American Idol Worse Audition 1 Season 6

February 11, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
I totally love how that one judge starts swaying too.

I sometimes wonder if the contestants don’t catch on to the fact that every one is making fun of them? I think that if I was swaying severely and the judge started doing it too, I’d think: “Oh, I probably look like a real weirdo. Maybe I should stop swaying.” hahahaha

What was he doing near the end when he had his arms folded and so did Seacrest and he kind of mumbled something and starting side-stepping away talking about a coat or something?

That was SOOO weird.

I think basic social skills should probably be the first hurdle this guy tackles before he thinks of stardom.

Reminds me of Keith “Like a Virgin” Beukelaer with how Pathetic that was. Plus I feel for him a little because he Butchered Simon’s All time Favorite Song. And Simon is mean But Simon Rocks. He is mean sometimes but no one forces people to audition and they have to know Simon is like that with how long he has been doing it and I know better than to humiliate myslef on National T.V. but if I did then I should either be able to take it or not audition.

what people dont realize is this guy passed 3 rounds before even meeting paula simon and randy. He goes in better than all these people. But really, he just got advanced cuz they wanted the oppirtunity to rip apart his personality on TV. just great.

ive had friends who tried out before. there are 3 preliminary rounds where they filter out people they want on TV. but they dont tell you that. they tell you your good enough. In general, its okay to make fun of the voice. contestants should be ready for that. but passing them just to bash their face or personality on national TV? geez..

because everyone isn’t born with common sense. Not everyone was raise and shown what it “real” or “truth”. Not everyone watches tv and movies and realizes that those are only people that are acting, not superheros. Not everyone realizes they aren’t going to grow up rich and famous.

yeah but, every one has some sense of self censorship. it just blows my mind that this guy lacks any kind of… i don’t know what. was he even listening to himself? it’s not a matter of thinking he is as good as the people on tv or the movies. it’s a matter of him thinking that he had any kind of talent whatsoever.

horrible that we as a world use a guy who doesn’t know any better to laugh and ridicule at. Instead of telling him he can’t sing and sending him home, they bring him through a couple rounds just so the judges can see him and “do their thing” and rip him apart so the ratings can come in. Who gives a fuck what it does to the kid?

And we wonder why people go and kill other people.

I agree with elisabethrosalyn, in the history of AI, we’ve heard a lot worse. That still doesn’t make that guy sound any good but my all-time favorite is that “Lady Marmalade” performance by a girl whose name I dont remember… simply glass and eardrum shattering.

His mistake, no singing lesson or coaching and also way too stressed out! If he’s really commited to singing.

the ones being bashed im who the fuck is saimon! he look my ass and that fucking fat nigro who thinks hes a star people damet i wish i could do somthign about this when i seen this clip i felt bad for 2 dayes for that guy no one deservs this kind of tritment first of im a singer and i think that gut has a very good potential he has a good voice that need to be worked on thats all and besaids the guy was very nervuos ehy

Ur rite in sayin it is crewl i feel bad for the guy but did u hear him sing? The guy cant sing he will never be a singer his voice is really bad and the real mean people in this situation is his co-workers It’s so obvious they told him to go in 4 it so they could have a laugh because hes most probz the “nerd” if u will of his workplace and i addmit i did laugh u can’t help but laugh anyway u do know that guys probz gona get famous now becuz nearly the whole world laughed so hard lol

it hilarious..u can actually see his heart break every time he got a bad review…he is liek a fucking nerd character out of the movies …lol i dindt think people like that existed….and what kind of evil cowworkers told him to come on the show….not right not right at all



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