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February 22, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
and… you gain free exposure for such various media-related projects as circlecircledotdot, MadTV and Carson Daly: relatively free advertising for any cream destined to float to the top…I’d say that is HUGE payback on investment of time and the cost of a camera.

Actually, the folk at youtube have already made a few public statements saying they are indeed exploring options for revenue sharing. now that they’re owned by google and all, realize that google ALREADY do something like this with website ads, with their Adsense tech – and it’s very successful

um is it really people like yourself, and other “YouTube Stars” who draw people to the site, my arugement that they are what keep people bringing back, but im not sure the average link to youTube from another websites is “hey look at Blunty” or “hey look at Morbeck” the average link is to someone’s own video, some copyright material, or a small video that user considers funny.

when did I say “youtube stars” are responsible? I said content creators, and “ordinary people” who post stuff people wanna see. Please, don’t make assumptions and put words in my mouth. And no, I don’t think people who violate copyrights like posting anime, TV shows or that kind of stuff should see a dime – after all they didn’t work for it, they just posted something someone else made.

as to revenue sharing, well first off we all get to use this site for free, and for the average user, they wouldnt get anything, however some of the bigger users may get a few £s, however if YouTube makes it more business like then you probably wont get any money until you pay for the band width you have used.
Then people surf around the site, people like yourself, and stick around, so from that POV yes over the past couple of yours “YouTube Stars” have helped grow the auidence.

Out of interest, why one star? don’t you think this issue is worth discussing? maybe think the video was poorly made? was the technical quality of the video infearior? you don’t think this can affect the way people use the site? or is it you’re one of “those people” who low rate anyone they don’t like, regardless of the content as some kind of feeble “protest? for the record, I don’t care about the star ratings, it’s the comments and video responses I rely on for feedback and communication.

as to revenue sharing, well first off we all get to use this site for free, and for the average user, they wouldnt get anything, however some of the bigger users may get a few £s, however if YouTube makes it more business like then you probably wont get any money until you pay for the band width you have used.

damm character limit

I’m regular too. I eat fiber rich foods and drink lots of water. Sorry. I had to “go” there. Seriously, I agree. The current system needs a human element to review flagged vids before they are acted upon. Currently it’s automatic. Anyone with a finger can mess with someone’s work. That sucks.

For a lot of us, this money will be more bother than it is worth. I will have a load of trouble with the tax office for enough money to buy my wife a bunch of flowers. There should be the option to have a charity account, where the owner has a badge under his directors badge if he has signed an agreement that YouTube give his dues to charity from source.

What’s “tricky” about it. We help them get where they are. But the way the site is going we’ll be leaving in droves unless they look after us and share the revenue as well. I mean…come on! How many Billions did they get? And they can’t share some of that?

could not agree more. people do deserve to be recognised for there vids. if that means a small “income” in any form yay. but people should not upload here with that being the only reason for doing so. myself and my mates upload cos we have fun doing it and hope you guys have a giggle watching our stuff. just remember the big you get the harder you can fall.

Could you please stop talking about money? I’m not a hater by any means and I do like your stuff, but please stop hinting at getting a salary for this. As I recall, this was supposed to be a fun hobby. YouTube “celebs” seriously need to take it down a notch. I don’t mind people making money through this site by selling art work and DVD’s for example, but a salary is a whole other story. It will increase the popularity contest even more, not to mention the cheating.

This is why I posted this video, to encourage folk to discuss this issue and all its possible issues. I’m not “hinting at getting a salary” for this, simply BEING on youtube has already provided me with other opportunities to earn… I’m not saying “gimme gimme gimme” here, I’m saying “lets talk about what this could mean.”

You ARE in fact saying that you’d support the idea though. Which is fine, different people have different opinions. Personally I don’t like the money mentality YouTubers are getting. And if YouTube were to “reward” popular users, those users and everyone else might as well start paying for the upload service. The only reason we can attract viewers in the first place is because money is being spent on keeping the site up and running. Just my thoughts.

