February 15, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
You go AmazingAtheist! Don’t cut dumdamentalists any slack. Anyone afraid of rebuttal comments aren’t worth wasting the energy required to debate. They don’t want to debate, they only want to argue which is pointless with such narrow minds blinded by their dogma!

I love your ‘little christian dick’ voice. Christians are the absolute worst hypocrites the world have ever known. It is the general opinion of all christians that no other perspective or opinion is of value. You pawn the christians AA, and I am grateful that you exist because the truth needed to be told.

You actually managed to sit through that windbag’s videos? I don’t call people windbags often, in fact, I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve done it, but fucking hell, he’s a windbag if ever I saw one.

Calm Christians I can tolerate, but guys like this GlennReb, there’s no chance I’m going to sit and listen to him. Thanks for the vid.

dude…personally i think that you should make more funny videos or like talk about somethin else besides religion..somethin funny again…like your video about the very important thing to address..that was awesome man..i laughed for awhile…so yeah man…make another sweet one…haha…you have a good day dude

Great job. just cant have a battle of wits with unarmed people. Just isnt fair. LOL. Good job AA. Good ole boys..I live around many of them. Although I have an accent,I am not as ignorant as most of these backwoods bible thumpin hypocrites. Keep up the good work AA.

The thing is I would love to take Glen reb on in his own territory ie the bible cos he dont have a clue about his own holy book, the guy cant, wont debate because he would have to think, he is the best arguement I have seen for the atheistic point of view

Really, why would a christian even watch atheists’ videos and try to debate them, doesn’t god supposedly have a “plan”? Perhaps he doesn’t want us atheists to see him, perhaps we serve god better as atheists. Have some faith in the divine plan christians, quit trying to intervene and foul it up or god may smite you!

How dare you call other’s stupid because they are Christians and debate. You have alot of pride, and it’s really not attractive – You’re just bitter at all religions, probably because you’ve been ‘burneed’ by thoughtless people. But not all people are like that. I actually am trying to search for the Lord, and not be a hypocrite or a liar.

I just watched a few vids of GlennReb, and he’s even more disrespectful than you are (which is surprising). As a Christian, I try to respect others’ views, I’ve studied other systems of belief and mythology…I do not necessarily say that all are right, but I love knowledge.
For anyone to take you seriously, why not cut the cussing and disrespect? I actually want to, very soon, makes some points on the Case Against Christianity.

Is all you do is sit on the net and call people stupid idiots and curse at them? I must admit I enjoy watching SOME your videos but oh wow…quit judging people so much damn, what do you have against christians? Just pissed off at the world or what? You always say you show respect but all I see is you cursing and calling anyone you don’t like an idiot.

Nice idea to not allow the disabling of all comments on a video, but I’d also like to see an option to view a list of all the people that have been banned from commenting on a channel. That would help to reveal the dishonest YTers who ban anybody and everybody who criticises them.

Yes though the “e” is silent!!! (in Gisburne)
Bout disabling comments I think it should be allowed. I think GlennReb might be making things worse for him by disabling them, definitely.. But disabling comments can be useful if for example you want to keep a video for all audiences and dont want to deal with obscene or inappropriate comments. And when you’re not interested in accepting the appropriate comments one by one.

Pascal’s Wager? First off, it’s been rebutted about a hundred times on YouTube alone! Second, it’s not just believe in God or not; it’s give up your mind, time and money to which one of 10,000 different religions? You’re making a bet on one hole in a 10,000 slot roulette wheel the size of a house – would you make that bet?

hahaha. “debate causes anger, hate and darkness” could be interpreted as someone DEBATING.
i think glennreb should start jesustube, where everybody loves jesus, and are nice to one another.
THEN we’ll see if evil atheists STILL want to infiltrate their cosy little club. i mean, why would an atheist want to go on jesustube?

That region being the ME in the East. Even I, am questioning my faith, yet you don’t capitalize on the easiest topic you and most of the rest of atheists on yt, could gain from. You make single religion hate videos aka Gisbourne(complete tard), instead of making Judao-Christian videos against the war lies that could gain you the world. Makes very little sense. Which fits you etal.

Is there a calendar somewhere titled “Iraq justification of the week” ? I thought it was Bush saying “Saddam must leave Iraq in 72 hours or we will invade”. Saddam was secular. So was the country. It was “The” most westernized country in the entire Middle East. Keyword here is “was”. The bible thumpers of the U.S. has revitalized the Koran thumpers of Iraq. Thanks J1Goro. I blame people like you for that.

TL: Are you banned from making comments on GlennReb’s videos? This isn’t an innuendo to ban GlennReb. I don’t think you should. It goes against the founding principles of our society. It’s just his comment here made me wonder if he’s banned you.

This is a serious comment. Are you troubled that the Democratic Party is now catering to the Christian and other God believing groups in order to gain voter market share? What political party will atheists support to get their point of view more mainstream? Thanks for your time.



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