Why Christians are afraid of Evolution – By Brett Keane

February 9, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
This is arguably the most original argument against creationism. By unmasking the motives behind the war against science and evolution you have made the public aware that this isn’t really an issue of science and faith but of concealing the truth in order to perpetuate the churches control over it’s source of income and power.

Not really. But, as you know, I’m scared of flying. When I fly, I always get super-paranoid and start wondering if God will crash my flight for saying he doesn’t exist. It never really reaches the point where I actively intellectually allow myself to believe in God, but it manifests itself emotionally. I think most atheists, when faced with their fears, envy the comfort of religious people.

“There are no atheists in a foxhole”
I would probably pray for a miracle too when im in a foxhole. It’s not that i believe in god; it’s just that im conditioned by society to be that way in imminent death situation.
You don’t believe in supernational things like ghost but wouldn’t you be scared when you walk by the graveyard alone at night?

True in a sense, fear of anything especially death is what usually drives people to believe in a God rather than accept that they just cease to exist once they die. A lot of the surviving soldiers of the World Wars say they turn to faith when they’re about to have their heads blown off. In a way even Hell is a lot better than to just… lose all signs of consciousness forever.

Christians all about money? Come on Brett. You know Benny Hinn would shut down his ministry in a second if he found out Jesus did not exist. One of the grandest ironies is the fact that I work at a huge high tech hosptital and from time to the Amish folk will show up for treatment. For some reason with hostpitals they find a loophole to get around the technology clause.

Hey Brett! Jesus existed, muslim, buddism, induism, all them talk about Jesus, he was a polititian, and the first pacifist, but he was a MAN, with flaws and virtues, the church made him divine because it was the only way to proof that god existed, so they can expand a great bloody power

the evidence that Mozart existed is becuase of his music. Do you think that ghandi’s and Lutter King’s movement’s came from nowhere? probably all these pacifist movements are an evidence that jesus existed. it is really healthy just to think that a simple human being, like everybody else was able to create all this.

well Brett, could you please tell me where does the pacifist movement come from? or where the kisses on the mounth within a couple come from? those things probably are evidence for a Jesus who was a complete normal person. Not divine as the christians did to gain control over people.

my point here is, that it is for me really healthy to believe in someone that was just like me, a man with flaws and virtues, not divine, someone who was the first to stand up for the rights for women, the first to begin a pacifist movement, the first to opposse poverty a human being.

I’d rather have a role model that didn’t support slavery, thank you very much.

Stop listening to stupid wishy washy false propaganda about Jesus and read the source material a.k.a. the Bible.

Now give me all your possessions.

You’re supposed to.

It’s what Jesus would have done, and you want to be like Jesus don’t you?

I see you don’t understand my point, I don’t fucking believe in any of the shit of the bible and christianity, I am an atheist! I am making a point about Jesus as a man, he had sex, he masturbated, he got drunk, he had a wife he had a daughter he did all that shit because he was a human being, he must have been really intelligent either so he could gain all these followers at that time. Fuck religion! and fuck how they converted Jesus in divine shit! do you see my point now?

Really well said Brett, I agree with you 100%. The beginning reminds me of this show I was watching on tv one time. This lady was talking trash about technology and how it ruins our lives and some other shit, and then I realized the bitch was wearing GLASSES. just stupid.

Wow, you really seem to grasp the metality of the “Average Christian”. Can your scientists tell me how it is that nothing exploded into everything, violating the first law of thermodynamics? Can they tell me, or better yet, show me how two nonliving chemicles come together to make one living thing?? No, didn’t thin so. You act on faith as much as them.

Nope. Think of it like this. Make a list of things science knows. 500 years ago most of the things science knew was a shorter list, people used God to explain everything else. All you have to do to get a rational explanation about what we do not know is wait long enough. I can’t explain consciousness or exactly where the Universe came from with certainty. So what? Does that mean that I need a fairy tale God to explain them. No, I’ll just wait.

“Consciousness is not hard to understand if you do a little bit of research.”

My point, aimed at Samwise520, is that I haven’t signed some contract to have an explanation for every aspect of the universe that theists want to gap into god. This implies that the quality of my explanation has something to do with god’s existence. Gaps in human knowledge do not imply Fairy Tale Gods.

samwise520, you’re just exposing yourself. “nothing exploded into everything”? How about you read something about the Big Bang and something called “singularity” (instead of “nothing”, and it was an expansion) There are no laws violated. Read about the Miller-Urey experiment too, if you’re wondering about the chemicals.

And even if there are no explanations yet, it doesn’t make any sense to say “GOD DID IT!”.

Good video Brett.

Well, the Miller experiment didn’t quite create a living being, but it did create relatively complex organic molecules, which is close, but not quite there. However, if that experment was being performed on every coastline in the world, I guess it would most likely have created a small, simple living cell.

