February 6, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
12 hrs is nothing! australia – france it was 30 hrs for me. its usually about 24 but we got our tickets using frequnt flyer points so we had to make an extra stop cos it was cheapest. man, ive actually been around a bit. ive been to paris, brittany, normandy and some other place in france; ive been to london, bristol and winchester in england; cardiff and other places in wales; brussels in belgium; amsterdam, the hague and small town in holland. and parts of s-e asia as well.
and im only 15.

Zipster’s definitely busted that stereotype down 😉

As I think someone posted before: quick, call “Queer Eye for the Gay Guy,” Zipster’s got a fashion emergency.

That TLRoth guy on the other hand, he knows his clothes it seems 😉

Is joke, da.

I was so exhausted by the time I got there it was all I could do to stay awake for an early dinner. Crashed after that, woke up the next morning, no more jet lag 🙂 I spent 2 weeks in Florence. Smack in the middle of downtown! The building I stayed in was 500 years old.

Zippy, that was such a cool way to do your video. You know what I think would be awesome? If you did “A Day in the Life of Zipster08” from the time you wake up until you go to sleep….it would just show us clips of what a typical day is like for you….Maybe that sounds stupid…IDK….Anyway we love you Zippy!!!!

I hope that God Save The Queen got your in the British mood tonight 🙂 I’m with you all the way buddy and support this. It’s a once in a lifetime thing for many of us, and yeah you know how much I love you, sue, tripplehelix and Samsarajade 🙂 – John

Not sure what is being asked in this video Zip…
Im just tired. Never mind…
I never know anything ever…

Whe4n you said over the Atlantic, will you be bring a camera A ” Zip?
I wanna see shit about you there!
Good night homey!

Yeah and I saw that ’12 days of christmas’ too, that video with all the compilation of many people singing! That was a good one.

But hey, I really want you just to know that I’ve actually seen a witch! Yeah, it’s a real witch. And I caught it on camera! Look at it under my account, alright? Just under my “lindaerrol” account on here. Trust me, it’s a really astonishing video that I ended up getting.

I don’t get it? Is Zip sick and this is like a make a wish thing? Is this a romantic interlude? I gotta wonder why so many people are willing to part with their hard earned money to send this guy to England? A trip they themselves probably can’t afford to give themselves. As Zip says “this is scarily real.”


Your videos are starting to SUCK because all you do is talk about this lame ass trip to Europe. You used to be entertaining and fun to listen to but now its like all you do is list these moronic user names, talk about some trip to europe.. its boring and only appealing to a very Niche audience.

Get back to your old self AND DO A GOD DAMN BARREL ROLL!

I’m so excited about your trip! I’d love to see you and Karl Daly and Peter and Kuschelfraktion and everyone taking pulls from cans of Natural Lite and munching fistfulls of Blast-O-Butter while I’m guzzling Scotch back here and heaving Topvars. May your world tour come this way eventually. We’d love to have you visit someday…

I want to see the reactions of everybody when you first meet them!! I want to see your reaction and their reaction! Is it possible to like, put a camera up on a tripod? Or have someone else film?? Or something?? Because it is just going to be such a special moment when you first meet these people.

you and karl daly sharing a room well that will be fun i’m sure,hope you have a great time over here when you come zipster,by the way i’m just up the road in Edinburgh but i doubt you will get up that far,have a good trip when it comes, peace and health zipster:)

ok, first of all, derbyshire is pronounced darbyshire, secondly, it takes FOREVER to go round this country, i live in camberley in the south of england and it took something like 8 hours to get to scotland. I know like North America is massive, but here is bigger than you think.

Sounds like a great plan, Zip. Only problem is, the 23rd is the only day in all of the whole of June that I am booked! Hubby wouldn’t take it well if I was away on our 21st anniversary, yaknow?

What if you and the guys from the band do a gig? When would that be happening???



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