ynneP cigaM ehT dna daeH elkciP

February 16, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
That means… Most(all) of your subscribers will add you as friend and you will get 11554 messages into your inbox and you’re gonna need a loads of time to get through them! And by the time you’re through them you will have more subscribers and there comes more friend requests and messages!

Now thats kinda stupid…

t2t2t – I was going to delete those older videos because people don’t really watch those anymore. By putting those old videos on private, it will allow new users (who haven’t heard of me) to see my better stuff first. I’m not asking people to add me as a friend, it’s just a bonus for people who do.

-Cory “Mr. Safety”

sorry i didnt think that it would matter but i truly am sorry i bet you thought i was going be like “WTF y did you delete my comment you stupid (badword) i hope you d*e then repost it ” lol i wont repost that comment and to everybody that saw my comment and it ruined the video for you i am sorry

karlibell22 – lol, naa.. I had a beer, but it sounded like a funny thing to say : )

I haven’t had all that much time to write new music or release any better videos because I’ve been totally focused on this gathering. This gathering is going to be so fun, but I will also be very happy when it’s over so I can get some ZZZZZZ.

-Cory “Mr. Safety”



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