If something (energy) existed before the Big Bang, your argument about thermodynamics is zero. My stance would be that there OBVIOUSLY was energy in some form prior to the BB. ALL chemicals are non-living. And no, it takes a bucket-load of chemicals and a shedload of time and a goldilocks environment to make life. “Two chemicals”??? Dude, are you even trying?

We don’t hate science, now, we don’t agree with everything science says, we don’t believe science can answer all questions, but we don’t fear or hate science. If you’ll recall, it was a Christian monk who discovered genetics. You certainly have a flawed idea of how we think.

Some Christians are just sad. Taking the bible as the literal word of god. They preach against gays because leviticus says so, but eat pork, which it also forbids. They pick and choose the rules that they want to follow. And that’s what Brett points out.

Samwise, name a ‘miracle’ of Jesus that can’t be explained. STUDY the bible instead of taking it face value and it’s easy to see that its a collage of mis-translations, fish stories and hyperbole. Jesus told us to question the pharisees, but your ministers want blind faith. Ironic.

Blind faith? I have never tried to prove my “theory”. Meanwhile humanists demand I worship their gods, Darwin and Gould. I do not hate science. As a matter of fact, I honor it so much, it disgusts me when a theory based entirely on assumption is taught as science. Science is observable, measurable and repeatable. Evolution is none of these therefore, not science.

Wow, that’s very ignorant of you. But please! Don’t take our word for it. Don’t listen to the preacher or us the atheists, ask someone neutral! If you’re so confident it’s not science (and it’s as scientific as gravity) then why don’t you go tell that to a REAL scientist? Read some -neutral- books on the subject, talk to people who are not religious. You’ll see evolution is very, very real.

For the record: We observe evolution every day. Please do some research before making a fool of yourself.

imortality is a bit sucky i mean first of you never die you do everything youve ever wanted whats left you have an eternity of boredom thats what made me convert in the first place cos i thought having my flesh burnt and roasted with barbacue sauce would be less boring than heaven^^

Funny, I am know an ex-preacher-turned-atheist who says the exact same thing that Brett explained. I am also a former christain myself who was MASSIVLY into the religion and church, a zealot completely. Then I opened my eyes to the hypocricy and basicly the stupidity and lazyness of believing in a greater being.

If the whole world followed the basic moral codes preached by Christianity I bet we’d be in a pretty good spot, but what I don’t like is their attacks on science. Atheists don’t “believe in nothing”, its just that the ideas they agree with are supposedly “proven” rather than accepted on faith, as most (if not all) things are in religion.

For all the people that are reading this, be afraid to even think of what this darkness is telling u. God love you no matter what u may have done are do. We have God to thank for Jesus Christ our savior that he has taken our sins. Repent for God loves the Sinner but hates the sin. In JESUS name

It was not from the bible, it is my understanding for what GOD did for us the sinners. Mark 2:17 When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

mariusa333 (see Malachi 1:3; Revelation 2:6; 3 Peter 3:9). Mysterious, but true, God can perfectly love and hate a person at the same time. This means He can love them as someone He created and can redeemable, as well as hate them for their unbelief and sinful lifestyle.

Creationists can’t have their cake and eat it…

Somebody told me that “they only find transitional fossils when they run low on funding”…

What did I say? “You seem to think scientists are only out for money… but you have no problem with a pastor wanting some money for the collection plate.”

You make no sense at all. Moon from the ocean wtf? Sure there have been mistakes, the sun dosen’t move around the sun, does it. It’s not just genesis that is wrong, ALL creation myths from ALL cultures are wrong. Stop feeling so picked on, nobody got it right.

this sound silly to me. are there no christian scientists/inventors/doctors or engineers? i can think of a few. you make it sound as if atheist have bragging rights to all technologic advancement. not the case. also i think you lump all xtians together as being certain ways, which is convenient for your argument, but isn’t the case. do atheist avoid hospitals with ‘saint’ in the name? maybe they aren’t being true to themselves by going to them.

Why does it have to be either evolution or creationism. God is all powerful, could not he create evolution. But some people want to stick to creationist stories like Adam and Eve because they like fancy stuff like that. Probably they are firm believers in Santa and tooth fairy too.

Too bad evolution isn’t a “factual proven theory.” It is one theory, but it isn’t proven. There are just too many gaps in it, and a lot of made-up stuff to fill in those gaps. Who is to say that a greater being didn’t create science? How can you know for sure that there is no greater being? You can’t. Just like you can’t prove that God is real, you can’t prove that he isn’t either.

I think a great number of preachers WOULD tell the congregation if they had found that evolution could be PROVEN. Contrary to your beliefs, not ALL preachers are preachers just to get money.

In continuation to my first comment, since so much of evolution is made up, it’s kind of like believing in something you can’t prove. You just have faith in it. Just like Christians have faith in God.

