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February 16, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
I still think you look good without a hat but I thought it was interesting how you were the one discouraging originality because in your music you tend to condone conformity. Also, is the company name “Zappco” supposed to reference “Zappin Productions?” If so, it would imply that Zappin is holding back your creative genius. Anyway, good video, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

refuting for the sake of refuting:
John’s music so does NOT condone conformity. Just listen to the first three tracks of the new album.
he’s the bad guy in the video for irony.

And Zappco: John’s mid name is Reuben and his last name’s Zappin. Zappin productions has zip to do with the music. his label is Gotee.

you know, Family Force 5, Relient K. them

Zappin productions is a film company. theyhelp make the videos.

hope i could clear this up.

Interesting to see the video! Congratulations on your new cd. You got a fantastic review by Andy Whitman, with All Music Guide (for anyone who wants to search for it.) I’ve loved watching your connections here with other YouTubers and now, getting to know you better and what you’re all about. Subscribing.

No, that is not the Dreamcast logo. Its just an orange spiral.

‘Zappco’ is a combination of John’s last name and my initials and its a fictional company that exists in the video only.

There are many reasons why we chose to have John be the “bad guy” one reason was because we think its funny but there are other reasons too.



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