Liberal Christian Refutes Shirley Phelps-Roper

February 8, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
Guy and Roper do the same thing. The Bible is simply a doorway to the truth. If you only pick apart the door, rather than walk through the doorway, you never find your destination. The message of the Bible is consistant, but you need to walk through the doorway to know that.

Guy is a hell-bound heretick. How dare he even call himself a Christian. He thinks men can “amend” the holy scripture. Wrong.

Colossians 2:16
Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:
Revelation 22:19: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

Yeah, I stopped at 11:16. A bit long for me. Basically I totally agree with the guy your talking to. You can’t take everything from the bible to heart. If you do, you go nuts and start some crusades. And the things about Jesus’ philosophy… well its in the roman texts. Which is how we know that he did live, and anyone who makes an argument otherwise is simply ignorant. There are just too many accounts of his life.

really good stuff there, I am beginning to think that the people who wrote the bible were not imperfect, but perfectly.. evil. The contradictions were purposely put in there to cause confusion, and therefore even more fear. christians wanted answers to questions that were never meant to be answered, keeping them coming back to church and payin the money god.

So, basically, the points you made in your “Shirley Phelps-Roper Interview — YOU ARE LIARS” video still stand, regardless of what was said by Guy in this video. Christians take apart the Bible and decide what to believe. At least he admitted it.

Guy’s big mistakes:

1) Guy trusts his own heart, not God
2) Guy doesn’t believe the Bible
3) Guy thinks God saves everyone

Proverbs 28:26
He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool: but whoso walketh wisely, he shall be delivered.

Proverbs 30:5
Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.

Romans 9:22
What if God, willing to shew his wrath, and to make his power known, endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction:

Haha!! Nancy grace….that was genius!

But good video. And its refreshing that you give the people you are talking to a chance to give their opinions. If you would have pulled a fox news interview or something the video would be a lot different. Very intelligent arguments from you, you pwned the bible :P.

I don’t get it. He practically discards the whole Bible, yet he claims he is a Christian because he follows Jesus’ teachings. But Jesus teachings are IN the Bible, which he mainly discards. Also, Jesus said they were not to ignore the OT. So you’re not really following his “rules” if you discard the rest of the Bible. However you cut it, it just does not make sense.

Great video, as always.

well, he does make a strong point for fundamentalist christians being crazy… you can’t follow the bible word by word because it’s contradictory all over the place, which means a fundamentalist chooses to take some parts literally and force it upon others while discarding some other parts, which means they’re worse since they’re more certain it’s true in despite of knowing some parts can’t be true.
ahh, religious people are crazy ^_^

you’re uncle is saner than most of them though, beliving man created the bible isn’t farfetched since it’s true and everything suggests so even if you’re a christian and discarding much of it isn’t stupid since much of it is apparant BS. his only problem is not seeing it’s highly unprobable that any of it is true and discarding the whole shit.

If the Bible isn’t authoritative and isn’t the world of god and isn’t a rule book for Christians, then of course you can and SHOULD as a reasoning human being discard the parts that you know to be untrue. That doesn’t mean its all junk, you wouldn’t read the collected works of Karl Marx and agree with everything up until page 112, and then discard the previous 111 pages just because page 112 got it wrong. THINK! Christianity is a living faith, not a carcass to be worshiped!

That’s bullshit. What makes you think some parts are untrue? If God wants us to love him, then why is his word so confusing?
I’d advise you to read the following passages if you want to “discard” some parts:
Matthew 5:17
Matthew 5:18-19
Luke 16:17
2 Timothy 3:16
and my personal favorite: 2 Peter 20-21
Jesus encourages you NOT to discard anything. Or do you not follow Jesus?

Good comparison. Karl Marx VS God… Philosophy VS Word of God. It’s the same thing!

I see, you’re not listening? what if those parts are parts of what they discard then asshole? bible saying the bible is true is no kind of evidence for that the bible is true, even a fucking 5 year old child will inderstand this concept but i guess it’s lost on fuckers like you huh?

