Brand New – Jesus Christ (live on Conan)

February 9, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
Actually, I’m fairly certain I can say what I want on my own post’s comments, and someone did ask if the video could be downloaded by “the Street Team kids”, to which I explained why I’m not putting it up there, nor was I being a jerk to anyone that’s posted a comment, I was just stating the fact.

Well, I’m pretty sure that all 100% of the kids at BNUK are, in fact, retarded, so I guess the street team board is better off without that extra weight of mental defectiveness weighing them down. In fact, I think every community related to Brand New is poisoned with douche bag complexes, and should probably get sucked into a giant black hole, starting with the board you moderate.

I really feel for the band.

Thanks for the video, though! 😉

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if you know brand new, then you know they’re modest mouse wannabes. I have heard their music. Honestly, its nothing outstanding. I do know something about music because i don’t like these guys. so wrap your brain around that, you broke mothafucka

Hello. I am the biggest Modest Mouse fan on Earth. (Not really, but close, I’m sure) And I can appreciate what Brand New is doing. They’ve never said they were original, in fact, they named their sophomore effort ‘Deja Entendu’. Go choke on a dick.

have you ever even listened to brand new? they sound nothing like modest mouse. however, i will admit they do have a lot of influence from morrissey on some of their unreleased/leaked demos. i recommend you listen to a few of those and you will see how unlike modest mouse they really are. the unreleased demos are by far their best work and sound nothing like their normal stuff.

Actually Brand new was formed in the late 90s and their first album wasnt release till 2001 while modest mouse was formed in the early 90s and their first album was released in 1996 while their ep was released in 95 so modest mouse has been around alot longer. They are also a far superior band than brand new, educated yourself and listen to older modest mouse albums to see where brand new gets some of their influence. Kthnxbye

I concur that their original, and their sound (while subject to the likes/dislikes of every person, so granted not everyone will like it) might not be for everyone but damn I thought that was good, and so did several of my co-workers. Very good post ^.^

hero, really? brand new has been a band twice as long as modest mouse? I’d like you look that up. Please do yourself a favor before you make that mistake again. I love Brand New and I love Modest Mouse but you gotta at least get the timeline straight.

i have never before heard anyone ever compare brand new with modest mouse. To say brand new is trying to immitate modest mouse is total shit, brand new has an entirely different style of song writing and completely different meanings to their songs. its just plain ignorant for a bunch of modest mouse fans to come and shoot down brand new in this way. stick to your modest mouse vids and look past some of the brand new ‘fans’ who actually have no idea what they are talking about

I hope you realize that Jesse Lacey wants to tour with Modest Mouse, as he is a big fan. He said it was the only band they’d tour in support of this year over headlining.

And if you don’t think this song was inspired by their older work then you’re either deaf, or have just never heard their music.

like i said, i was reffering to people making comments about ‘immitating’ modest mouse. all bands have their influences, but likewise, if you think brand new as a ‘band’ are anything like modest mouse, then go listen to some BN and read some of the lyrics.

im not slagging off MM, but i have heard a fair share of their songs and i can honestly say they arent a scratch on BN, this featured song has a similar ‘sound’. but have you heard anything else by BN?

Obviously not. I just know all kinds of information on them and have never heard their music besides this song.

But really, I’ve watched the band grow, and I think they’re doing pretty great things these days.

I personally think Modest Mouse is better, but that’s all in taste, I suppose.

Brand New > Modest mouse… Jesse is an amazing song writer, every band has its influences and it doesnt mean they are knockoffs… i mean u could also be saying they are copying the smiths/morrissey or pink floyd or the cure or anyother band they have some influence from, im sure moddest mouse isnt 100% original, they have influences from somewhere

brand new is not a modest mouse knockoff… all bands have influences why not just say they are also coppying the smiths/morrissey or pink floyd or the cure… im sure MM has there influences as well, u just wish modest mouse cause write songs half as good as jesse and are just getting jealous because they cant…

Mikedotcom, please troll somewhere else. Most bands these days pull from the same bands; the punk and alternative bands of the 80’s and early 90’s. And to say modest mouse is a far surperior band is just plain stupid. They are good, yes, but to say they are far more superior than Brand New is completely far off.

Yes, it isn’t hard to see that Brand New could claim Modest Mouse as an influence (they even say so in the liner notes of Deja Entendu). But all bands borrow from their influences as they are finding their identity, and those influences are still visible once the band has come into their own. If you want to argue about Modest Mouse, we could talk about how MM started out by “ripping off” Built To Spill.

i dont know anything by MM but, ahh i wouldent compair anything to brand new regardless of the obvious links between them..bottom line brand new makes me happy and relaxed anytime..if i have a mood brand new has a song that is remarkabley perfect for it thank you brand new you cats are deep



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