Family Force 5 Really Real Show 7

March 3, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
Who cares how to spell it, it looks like he’s gone anyway.
I can talk about whoever and whatever I want whenever I want. It’s a free country.
your a idiot a uneducated idiot like most family force five fans, dont you have something better to do than watch stupid videos about dancers?? It was a 6 minute sleeping pill for me.
i’m gonna go watch some real TV like WWF or laguna beach.

please quit being a drama queen.
nobody is telling you that you have to like family force 5. we know how great they are and you telling us what YOU think they are, aren’t gonna change our opinions.

if you don’t like them, why do you keep commenting on here?

good luck with the Creed thing. no hard feelings.

don’t be hatin on FF5. i love them. they ROCKED Jacksonville FL. i was there, in the very front, i should know. and if you don’t like them WHO CARES don’t comment their video and leave and get a life. you’re outnumbered, more people love them than hate them.

P.S. {{to creed whatever}} laguna beach and WWF? AHAHAHAHAHAAHA you really DO need a life.

FF5 IS AWESOME!!!! the best concert ever.. Cincy, OH (2-24-07) …. I will miss you Xanadu!!!! and its ok guys some people just dont have a life or sense of humor,and it sure sucks to be them… so if they dont have a life they get on youtube and post negative comment just b/c “its a free country” yeah thats straight from “creedfan…” one of the poor sould w/o a life and sense of humor



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