Naruto is Waiting

February 11, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
Remove the subs. Timing was averange not bad but also not good. Add some more FX into this but not random let them fit in the music, just place them good. U made a few aspect radio failures, fix that, I mean use blackbars the whole time or erase them for the whole video. But it was not really bad, enough for an 3/5

i have almost no idea what u said…im not THAT good with computers! im still learning how to make amvs, of course there are flaws! (..and i dont think anyone knows how to remove the subtitles, unless its an advanced program..which i dont have)

If you use Vegas you can erase subs with zooming in, it’s in the Pan/Crop otions. Sorry I didn’t know that ur not so good yet I thaught you where an advanced editor because of 181 Subscribers. I guess just friendsubscribes, I hate friendsubsciptions they are so irritating.

didnt i reply again ?(stupid youtube) anyway i use WMM and that only..and all my subscribers are NOT friendscribers….i have vids better than this one (in my opinion) at least u didnt think it was ..”bad” of course there r vidsthat r 20 times better, but im not a proffesional…

Wow! Great video! YOu get better and better. I like your amvs. And I like the music you choos for this one. The clips and the music fit together really good. Nice one. I love it =3 5 Stars from me for your great work ;3
Pleas go one and do more *gg* ;3



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