United Muslims Youtube Group Flagging People

February 23, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
What right do they have to control youtube? I don’t normally like censorship but in this case I approve of it due to the fact that it is removing the right to I think It’s called freedom of speech. If they don’t like what you say then don’t watch.

The clampdown was ordered by judiciary officials in the latest phase of a campaign in which high-speed broadband facilities have been banned in an attempt to impede “corruption” by foreign films and music.The curbs are in line with a campaign by Iran’s Islamist President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to purge the country of Western influences.

The damndest thing happened to me boys and girls.

I tried to watch this video about 3 hours ago, but I could only see the “United Muslim” community was up to something, and I went in search of this group.

What I say on that page, was some pretty nasty stuff. Jihad, struggles, adn everything but all out war on everyone out here on youtube.

Then I saw that Brett was pretty high on this list they are talking about.

I had to take a nap, and came back to the computer about 3 hours later.

The Islam site changed. Things look like they were edited. A lot less comments, Brett was moved down the list, and they are twiddling their thumbs looking at the sky.

Something is really up here guys.

Brett even those who dislike your or even hate you can’t disagree here. Those guys actually tried making it up by saying they are not doing what you said they are, but it is obvious that they are attempting to shut down various people because they think differently than them. Hate idiots like that

ptol: Christian, Jewish, Italian, amomng numerous “anti-defamation leagues” have for years tried to influence media so as to reduce the defaming of their religion, ethnic group, race or whatever. In the context of the current day, it’s completely reasonable for Muslims to do this.

targetting people is never reasonable. How about we all just start flagging every single pro muslim video we see. Influencing people presenting your view of a subject is reasonable targeting people to have them banned is oppression something I thought the Quran spoke against

There was a time when I didn’t like Richy Dawkins. Now I consider him one of the great warriors in the fight for western secular values: freedom of conscience, thought, speech, in the sciences and intellectual disciplines. There are 2 reasons why atheists have taken a defensive belligerent position towards Christians: their often criminally bad science, and their almost medieval demonization tactics. Christians, you have real enemies in the world–you need to figure out who they are.

Muslims aren’t “evil, plain and simple”. Islam teaches tolerance of all beliefs. There are evil muslims just like there are….well, there aren’t many evil atheists, mostly because we don’t believe in “good” and “evil” as absolute terms *except as regards Dubya*. But these guys need to be shown that intolerance and vicious conspiracy to silence voices they dislike is going to be stopped and stopped for good.

When they started this shit, on Feb 11, you may remember that that’s when a lot of users were suspended. Their original list was entitled “Enemies of Islam”. I tried to tell you this. The user rnjigga initiated it. The owner, BregyptianMuslim, changed it. IslamandFriends/Rex20171, really has a hard-on for you. Anyone they deem as an “Enemy”, they will call upon their members and mega-flag them. So glad to see that you finally did something about it.

im not an atheist but i am a satanist i do believe everyone has there opinion but this C*nt smelling muslim group is complete bullshit , i also recommend brining this to warren25smash attention maybe since he gets more attention on this site he can get more people together to do something about it

First of all, banning a user is a process that goes through the Youtube administration first and can occur if the user has violated the terms of use. There are a number of people, obviously including this guy, who labels Muslims as “insane” and “terrorists”, that are violating these Terms of Use.

Under the general heading of User Submissions, in paragraph C. You shall not: “(iii) submit material that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, libelous, threatening, pornographic, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, or encourages conduct that would be considered a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, violate any law, or is otherwise inappropriate.” Ppl have gotten so used to hating on Muslims, they don’t even know it’s against the YT rules.

Hating Muslims? Exposing Islam isn’t hating Muslims. It’s helping them. And isn’t it funny how it seems that only Muslims are organizing to oppress people who criticize their religion, by mass-reporting stuff that isn’t bad at all? I mean, Gisburne was banned for posting verses from the Qur’an itself! That’s how ashamed Muslims are of their religion… they can’t handle the Qur’an being quoted because it’s soe cruel and gruesome and evil.

ting: Do you really imagine that you’re deceitful rhetoric is not as transparent as glass to a reasonably bright 9 year-old? Taking stuff out of context from the Koran is the work of childish haters, and violates the terms of use. Anti-defamation groups have been used to put a stop to your type of garbage since the country was born.

Then again, muslims don’t think telling someone that they will burn in Hell isn’t an insult either. Strictly speaking it isn’t to an atheist, but YouTube is apparently run by muslims, so they must find it offensive and insulting, and therefore all muslims must be banned since they think nonbelievers will burn in hell 😀

Well said, Brett.

Free speech is one thing…but this group has crossed the line.


If disbanding ths group counts as censorship…

…then I guess it measns that we’ll be fighting censorship with censorship. 😛

these are my accounts, fcukIslam2/3, expendableaccount, FLAGTHISYOUFUCKERS. and I was also GrandMasterFlange2/3. 8 vids of mine have been taken down. I’m not that pissed off because of reactions like this!! the muzzies are so stupid!! counter-productivity methinks!! LET’S UNITE AGAINST THESE ISLAMONAZIS!!!!

A new study has concluded countries with theocratic governments ‘IE: middle eastern governments’ have more homosexuals per ca-pita than any other countries.
Researchers are now studying the link between reading the koran and surrendering oneself to homosexuality.

Not as much as these UM people. firefly and glen have there downs, but these folks in question are the ones who are the real youtube terrorists. They’ve been doing this for some time and you guys need to wake up! The REAL threat, comes from Islam. You guys have been spending soooo much time bashing Christians, that you’ve had your heads in the dirt not seeing this threat. Go watch mikehunts vid. It’s entitled WAKE UP!!

The motive they want to kill you is not because you are Christian. It is because you are a extremely bad person (in the worst sense), see? And you are not muslim. You really love to stalk muslims. I doubt that all and only
muslims want to kill christians in this world.

It is absolutely amazing to me that Islam thinks it is hate speech when the facts of their religion is thrown back on them.

I made a video pointing out that Islam glorifies terrorism, and even has children dressing up as suicide bombers for fun. I do not see anything funny about it.

But it is supposedly hate speech. whatever.



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