess everyone has a different take on this, I wish I could say I am beyond words that the young lady that Beck attacked set there slacked jawed, it is really sad that women are so accustomed to this kind of treatment that even the most visually protected of us don’t know how to response

If I was to say that to one of my fellow co-workers, I would of course, get fired. Reporters should be no different. You think that they should get special treatment because they are famous perhaps? You see, that is what I find wrong in America today. The rich can get away with murder while the poor rot in prison over the same issue. Hypocrites.

Am I the only person that notices how KO the liberal tool spent more time and effort on a Republican saying something stupid and a journalist being stupid than he did on a school principal selling meth and watching gay porn naked on school grounds. Only a liberal tool like KO could make anyone their “WORST” when a sick perverted bastard is running on of our childrens schools. I guess if he hadn’t been watching “gay” porn KO would have crusified him.

Olbermann is a dolt. He takes a silly joke out of context and runs with it cuz he’s jealous that Beck is funnier and better loking and has better ratings. Beck had been making jokes about the story the whole time. Olby doesn’t have a sense of humor that isn’t attack related.

“He takes a silly joke out of context and runs with it cuz he’s jealous that Beck is funnier and better loking and has better ratings.”

It was sexual harrassment, makig Beck a blubbery douche. He’s not funnier, and Olbermann is killing him in the ratings, anything else you want to get bitchslapped for?



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