Nicholas, please don’t patronize me. “I’m not sure how they do things in Belgium…” Are you kidding me? I’m not sure how they do things where you live, but over here people are polite in a discussion. And for heaven’s sake: I wasn’t saying a typo’s the end of the world. I just thought I’d mention it in Blunty’s case, who is all for correct spelling on the net and even made a video about it.

I learned English through TV so don’t try to snub me and pass me off as some dumb girl. I’m all for a free exchange of ideas. If you knew anything about Belgium you’d know that people/politicians over here talk a lot more than in most developed nations. And seriously: Blunty doesn’t need you to protect him. I’m pretty sure the man can speak for himself and reply to nasty comments if I actually made any. I find respect for one another more important than trying to push my point of view.

anna: Lol, you “find respect for one another” important? In that case, you might want to look at the number of times you’ve tried to put words in my mouth. patronize? snub? polite? “thought you’d mention it”? dumb girl? “need you to protect him”? You fancy yourself a person interested in a fair exchange of ideas, when in fact, you’re deceitful and snotty. Why don’t you clean up your act?

That is a dilemna. YouTube/Google puts up all the cash, but the content is what makes the site possible. We have to hope that YouTube/Google knows that the user is in command now, and will leave if they don’t tread carefully. Great vid, Blunty3000.

I think of this as a commercial site owned by private corporations, so I expect advertising here. However I think it is VERY nice and a good thing to have sites which ARE non-commercial, so we can have a break from commerce and enjoy content without interruption, distraction or even subtle pressure. (Eg. ABC and other non-commercial entities)

i’m sort of struggling to see how giving money to content creators is going to be more profitable for youtube, because in the end thats all youtube is really about. i know the community is important even to those who work at youtube, but its still a business.

The answer to me is, Yes. Content providers on YT should share revenue. I might spend the money to build a fruit stand, but if I don’t have any fruit, it’s pointless. So I have people provide me with fruit they’ve grown and we share the revenue. But with YT, there are the games people play to get views which will make it harder for the regular people to get their fruit noticed, but their fruit is actually the best.

Like communism, it might look good on paper, but in practice it will be a disaster. YT already has copyright issues. Paying YouTubers will make it even worse, when royalties are demanded. Ian or other artists may give you permission to use their music. But, proving it on a scale like 1,000,000 users would be a herculean effort. A LOT of people will be censored as a result (legally or not).

as you pointed out there are two sides to this. If Youtube did not offer any revenue would that mean you would stop making videos?

I think if all of you (when i say you i mean the most viewed) got together and worked out a deal with youtube i think you might have some success. I do remember watching a video by rentto saying he got paid to do a christmas video for them.

The people who origanal put up youtube and made it such a success should have never sold it to google who I’m pretty sure made this site have all these TV net works it should have just stayed a small community. Hey but wtf do I know what I’m talking about?, nice video blunty

i agree with you on this. i have a music account to share my music and videos – not as popular as your channel but i have about 6000 videos viewed and 80+ subscribers. im not trying to get rich but it would be nice to get something right? my music and videos take a long time to make.

I think you bring up a good point. Although since YouTube is a free service, and all these videos on the servers must cost quite a good amount of money…I think YouTubers should not get any money, because YouTube could at any day make you pay to Upload Videos.

good idea and a good topic, I do indeed question the same thing, but I come up with the answer that in order for you to get something (aka, money) it needs to be taken from elsewhere, as is the world, so in all I’m a bit scared that in doing something like revenue sharing that we would lose something in return

It would be nice to see major contributors get paid… but I think it is probably one of those “when hell freezes over” scenarios. Although cash might motivate contributors to “step it up,” it would also draw in an even more aggressive and skilled crowd of hackers and exploiters… not to mention spam spam spammers!

I think YouTube should hold a contest for YouTubers every couple of months or so and give that personn money for the best video. That’s my opinion though on whether YouTube should give us money. It’s a sharing community site and it’s not really a place where people give each other money. However, supporting people who deserve money for a good reason should be on the site.

I don’t know, I might. There are a few people here that would be in it and I only watch because they sometimes seem a bit of a trainwreck and their videos sometimes get interesting comments. I probably wouldn’t bother if they got paid because they themselves are annoying. I’d like the option either way.

