Re:Traitors or Not.. Smosh, Geriatric1927, Boh3m3, DIGITILsO

February 10, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
Great vlog and reply. I am shocked Paul has taken this tact. It might be connected more in the mood change from last vlog and personal stuff. His serious side has more pain in it now than before. Misery loves company and this kind man is in pain for some reason. Still he wants to share. There is something more going on and Paul needs to relax on this issue or invite more dissent. Peace.

Good points bro. Renetto has been hung up on this idealistic notion of what YouTube is for too long now I think. It’s like he took all the characteristics of video community sites in general and applied it to YouTube specifically, just because they were the first. Honestly I just want the damn e-mail and comments to work.

I am interested in your technical knowledge that allows you to understand why email and comments work or don’t work.I think you’re wrong and that it is a code issue. I am active on sites with several million people and they are fully functional. YouTube for the past several weeks has ignored email from several of it’s subscribers asking questions or for help. It is what it is, it appears they just don’t care.

Good points. I think the main reason I personally don’t like LiveVideo is that so much of it looks EXACTLY the same as YouTube – it really is completely unoriginal. But I can see why people might want to move if they’re having major problems here.

kinda like a coke “here try some of this it’s free..really!” what is happening has been a $1.6 billion dollar gamble by google! youtube will survive! with or without the bisituals and the contract point is very keen point! supose somewhere in Che and Hurley’s journey they did’nt have to consider that it could possibly just peeder off? do ya think google never considered that in their aquasition of youtube! don’t worry about those big dogs, “they can take care of themselves!”

Just Google your YouTube user name and you’ll be surprised at what comes up. I don’t even have many videos but decided to do it, there were two sites that had my videos on them along with the comments and more. I decided to take most of my videos down after that. They’re mirroring the vids and info from YouTube.

im with you on this one… i dont think that there traitors. ppl are ppl and you can’t tell anyone what to do, if they wanna go on livevideo, then let them and i totally disagreed with renetto when he said that those ppl “owed” youtube something just because they were featured



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