renetto goes batshit insane!!wants internets fIght with me!!

February 20, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
Renetto would love to have Hellion at the gathering. Youtube is probably paying him based on the number of ‘fans’ who show up. Renetto is a simple controversy whore trying to cash in every possible nickle. That, or he wants to rub hot candle wax all over Hellion and call him daddy.

Oh that’s much better, I thought he was putting her down, but I guess he’s concerned. My view is attack Renetto all you want but leave his family out of it. Gotta appeal to the 15 year olds and 35 year old pot smokers that hate mom and dad though I guess.

fuck yeah, i’d pay to see this. but don’t count on it, hellion, renetto looks like a bit of a cunt to me, i doubt he’d ever seriously consider something like this. but if anything like that should pull through, a good promotional title could be ” bobs4anewpairofglasses”

Just wondering, are you in training to actually last 7 rounds, that is tough. Please don’t say Army training. You know as well as I do that fighting with a 16 or 60 and shooting is much different than UFC fighting (I’m not counting fights at the NCO club haha). Hooahh Airborne!!

Off the LuLz richter scale, I am thrilled that you have become enlightened to the world of LuLz, Welcome… Pin that move and check if you pick up what I am putting down,I will wait so the rest can catch up… -Digger a.k.a. FoodStamp – Nigger Money – E.D.

Lol everyone is taking this too seriously. It’s the internet, no one really knows anyone 😛 If you met someone in real life and made comments about their family that would be pretty nasty… BUUUUUT this is YouTube and you’re just messing around so who cares what anyone says.

Keep up the great vids 🙂

The only way to beat an internet tough guy is to be an internet tough guy :D.

How does the charity you guys do work?

YouTube celebrity boxing! 😀

You should screencap the comments for us lazy people. I went over and checked them out, but some people lack that initiative.

Great response video. If you were to really fight Renetto in the ring it wouldn’t last very long since he’d be too busy laughing at his own stupid jokes or talking about the future of youtube to even remember to try and hit you. Great music in the background as always. Can you post what music you use in your videos in your video descriptions?

say Hellion,keep on exposing those fake bastards and bitches on here, they go out to san francisco, not to be part of the youtube community,but rather to further thier delusions grandeaur,thats right ,they think that a celebrity will drop by ,and they will hang out with them ,and ride thier coattails to fame , they are such hacks



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