“Good comparison. Karl Marx VS God… Philosophy VS Word of God. It’s the same thing!”

what proof do you have that the bible represents god? and why does it matter? you don’t belive in the koran do you?

lol, religious people are truly retarded, i’m so glad i’m a atheist

surGeonGG; I don’t know if those comments were addressed to me, but my comments were addressed to what theguruguy said. My point was that Christians cherry-pick verses of the Bible because “not all of it is true” when Jesus clearly says they should not that. I don’t believe in the fucking Babble, to me it’s all bullshit, but by their OWN rules, they shouldn’t be doing what they are doing- that is, arguing some parts of the Bible aren’t true.

then your not getting what neither he or i said bro. debating that the they shouldn’t dicard parts of the bible BECAUSE parts of the bible says you shouldn’t discard parts of the bible is flawed. surely you must see this. let me present the scenario to you in another way…

i can’t belive the bible is not real because the bible says the bible is real.

surely you must understand by now, they discard parts of the bible which OBIOUVSLY means they are discarding the part of the bible that says you can’t discard parts of the bible :P. since they belive the bible was made by man it allows them to do that since they don’t belive jesus said that.

I’m not debating the veracity of the Bible! I’m just saying that from a XTIAN point of view, you’re not supposed to discard. Xtians believe Jebus was real and that he was the son of God. If they follow HIS teachings, then they should follow the whole Bible because that’s what HE says. If you discard the part when Jesus said you shouldn’t ignore the OT, then you have absolutely NO reason to follow ANY of his teachings. If you do you’re just full of shit.

i’m going to explain this ONE more time, if you don’t get it i’m giving up… they don’t belive all of the bible is true… they don’t belive all the stories about jesus is true (namely the bad ones). they don’t belive not discarding parts of the bible was his teaching (obiouvsly).

they belive it’s made by man and that allows for some parts of each book to be false or true and they’re basically discarding everything modern morality tells them is wrong.. wether or not it’s stupid to not discard all of it in that case is an entirely different story and i agree with you a 100%. BUT that has nothing to do with your initial argument about them discarding the bible when jesus said they shouldn’t and that’s what we’re discussing :).

Well I kind of agree with you. But I made that comment because some people claim to follow JESUS and not the Bible, and they say that they follow “All his teachings”; since the Bible is the only thing that’s got account for Jesus, it’s illogical to claim they don’t believe in the Bible but they follow what the Bible says about Jesus. Either you believe in it or not, to choose and pick to your liking is not believing. That’s all that I meant đŸ™‚

not really, they never claimed they follow EVERYTHING about jesus in the bible, because they don’t belive all of the stories about jesus is true. yes it’s stupid but not because they’re picking a choosing because all christians do that… it’s stupid because belive any of it without basis for belief.

I like that guy. He is using the bible as an informative myth about living life from birth to death. He is interpreting the symbols and metaphors with his heart. Being a black or white(metaphor) person is mental illness. He nailed ya AA. Deal with it.

According to him everyone is saved. So I guess I can either be an atheist and when I die nothing will happen, or I can be a Christian and die and be saved.
And since he thinks we all get or morals ‘from our heart’ there is no reason to be Christian.
I wonder how he takes that and uses it to justify being Christian.

ehh… no. christianity teaches you to kill homosexuals, nonbelivers and children, rape women, be a loyalist, be ignorant etc etc. christianity doesn’t teach moral despite popular belief today.

we are allready programmed to be pack animals, we don’t need christian morality or fear, and it’s not like you guys have a good track record of taking the moral highground.

and atheism is a disbelief, like disbelief in santa. santa teaches you to be a good kid but that doesn’t mean we should belive in him, hell, the koran teaches alot of good things so why the hell aren’t you a muslim? and beliving in doing good things has nothing to do with santa-claus or jesus anyway since we are equipped with a thing called empathy.

