Bye-Bye, Sex-Slave Chamber ! (A Post-Reality-V-Log) Pt 1

February 18, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
it’s pretty cool to see the little details featured. not for everyone, but neither are those extra long dvds with all the special features. I always like seeing the extra work that goes into video productions. glad to hear you guys call this the “first volume”, can’t wait for the second

Sarah and Arturo, thank you so much for the series. We were always talking about it at work at Saatchi & Saatchi. We all plan on going out and partying one night, wearing “I Heart the War on Teror” t-shirts.
– In a way, you have inspired many ideas for some things we are working on. thanks again-

thanks sarah an b17 crew been great i love your work an like others have said it inspieres others here on an off youtube your a star hun! so do you have b17 on dvd or vido yet that we can buy??? an t shists etc youtube was on tv in the uk today…. so keeping makeing them indefer an pojetcets there those outer there who love you work an the hard work you nan the team put into this.

I’m just jealous that you can get 1500 people to watch you talk about the circles you put around the hole in your wall.

But I will miss anticipating that dancing light display day after day until finally seeing it and saying “oh, yeah, neat.” and falling back asleep.



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