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February 28, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
friends should NEVER date your ex – and vice versa. respect alone should tell both parties that. i don’t blame you ending your friendship. sorry things are down for you right now, just know that we’ve all been through it – some of us are still going through it. it sucks, but your right – we move on. good luck xoxo

Dont’ even worry about not posting a video. I know how life can get, especially when a break-up happens. I can’t believe anyone wouldn’t want to be with you excusively. You’re adorable, cute, so positive and optimistic. Keep your head and someone will come along who deserves such a great guy like yourself. We love U2! 🙂

Hey come on, it’s okay =] And it’s better to end a relationship that won’t work out then tryin to save it then have one. Bummer about your old friend =[ Get well soon. No winder you looked like you just cried on your stickam thingy that day. you were sick =[ ~love Sage xx

That new flu visus that came out in 2006 lasts 5 weeks before the body clears it as it is a retrovisus similar to the virus for hooping cough, meaning no one has any immunity to it, even if they have been vacinated. That came from our Ministry of health here in NZ. It does pass, eventually.

Matt I really hope you feel better soon, I know what you’re going through, my ex girlfriend got with one of my best friends. You’re a strong guy, we all need you out here spreading your message. If I could, I’d come over and help you burn pictures of them, lol

Aww you remind me so much of 2 people.
Myself when i broke up with my bf.. Gosh.. that was actualy the best thing in the world for me.. but it took me 4 months to finally understand. and My gay Friend Eric. You guys sit and move just the same. It’s kinda creepy. ^^

Anyway, Yeah.. Everything will get better, we all know it. and yeah it is a stress related sickness. i get them all the time. -hugs- You will get better though ^^

I know you’ll find some one in this big world that loves you.. I think I have but hey I may be wrong. I can Tottally understand with you being sick and thiers problems in your life. We understand we just want you to get better and be happier ^.^ ~.^ thanks for reading Fray

You don’t need to apologize….give yourself permission to get over it, feel sad, etc. and maybe your body will respond. All illness is an imbalance of our chi. Energy blocks due to holding on to something…Feel better…you’re a great guy with a VERY important message to share…we good guys need you to stay strong and healthy. Bernard – EKB



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