St. Fitzhugh Day

February 20, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
Here is a second piece of advice. If you have no signifigant other at the time of Valentine’s Day… but like Chocolate…. use St Fitzhugh day as a way to get cheap Chocolate. Good Chocolate for cheap.

Trust me… best time of year to stock up on the stuff.

i’m the first viewer! man, when tv goes bust people will be clawing each others eyes out to be the FIRST VIEWER, unless- did this show take a big dip in popularity? hello? is there an echo in here in here?
well, nice vid Scott. allow me to be the first viewer to announce it. [UTnowsucks]

Great video. It makes total sense. Of course you have to find a linear minded, rational girl to go along with it, but your analysis is very compelling. By the way, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, also greeting card company generated. They just started an ad campaign one year and that was it. Father’s Day had Mitch Miller as one of the original star fathers sometime in the mid to late 50’s, I think.

Pretty muc every holiday has become commercialized, but who’s fault is that? Ours. If you buy a bunch of junk for your SO and you don’t really feel it then yeah, it blows. But if you really care and put some time and thought into it, it could be really nice. Changing it to the next day doesn’t change anything, you’re still picking an arbitrary day to be romantic.

I don’t know about anybody else, but I think it’d be so much more romantic if my significant other just put together a romantic night any old, insignificant day… Valentine’s day, ya get the feeling that it’s involuntary. Any other day, it’s him/her being sweet, just randomly sweet.

Unfortunately, I have no significant other to speak of. -emotes-

I told my friends that if they wanted more candy, they would have to wait until the 15th, when I can buy them 30 times as much candy for the same amount, almost literally.



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