February 19, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
So hilarious! Great video, nice to see you didn’t forget the solos out there. 🙂

This video also reminds me of a song by Butch Walker called “Mixtape.” Although I don’t think it would make much sense to put the song “Mixtape” on a mixed tape. LOL. It’s a good song though.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

ha ha this video made me laugh more then anything great job! valentines day can blow me hhaha..aussie valentines day…was ..weird…people should be able to show there love for someone everyday.thats why true valentines day is haha. great video!

Yeah, I was afraid my comment might bite the dust when I saw the vid end at 3.xx but it was set to go to 10+ . Of course you’re adorable, but my favorite part was when you “petted” the screen… if that’s even a word. Happy Valentine’s Day, supricky06.

HAHAHA, that picture of the cracked out Wonder Woman had me rollin! Looks like even Wonder Woman is going to have trouble finding a dat ethis year… As for the choices in music? Decent for the average girlie girl, but what happens if they are punks? lol. I’d get punched in the face…

hahahah that is absoloutly helarious !!!! the lets get it on bit where u scream across the screen is helarious !. What a classic, my fave vid of yours by far… so far. Was that a craig david song at the beggining ? If so what was it ?

Absoloute legend. Tom

ok i posted something last night it got lost(oh well).couldn’t stop laughing had to watch it twice haha…”the aftermath”:) (god i need a gf) every time i see the one at the end in red white and blue i bust out laughing,is that wrong?hmm(i know i should be depressed but…im just insane right?)good song choices as always (good thing you didn’t play celine any longer i was starting to tear up:( ) ok this is way to long ill stop now.

Loved the video- but for is singletons out there, the end was fucked up!! Am hating today but you’re right what you said in your last vid about sharing it with the people you love and not nessarilary your boo (if u have one!), that was kinda cool!! Loving your vids, keep up the good work!! x

I tried posting a comment yesterday when this vid first went up, but YouTube was acting all crazy. I’m thinking that more than half the women on YouTube who’ve watch this video are having heart palpitations (and maybe 10% of the guys as well)!! Cool video. I hope you have a nice Valentine’s Day with whomever your valentine may be.



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