YouTube "As One" Gathering in San Francisco

February 23, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
very nice Spricket. The best video of youtube gathering. You know I was wondering that perhaps next year they can make it an awards show in San Fran. Like similar to the Academy Awards? Maybe have a blue carpet for all you celebrities?…lol.

1.Pzottolo was only arrested for Mopery.
2.Paperlillies and you could swap passports,and no one would be the wiser.
3.Great product endorsement of Pepto Bismol.
If any of the individuals you”gropped” from a distance had backed up….

Oops,voices in my head, I suck…

wow. i really like you, but this is sort of sad. in fact, really disappointing, sort of well, highlighting the fact you guys think you are “stars”. I expected more. i think this “video” or rather home movie has brought me back to reality, utube is for amateurs. karen, you can’t keep putting out amateruish stuff and expect us to keep interested. so sadly bye

Karen, you are definitely Jenny McCarthy as a redhead. I could have been as hyper as you except that as a child, my mom kept giving my red medicine to s l o w me down. Still have some of that stuff left, but I don’t like to take it anymore ’cause I dream of little mices with them heads snapped off wearing a head of cheese….go packers, I guess. Loved the vid cause I got to seel all my favorites of course you’re my mostess.

That was the best footage of “The Gathering” I’ve seen yet! This should be featured it was so awesome! You frickin’ rock Karen! And wasn’t pzottolo the funniest guy in person? Thanx you so much for this video. I wish I could have been there. Jealous…

thanks girl. i couldn believe that you even talked to me since you so much better looking than me. i wanna shampoo your hair since it so luxurious. i wanna make a movie from billy joel’s song ‘allentown’ but i’m too scared to. i love you girl sinse your so cute!!! ppl are always mean to me but you’re always so nice.

oh wow! a youtube gathering! have i been totally living under a rock or something? how did i not hear about this event till just now? not that i could have made it out there, but still.. WOW! you even got some vegemite from the hill88… i LOVE vegemite.. on my toast, every morning!



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