Why am I angry? Here’s your answer–stop asking.

February 10, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
Why does stupidity make people angry?
Perhaps it is frustration in the lack of understanding from our fellow man. Or that such stupidity causes a cycle of problems that never end. But, I think most people get sick of listening to idiots. Peace AA

lollers. i hear u bro. i get asked questions that seem to go round in circles about 911. and also u know what really pisses me off?. questions about me. if people disagree with me that’s cool, but how is discussing me and my beliefs gonna help us actually discuss my beiefs?.

since my last comment i dont think fucking posted ill say it again you cry like a little fucking girl about shit your completely ignorant of and you make all atheists look like retarded douchebags. admit you sit on the fucking toilet when your on camera

Are you off to REHAB soon? You have a problem with homophobia or your wouldn’t of agreed with her Hate filled comments. You want to raise to #1 on YouTube and that’s a swell idea but have a bit of class while doing it. Hate is not a Free Speach Issue.

All speech is free speech. Stalinists and Fascists love to get ahold of specific types of speech (seditious, heretical, offensive) and make them illegal. This is pure evil and the opposite of America’s founding values. Now WHAT did AA and GHF chick agree on that wasn’t a simple fact?

Your mother must have been so proud. I wonder if she praised your masculinity after you were balls deep in her fat, hairy cunt every night, snuggling to keep warm in your single-wide trailer as all of your brother/sons and sister/daughters bounced about screaming.

i think ur angry cos u had alot of bad experiences in ur life, maybe u come from a broken home or one where there was alot of abuse goin on so what do u try to do? u try to vent ur anger into another outlet (ie:MUSLIM BASHING, AS U DID IN UR OTHER VIDEO) b/c ur too hurt and angry to actually deal with ur inner problems and life issues. I study about ur types of ppl and i think u need to get some help from a psychologist. just some helpful advice.. good luck!

DENIAL AND DISPLACEMENT of ur emotions is just another defense mechanism so u wont have to deal with past events, probs, issues, emotions…do something useful with ur time and stop tryin to be hateful and bully ppl, i know maybe that happened to u alot but u shudnt repeat the cycle..get help!! u seriously need it..lol this is fun..ok ok i had enuff thats my last post lol

Its obvious why he’s angry, he is an evil atheist and is angry as the devil has taking his soul and the devil doesnt like that people beleive in god. I think if you freeze it at 0:41 you can actually see the little devil horns on his head, scary.

It’s obvious, you are angry that you’re garage has too much junk in it. j/k. Also, use you’re own God’s name in vain, not mine. For example, What in the name of Pasta are you talking about? Would you get the Meatball off the couch Rover?! May God Bless you, or just bless yourself of course.

Wait a minute. I want to know where the other fat, stringy-haired, never gonna get laid by anything he didn’t have to pay for losers are so that I can kill them and become king of the at, stringy-haired, never gonna get laid by anything he didn’t have to pay for losers.

When people insult the atheist, be sure to say something like “In the Name of Agnosticism, I insult thee.” This kind of behavior from Christians is not acceptable.

Amazing, I would never insult your looks, not because Jesus is in my heart, but because, as you will find out when I get my dazzle going, I’m one goofy looking Christian, sort of a cross between Barney Fife and Frankenstein. peace.

LOL… Is that what your mother told you ? I can see it now:(cartman’s mom’s voice) “Mommy’s little atheist is so handsome”… I seriously doubt you have a woman, if you do it is some ugly lard-assed, grouper faced, piece of crap that most guys wouldn’t even talk to. And that is why you are angry, you feel cheated.

But guess what, fat ass, you chose the snack foods, stringy hair and crappy clothes… You cheated yourself and no matter how intelligent you think you are you are just another dumb shit for not taking the time to introspect, realize, and correct.

LOL. Go back to playing WoW, fat boy. You’re pathetic, lonely and meaningless. You look, and likely smell, like one of those whiney fat assed “dungeon masters” from the old days of DnD. In reality, you are angry because you are a loser and feel cheated in life. Blame your parents, they made the mistake of conceiving you.

LOL, that was great. Is your emotion in your videos real or acted for our entertainment? If it’s real why do you make videos when you are emotional rather than when you have calmed down? How do you manage to stay articulate while being emotional?



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