I think this is one of your best videos yet! And that’s saying alot! Your Uncle is very inteligant, but delusional, to still have a belief in God.
I’d love to see him debate Shirley, since unlike other interviews with her, he keeps his cool, and brings up great points.
Final Score: Guy-3, Shirley-100, You-5 Million Stars!

She said… in my liberal christian theology… we dont have to justify anything…. wtf. I also find it funny because she says that you can’t be a christian without picking and choosing. Thusly affirming the vast amount of contradiction. Therefore you cant be a real christian no matter what.

AA brings up a very interesting point in this video. What did Jesus actually sacrifice? How does Jesus getting crucified atone for the sins of anyone who accepts the gospel? After all, he resurrected 3 days later, didn’t he? He didn’t STAY dead, did he?

The key to understanding what is at the core of Christianity lies in getting this point.

I’d like to use the Superman analogy. Superman has nothing to fear, so does that make him brave?

Like Jesus paid the ultimate price, death of his human form. How is that the ultimate price? It isn’t really death. Him going in a human body and dying when it doesn’t really mean anything to a god is meaningless. An ultimate sacrifice would probably be Jesus’s mortal form dying and then going to hell for all eternity… or being totally destroyed never to exist in any form again.

Precisely, Jesus’ “passion” and mortal death isn’t really the point at all. All I can figure is that from some kind of “spiritual” perspective, Jesus represents a kind of “sacrifice” that’s there for anyone who wants to accept it. The reason that is acceptable in God’s eyes is that God desires sacrifices from everyone in order to demonstrate their faith in him. Back in the old testament He made everybody do it – to show trust, respect, love and faith in Him by (cont’d)

throwing away or destroying their “first fruits” or first-born animal, etc. So the NEW testament doesn’t require everyone to perform such rituals, just accept Jesus’ death on your behalf. Jesus came “to fulfil the law and the prophets”. I believe that means that a person can either live their life by the old testament laws and be judged and condemned according to those laws (since no man can possibly live up to them!), or, accept Jesus and be free of those laws.

You’re right – and that gets into the whole old testament idea of offering up sacrifices to God for the atonement of sins. Which is the primary purpose of Jesus’ crucifixion, to give people a way to atone for their sins. Naturally if you embrace the Gospel, you wouldn’t want to keep committing sins if you can help it. But if you do, and turn to Christ, you can STILL be forgiven.

Jesus demonstrates several scenarios where 2 or more laws are in effect and you must decide on the spot which law to use in your judgement. Hypocrits always picked the law that was the most straight foward, even if it hurt people, and then they planned to kill Him for it. Talk about an object lesson.

His points about Leviticus were best in my opinion. You gave Mrs. Phelps a certain amount of respect for following the bible the way it is written when in fact she has inconsistency of her own. Humans are inherently flawed, chances are people in her own church disagree with some of her views. Their church deserves no more respect than any other christian church or sect out there they are just as flawed in there structural beliefs as any church just in different ways.

Arghhh! I don’t listen to the bible, but I listen to what Jesus said, but what Jesus said he only knows because it is in the bible, but he doesn’t listen to the bible, but Arrghhh! What a muddy mind. Where is the logic? It hurts my head. I’m commenting as I listen btw…long vid.

Okay, now that I saw the whole thing, I must say that it reminded me of your Pagan video. He (and ALL other Christians) just make up their religion as they go. Like he said, you CAN NOT follow the bible completely because you can’t do and not do things at the same time, so if you can only pick one way of doing each thing and decide what to listen to and add your own stuff as it goes along, you basically have nothing. How do you debate with someone who has that mindset?

Okay, one more post. All that bullshit is giving me a headache and I decided that there is no reason to argue with the guy because he refutes his own points. But I just want to grab him and say, “LISTEN TO YOURSELF!” Well, you did record it, so perhaps he will hear it and become enlightened.


oh man. so he disagrees with almost everything in the bible yet still calls himself a “christian.” what the fuck is the point???

if you realize it’s bullshit, how do you steer around the conclusion that there’s no god?