I’m against it, in fact, though I like some of the bigger companies coming on here to advertise their shows, I have made a point to avoid them, and I would avoid anyone making money through rev sharing… greed is not why I watch your video or anyone elses. I watch vids here because most are made as a pure and honest way to express ones self.

If revenue sharing doesn’t come in, ads are still inevidable. The only difference is the content creators wont be getting anything. I think that it would be nice to have a built in system to donate portions to chairity, or having all of your income going to charity. Purely Non-Profit channels.

so if someone starts making money but the money doesn’t influence what they make thats wrong?
wouldn’t you prefer people making money from there content as well as the big company that runs the site?
or would you prefer only ever big companies to make money?
sounds more like your jelous to me

I dont want to see people making stuff so they can get more money… there are people who are making stuff to get famous, and that means they are putting out there A game. but when people start putting stuff out so their subscribers will make them money even though it is crap, I’ll unsubscribe.

now if youtube did a revenue sharing to a persons charity of choice I wouldnt mind. but in that case its different and insanly complicated.

“I watch vids here because most are made as a pure and honest way to express ones self.” and you don’t think it’s possible to be “pure and honest” and benefit from revenue from ads the viewer gets exposed to anyway? TV starions charge more for ad space for high rating shows because they can tell the advertiser that their ad will be viewed by many more people. does that make these shows or their producers automatically impure and dishonest regardless of the content? it’s a similar thing here.

blunty its not a matter of absolutes its a grey area… thats what life is as I see it. and when it comes down to it, more people will post crap for money than will post good quality stuff for money. I dont think revinue sharing will do as much good as it will harm

they got the audience by offering a decent service to the content creators. this is just a case of arrogance and greed. think of it like this: you could leave youtube and near no one would because of you. there is always someone else to watch. this topic is too big for comments.

no i didn’t imply that. i said how they got content creators which is as you said who people come here to view. not arguing numbers but if youtube gets a few million hits a day and you get 3500. can you really say you deserve money. viewers don’t just look at the top100, traffic goes everywhere, so you would have to pay all content creators which is not feasible.

You know one problem with this is you can’t stop redirections to specific videos. I mean if a high traffic site or even if relatively low traffic sites are being hacked and sent to videos of a user regularly this is clearly an issue. I experimented with it some but had it go to my profile page and within 30 minutes I had gotten 400 views from this site that took me a short amount of time to put in the redirect. It would be unfair if a hacker got more money than a good video maker on youtube.

hi blunty, bit of inside goss for ya, users signing up to the revenue shareing system will have to provide CC details to setup there account, this is to prevent users from uploading copyrighted material then anonymously making cash from it. also only these video’s will have ads to prevent legal disputes against youtube making money off say the simpsons being illegally updloaded

While I enjoy your videos and others that post videos on this website. You, are not the owners of the site. You have no risk envolved. If the site loses money, you will not be there to contribute maoney to pay the bills. Thus, in turn, you should not share in its revenue. There are many people that post videos to get noticed in their singing careers and other talents…

Should these people be forced to give some of their “revenue” that they make back to You Tube if they earn money because of their exposure on You Tube? I think not. As a business owner, the revenue sharing idea is like those employees that feel entitled to more money in the months when the company does well financially, but take their pay checks and run when the company has a bad month…

I once had an employee that wanted revenue sharing in my business, then the next month we (the owners), needed to contribute back nearly $10,000 to cover the bills. That same employee, would not (and could not) do that. You have no obligation to this site and they have no obligation to you…

Sounds reasonable to me. It’s the same thing here – you are the rights and “honor” holder of your videos, no question. And YT has made profit through that, no question. But THEY invented the genre of sites, they ensured running services on a daily basis and they had to pay the bills. You not…

3B: You could be right, but part of the plan may be to charge ppl to upload vids, then give them a piece of ad rev. Vaguely similar to what a mall management co does with a shop owner. In that case, uploaders risk their “rent” in order to bring in “sales” and, perhaps, make a profit.

why not let people make a little money?? Blunty seems to work damn hard on his videos, especially the stop motion ones, and has plenty of talent to boot. In any other media he’d be making at least SOME money, why can’t he here?? But do what you want.

