It’ London or Bust… On my way to the UK!

February 18, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
Californians have a different accent to Texans, who have a different accent to New Yorkers.

The United States spans 6 time zones. The tip of Florida dips into the Tropics while Alaska courts the Artic Circle.

It compromises 50 states, where many individual States are significantly larger than whole European countries.

If there’s no such thing as a British accent then, by the same rationale, there’s definitely no such thing as an American accent.

Please don’t generalise…

When I was driving in New Zealand, but for my friend (a native) shouting out which lane to turn into, I’d have had several dozen collisions, lol. Overcoming habit is tough, much like saying the word “yes” while shaking your head in a “no” manner…

actually…theres loads of accents. i think in the south-east of london its the south east accent (as in part of country), then london gets mixed up a bit. in london and the surrounding area there is the estuary accent, in central(-ish) london there is the london & cockney accents. in newcastle just change “ahh” (long a) sounds to “a” (as in, short a) and yeah, i think

depends on your accent that you use and how much you can understand of them being an aussie with english parants i got a few accents just test then out i would love to go back to england but i love the heat of australia its all good in the end have a goox time there later

Is this the official subject of the week? Let’s all talk about Renetto and his wanting to drive on the wrong side of the road video. I can’t wait to post a response video, so I can be part of the “youtube community” too, where I’ll receive all the love that I’ve yearned for all these years in the form of videos, posted by people who don’t know me from a can of paint.

You’re going to London and you’re advertising the fact that you’ll be carrying a laptop – EEEK! Hold it tight mate – nicking laptops is considered a sport in London!! Oh, and don’t try driving anywhere near London either or you’ll experience the phenomenon known as road rage. Enjoy the rest of the trip though!

I thought you two were sort of friends on here? I remember the earlier videos where he spoke in favor of you and you in favor of him. Your relationship with geriatric isn’t tainted because of the whole traitor thing is it? You really should get in contact with him and see if you two can meet, that would be awesome.

I’d rather you try out your Geordie accent!
I’m practically from Newcastle and i can barely pull it off.

I’d recommend you visit Durham aswell, one of the most beautiful cities in England.

Ironically i do have a car, but it’s already up North and i don’t have the keys (long story).

Hey Paul, I’ve got a VW beetle, which would be perfect car to drive. I live in the Lake District and would like to offer my car for you to drive. I’ve made a video of the car and it’s just processing at the moment.

but, I would like to show you the lake district and show how nice England can be (when it’s not raining) The lake district has great views and you’re more than welcome to drive my car…

The only reason that the rest of the world drive on the right hand side of the road is…

Because a French dictator wanted to attack people on spiral stairs as if you’re going up them you can’t attack with your right hand, so soldiers were trained to fight with the left hand. Thus the world drives on the right side of the road…

Rest of the world? .. That would be the rest of the world excluding Africa, India, Australia, Japan .. the list goes on.

Of course we (UK) originally drove on the left to keep our right hand free for our sword (or to salute) to those oncoming on our right.

Newcastle is pretty good and i’m glad you’re going to another city as opposed to just London where everyone seems to go.

Maybe someone should take you to see a proper football (soccer) match too.

Hope you enjoy it and i’m looking forward to seeing your videos of the trip. Also i advise you to watch ‘Auf Wiedersehen Pet’ to help you get used to that Geordie accent!

i had completely overlooked that point. my left hand is almost completely useless except for changing gear or switching radio stations. i think i would struggle to change with my right, at first. you’ll get used to it. piece of cake, its the footwork that matters. [hoping your clutch is on the left].

Depends. Are you right handed? If so, then it could definitely be a challenge. I thought it would be difficult, but found it to be surprisingly easy, given the fact that I am left handed. Now I wish I had one of those cars over here in the states.

Hey Renetto.
Im going to London UK from Copenhagen Denmark this weekend with a car i sold (Range Rover Sport). lemme know the excact dates, and ill put in a vid reply, if im there while you are there, that way, it could be a danish guy and an american guy driving in london, in a car with the stearing wheel in the wrong side… That should be intertaining..

Hey Paul. can you tell me exactly when you’re coming? I’m in NJ right now, but will be back in the uk on the 20th. I live near heathrow airport, don’t have a car but would happily have a coffee (or tea, if you really want to go british) with you. It would be a pleasure *mwah*

Why not hire one from the airport? xD I dont think it would be that expensive, and welcome to the Uk, Personally I think you should come to Scotland, Glasgow, because a recent survey actually showed that Glasgow has the nicest people in the Uk in it 😀

You might not want to drive in London, traffic can be pretty bad (or so im told). Be careful about trying out your “British” accent, some people might get offended and may even punch you or worse. Also is it wise to tell people when you will arrive and that you will have stuff worth money? it kinda increases risk of getting mugged.

first thing you’ll probably notice is how small some things are, especially the roads. lots of rain too so take an umbrella, haha. ps. if you ever visit a park there (or even if you’re just walking down the street), watch out for the dog poop, haha.

I can’t believe you didn’t make a Valentine’s Day video! Less money for you! God! I actually thought you were gonna ask people for money to rent a car or something, but then I read your info on the video! At least you’re not money hungry for other people’s money, which is good.

GOOD MOVIE IDEA: “Renetto Goes to London” … if your trip to London was documented on video whilst in the role of your ‘toothpick’ Renetto character, it would probably make a rather funny movie, haha – i’m thinkin something along the lines of the wacky National Lampoon stuff 🙂

Renetto, I only point this out because you tried to correct yourself but: something that grinds our gears here in England is when Americans use British as a synonym for English. This is especially irritating when people talk about a “British accent”. Britain is England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland. It’s a bit like saying a “European accent”. People will find you annoying anyway so don’t worry about it too much – that’s not personal, just Americans generally. Okay, it’s a bit personal.



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