So basically, the Bible is useless and should be ignored. Why do Christians keep referring to the Bible if it’s all bullshit? And if the Bible is not what describes their faith, then what is?

This guy contradicts himself and basically comes across as a moron who doesn’t consider the consequences of his claims.

There are no contradictions in the bible. One hypotheticl~ If there is a God, if Christianity if the only true religion, if the bible is ALL that God gave to know about him, if God does is onmiscience THAN what a waste of time to offer a flawed book, that no holy God could judge man if the bible is accurate. Somehow, I dont think God would waste his time with man like that. Debate that hypothetical. ~Raven

Typos, I am
There are no contradictions in the bible. One hypothetical~ If there is a God, if Christianity is the only true religion, if the bible is ALL that God gave to know about him, if God is omniscience THAN what a waste of time for him to offer a flawed book, where no holy God could judge man if the bible is inaccurate. Somehow, I dont think God would waste his time with man like that. Debate that hypothetical. ~Raven

But if God gave free will to men and men have manipulated holy “things” in the past… why can’t they change the Bible? The Catholics altered history to a point where historians have to go through libraries of information just to know about some small battle the Roman Christian Empire lost. Not to mention the Bible was held by men who could have easily changed it such as kings, philosohpers, etc. and to say it’s God’s word? Word for word?! Wooooow… God trickses us!

Its nothing to marvel at. Any book, whether romance, Sci-Fi, fiction, non-fiction or the bible, has different critics and different perceptions. The bible is picked up by a man and his heart and brain. Until, man cares more for God than himself, power, fame or no faith, he will continual to misread it. ~Raven

reposted: Hypothetical~ If there is a God, if Christianity is the only true religion, if the bible is ALL the info that God offered to learn about him ~, If God is onmiscience THAN what a waste of time to offer a flawed book, that no holy God could judge any man if the bible can not teach man who he is. Somehow, I dont think God would waste his time with man like that. Debate that hypothetical. ~Raven

Slightly confusing statement, but what you’re saying is that if god is so (lack of better words) “uber”, and if the Bible is flawed and cannot lead us then he shouldn’t judge us based on a lack of guidance? Pardon me if I’ve brought your statement out of context.

Gihaal, I wasnt sure if your comment was about what I wrote but Yes. It would be a waste of all of mankind existence and Gods time, if the one book he offered was flawed. It isnt flawed but simply saying, God wouldnt take the opportunity for people to know him and let those he ordained to write his words, screw it up. ~Raven

But any other historical evidence aiming toward god was destroyed by man thousands of years ago. The Bible is the only thing and really, that isn’t enough considering it isn’t very historically accurate. God does really intervene in the way we do things (free will as said by Christians) and the Bible can be altered by the will of let’s say a Pope. That could make the Bible inaccurate.

Ragemacho, it is perfect but for the sake of a logical argument, a God wouldnt waste time talking to chosen people to write exactly what he said, if he knew that they would screw it up and for all of mans history, they had a flawed book to learn about him. For him, to judge man by this one and only book would be unfair. I am simply saying, IF there is a God, he certaintly wouldn’t let his 1 book be flawed. ~Raven

Hey man good video good arguement. In addition to your arguement I would like to point out to those people who watch your videos and are christian that the bible was written by man and therefore is subject to flaw. I realise that it was supposedly written by divine inspiration but that doesnt change the fact that its still just also only a set of guidelines to help us and is of course open to interpretation. Peace to you my friend from your man in Canada.

I am Christian and I believe in the Bible. But one thing I don’t understand about the coutroom and stuff like that is that they make you swear on the Bible before a courtroom because the is a Christian country. IN the Bible it says do not swear. Matthew 5:33-37



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