The Origin of Life – By Brett Keane

February 7, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
yes you are correct brett the godess Hera’s tittie milk created the milky way, but did you know that when she took a shit her devine shit also created the Snickers galaxy which is located billions and billions of miles away form earth since the gods had a plumbing system in the heavens obviously, which flushed the shit very far away in the vaccumm we call space…lololohahahah..damn your funny man

hopefully in a few hundred years christianity will seem that ridiculous. I mean at one time that theory was believed by the smartest people in the world. We now obviously know better. with alittle luck Christianity and Islam will follow that example.

ZEUS? You heathen! So what, this “Zeus” of yours does everything for you? Gimme a break! What ACTUALLY happens is Odin delegates the duty to Thor, the almighty thunder-giver – which often translates to lightning, so OBVIOUSLY it’s Thor who you’re pissing off, by denying his existence.

I haven’t REFUTED your ignorant HEATHEN comment for the last 2 days, as I’ve been praying to THOR to SALVAGE YOUR IMMORTAL SOUL FROM THE WRECKAGE that is your HEATHEN LIFE. Don’t you realise that he could STRIKE YOUR HEATHEN HEART DOWN with his MIGHTY THUNDERBOLT?

Really, it’s not so difficult to believe in Thor. Why can’t you just do it, hmm? For your soul’s sake?

I was not expecting that. LOL. that was good one Brett! And you managed to keep a straight face through it all LOL… I would have been laughing through it all, shoot I would have started my own religion with a whole new story LOL… could have made millions that way Brett! Keep it up! Great work!

yeah i got to the stage where i tell them to do some research and try to learn. You can explain how bacteria could have came to earth though the many different ideas science keeps coming up which are all very interesting it just takes way too long to explain to them. even then they deni all facts u just want to slap them

My biochemistry book says that the evolution of the cell began with proteinoid microspheres that somehow got invaded by a virus that benefited from the surroundings, when it replicated, it also replicated it’s surroundings and kept the formation of the primitive cell. But if you want to believe Hercules did it, I respect your belief and would die for your right to believe so.

Hey Brett, why do you spend so much time making videos against God? You know how they say that people who make fun of homosexuals all of time are really homosexuals themselves, well are you a closet believer…On a serious note I do really wonder why you make so many videos about this.

tv is shite, and this is total bs, and people wrote this spirit shit just like people wrote the the fucking bible and koran and whatever else. Anything in this life is percieved by man and thats it. Don’t know how we got here, but history and logic is made by people on this earth and there is nothing else. Sad but true. do you believe in ghosts?



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