I like this. It’s the first video on the topic that was completely honest that a part of them wanting revenue sharing is for their own gain. My opinion on revenue sharing at this point is: There are too many variables about the system to judge it right now. I would have to see a rough outline of how YouTube was going to decide who gets what before I make the call.

On another note… How some entertainment from you and Katz. Those videos are great.


I don’t agree with paying “popular” channels. No one has to pay to have their videos hosted, so they basically ARE getting paid by not having to pay for a site to host their dozens (sometimes hundreds) of videos.

YouTube isn’t popular because of those people who have several thousands of subscribers. It’s the *subscribers* that make those channels popular. People are not being pulled in to the world of Youtubia because of your or anyone else’s videos. They’re already here.

I definitely think that revenue sharing would be awesome, seeing as the commuinity makes the content. They should definitely cut down on cheating first though, I agree. I would think doing anything else would be fleecing the content creators of Youtubeland.

It simply won’t happen.

YouTube are making way too much money from the site to even think about ‘the little people’. Granted those same people ‘make’ the site, why would they support a way which is going to see more money go FROM their pocket, rather than TO it?


I like the points you cover in this(I was just barely paying attention, forgive me though, I’ve got schoolwork to be done). However you bring up the main point at the end, and that’s before youtube even thinks about doing something like this, how about trying to fix site-wide ‘problems’?

Bee tea double-you, I like the ending song. =) Go Ian.

If Youtube would take the revenue and put it towards say A BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER SERVER, it wouldn’t bother me either. I don’t think people that use a free website should expect anything, in exchange they really should do something about the problems on here.

I’m just glad this site doesn’t promote pron or that fucking errorsafe shit that tells u: OMG! U have teh virus. Just click here and ill remove it for yu! I wan many awards! And then u click it away and it says: Zomg! U have teh 1337 on teh computer, letme remove it plx! And then u go into a rampage and want to hunt down and kill people.

Dude … get over yourself. Your popularity on YouTube is not pulling more people to the site from off the site.

YouTube’s engineering still blows.

Seriously … get over yourself.


ps. approve warren25smash’ vid.

Youtube doesn’t owe you anything. They provide you with a free service to post videos. The majority of people coming to this site don’t watch vloggers like yourself. You really have a high opinion of the amatuer bullshit that is produced on Youtube and an even higher opinion of yourself. Join the rest of us in the real world.

Yankee, You are absolutely correct. The vloggers on this site, in the big picture are only a drop in the bucket.(contrary to what they want to think)It’s the copyrighted content, schoolyard fights,Cop beatings and piano playing cats that brings clicks. Most people that visit don’t even have an account. I laugh when these vloggers refer to their Vlogs as “Original Content”, as if listening to someone complain about their day and asking for money is in some way entertaining to the masses. NOT

Fucking money grabber – You and the other Vbloggers don’t keep the site up – look at the most viewed list – its 99 % copyright video clips!!!! If you and all the gits like renetto etc. dissapeared YT would continue! Its the copyrighted shit that brings the views – not you retard

You are wrong. Unauthorised Copyrighted clips will go in the next 6-12 months and Youtube will still be huge.
Independent content creators will be side by side with licensed copyrighted material from TV Networks. TV will go completely Digital and something like youtube will power our home televisions.

You are already getting something out by using all the space in the server for free. You are basically using a lot of hardware and services for free to get your videos watch.. it is a win win situation for both, the creator gets exposure and free hardware, youtube gets money from the advertisers that want the crowd you create. Sounds fair to me.

yes, it’s certainly “win win” but when other sites are offering the same “win win” AND share ad revenue, you don’t think youtube should react to that threat of some talent moving away from teh site in favor of the competition (as happened with “as a ninja”?

Some blogs have done that, and the only think it has happend is that the bloggers increased the number of posts and reduce the quality of them. A great solution would be making competitions like “circle cirle dot dot” That makes people create things and getting a prize is always nice and increases the quality of the videos.

Great point. But thing is people like you and me deserve to be acknowleged for their work on making videos before the issue of money can come about. Since people make the videos others want to see why not just have the idea of online video popularity as a basis. No need for external advertising. What’s the point of a small company made by people for people being suddenly overrun by big media coporations. As for the idea of scammers and such, then yes your idea would be a brilliant concept.