Evolution is a factual proven theory. I believe your opinion of evolution has been clouded by incessant creationist propaganda.
I guess Hitler was right about one thing: “If you tell a lie long enough, loud enough and often enough, the people will believe it.”

Who told you that crap poetik? It’s obvious someone told you that, because if you had actually researched, from scientific sources, you would discover that a scientific theory is one supported by an abundance of facts and that evolution is not even a question. What gaps? I hear that, but you never hear it from the scientists..you know those people who actually do their research.

you are as stupid as the preacher you talk about. true evolution has been proven but all this means is that we can’t take the bible literally, but hey people since Aquinas has not taken the bible literally. at best science makes you into agnostic. you are arguing from the same stupidity of your lovely little preacher. purple man.

I know alot of evangelicals, and you hit it on the head.. they’ll cite science when it’s convenient for them.

They’ll claim all modern machines are the result of “engineering”, not science.. completely disregarding the centuries-long quest for knowledge (aka “science) that allowed us to create those machines in the first place.

when bad things happen you prove one thing….free will. adam & eve had it and so do you. you fuck up and then blame God. you hate your life so you blame God. when men do evil things to other men…that’s why the world is fucked up. not because of God. the absence of God is evil. no god in gov’t,o prayer,no christians. what do you expect? no God= satan…mr moron.

Free will is an illusion. Does a dog have free will? Does a bacterium cell have free will?
Also, Japan is about as godless as a country can get, and they have significantly less crime than the United States, where over 90% of the people believe in a god.
How old ARE you?

nedmorlef, think about it for 2 sec. If God existed, there would be NO free will. What influences your decisions? Is it your genetic code? Your environment? Since God created everything, God is the responsible for your genetics, and your environment can be seen as a chain of events, traced back to the moment of creation. God, being the creator of all things -your brain, and your influences-, is perfectly responsible for every decision you “make”.

Nice attempt at sounding rational and evidence based, but please explain to me, my scientific, evidence based friend, why you continue to smoke, only to drain our healthcare dollars in treating your disease and paying for your end-of-life care? Sounds pretty illogical, given current “scientific” evidence!

This really isn’t true. Most Athiests would love to be able to believe in God. They just can’t. They are ready and willing to, given something real and provable to believe in. To an athiest, it is incomprehensible that a creating God would really create us without the ability to communicate with Him? They cannot understand why God would ask us for faith (ie. belief without proof) – there is no sense in it. Don’t hate them. God made them that way. πŸ˜›

Still, there is no *proof* either way.

If there was real actual proof for evolution that couldn’t be denied, then nearly everyone would believe it. But there *isn’t*.

And yes, if the Genesis thing was disproven, Christianity would pretty much be a lie. But it hasn’t been, and probably never will be.

You are believing in something you can’t prove, while Christians are believing in something they can’t prove.

I’m curious to know how black monkeys depicted in the evolution line, evoled to a white man?

If evolution were to be ture, at least admit as an “atheist” that the black man is more closer to the evoution line than the white man. Because monkeys do have “black skin” right?

By black, you mean any person not white?

Like would that include the pretty dark skin color of Jesus? Sure… our western stylized paintings, statues, idols and other symbology depict Jesus as white, but we all know that white people don’t come from Bethlehem. Does that mean that those white Jesus figures are false idols?

Are you saying that Jesus is therefore closer to the evolutionary line than white people?

In any case, not all monkeys have black skin. Which is clearly a bummer for your argument. Good thinking, though, to bring race into a religious argument. But even if all monkeys were black skinned today, those pesky scientists would probably say they had evolved that way from white skin monkeys because black monkeys are superior. Those scientists… they just love black people!

Your title is too generalized for this video. Evolution is not something to be afraid of as the writer of the Theory of evolution himself, Charles Darwin wrote in his introduction that there is no proof of his theory nor will there likely ever be proof. Which there is none. πŸ˜€ In essence, Darwin is saying, “don’t believe this crap, i’m just ranting.”

You lost all credibility when you said “why Christians hate science”. Such a sweeping generalization which shows you haven’t thought well through your argument.
And all the splendor that man has made doesn’t compare to the wonder of God’s creation. No man can create a tree or a even make a cell emerge from inanimate matter.

I lost of lot of respect for you after listening to this video. I’m a Christian who embraces science, and the science of evolution. I spent my working life as a mechanical designer, using many aspects of mechanics in my daily work. Also, many of the scientists that I worked with were religous in some way, many of them Christian. Science depends upon discovery and a method, not atheism.

I also resent the implication that all Christian ministers are gluttonous and greedy. When our church was having a hard time financially, my pastor refused a raise that was offered to him by our governing body. He is also paid according to the guidelines that our regional directors recommend, which means he drives ordinary cars and lives in an ordinary house. He is paid a comfortable living salary, but also works about 60 or more hours a week.



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