Well …Dear Blunty.
You produce work with your videos ,so reasonably you deserve to get paid.Thing is when you got this “job” you know you wouldnt get a penny from here and you always (and GOOD LUCK with it man) believe that you going to get a lead and boom somewhere else.(end of part1)

if lots of people are watching “video X” then lots of people are viewing the advertisements on or around “video X” duh, it’s not a complex formula. and as far as bringing people here, it’s more about keeping people coming back to see more… and thus seeing more ads too. again, this isn’t very complex. where are you getting lost?

I think YouTube has bigger issues at the moment. Getting copyrighted material off their site is a big one. Plus all the technology issues they are facing. They are providing a free service for posting and viewing and have an honors system for recognition. I’m not against the idea as it could attract more talent. But it is unnecessary.

ive seen a few of your vids and your a dick, you have just reinforced that.this is free speech and expression, not ‘most popular gets paid’!if you want to hold a brand of dog food or condoms to the camera while you talk then so be it!but please dont confuse yourself with someone who commands currency through shares similarities with local newspapers,except its a global newspaper! ask your own viewers for currency to view your videos,not youtube,and witness your popularity sore!

i have to dissagree with you blunty. I think content makers like smosh shoudl probly get money for it maaayyybeee. But Vloggers shouldnt. A vlog is basicly a diary you do it cuz you want to. Do you think people as live journal should be payd for making bloggs. Written blogs are interesting to ya know. I think you should get some moolah tho because of your great brick films 🙂

Why cant you do the same? create a blog, incorporate adsense,throw up some videos, Go over to digg and blog spam yourself and see all the money just fly in. FYI Blunty, You’re not gonna get rich at this whole thing. There is just not a huge market for Zune Reviews and Lego videos….

Blunty, well spoken as always. Not sensationalized, just the facts.

I especially agree with the comments at the end about cracking down on cheaters because invariably I can see someone raising the view counts to get more revenue.

I figure with my YT earnings, I’ll buy a pack of gum…

Good call Blunty. Journalists who write for newspapers (create content) get paid. TV networks buy content from creative houses. Youtube should be no different. You should get a % of revenue derived from the number of clicks to ads from your channel. And payment should only be made if you do not inappropriately trick viewers to watch you or click ads.
Whether or not people like your content is irrelevant, they are still watching it, and thats an audience!

Frankly I think the revenue thing is good and I hope it keeps a lot of the big stars over here. The youtube website has been dysfunctional for months and I am noticing that the more the big dogs come over to livevideo the worse livevideo is getting. Livevideo is a functioning website where you can actually communicate with your friends. youtube is nothing more than a vanity showcase.

I have been thinking about this a lot since the anouncement. How are they going to select who gets paid? SUrely they can’t py everyone it would defeat the purpose. Why would an advertiser want to pay to have an add on a video of a 12 year old kid farting?

If you look at the most viewed list recently, there are fewer and fewer videos by individuals. Today’s list is nearly all posts from Japanese TV or animation (illegal, course) The ‘community’ isn’t as strong as some people believe. Most of the Japanese posts are being discussed on another site. More and more, YouTube is simply becoming a video host.

YouTube isn’t special. It’s just a new means to continue doing what people have always done, which is communicate, entertain and inform each other. Expecting to paid for it is ridiculous. YouTube is becoming the AOL of the video age, people taking it too seriously, pretending it’s a “community,” thinking they’re “changing the world.” It’s just people posting videos and it’s not the only game in town.

fucking moron, the day people like you, hill88, boh3m3, Renetto start getting paid for posting your egotistical bullshit videos is the day the haters will do everything they can to disrupt the operation of this site either by mass emailing to clog the system up or some other method but it will happen.

That would be like a comedy club sharing beverage revenue with amateur night comic performers. Your payment, if you are good enough to warrant it, will come in the form of being noticed and possibily paid outside Youtube. This site gave you a forum, and the ability to express yourself to a wide audience. If you can’t see the value in that exceeds a few dollars of advertising welfare, then you should do something else.



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