Burn the Bible Challenge – By Brett Keane

February 3, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
If it counts, my sister ripped out a few pages from the front of the book, including the table of contents for the Old Testament.

It’s ironic, out of the 5 people in my family, I seem to be the only one that gives a shit about the condition of the book and I’m the only one that doesn’t believe in it.

It’s true – I am no fan of book burning as I believe in freedom of information. The only thing worse than a proselytizing religion, is a state that tries to dictate what people read and believe – just ask Ray Bradbury (author of Fahrenheit 451). The recycling by the RRS of Bibles, for stem cell research is a nice touch though.

shame i burnt it 4 years ago woo glad to see more bible burning its the only to put the final nail in the idea that atheists just deni god and that we can be converted.

One thing i have noticed on atheist books on amazon christians leave comments like “atheist bias” WTF how do they get that there logic is so warped.

Naww not sure I want ot burn the bible..
1. Theres worse things to do to it.. recycle it into atheistic books, I think that would piss off more people.
2. The bible I have, was gaven to me, SO I have some moral against burning it…
3. If I bought a new one, it would look like more peopole are interested in this myth- Wait.. just thought of somehting.. I have a little pocket sized bible that those idiots stand outside of a school and hand out.. would that do?


“Thanks I ran out of roll your own paper, for my pot!”

That would inspire a lot worse of reaction 😛

1. Your example.. they might think “Gee whiz if he needs it he needs it”

My example harvests “imoral” actions with their holy text 🙂

As cool as it is burning the bible. What’s going to happen is some retarded kid is going to set his house on fire, burning the bible and sue.

I like to eat my bible, personally. There are a few good reasons why. 1) I gain its knowledge 2) people think I’m crazy 3) high in fiber.

ok im not a person of the church
nor do i naturally say stuff like this but

when you first started burning it i was in shock
cause i never thought i’d see a public video where someone burnt a bible

then after a little while i couldnt stop laughing
cause it wouldnt burn

on a side note i burnt a bible once i used it as a campfire starter

omg “maybe only the bad parts are burning baby?”
“ofcourse that should be the whole thing”

hahahaha that was funny

They professed it, but ignored the words of Jesus, such as the Sermon on the Mount. They didn’t love their enemies, they brutally killed them in concentration camps. They also disrespected them enough to demonize them and burn books that supported them or even seemed to. So what if they professed Christianity, they didn’t show it therefore you can’t judge Christians based on that. If you’re above us, you wouldn’t resort to the same level as the worst of us.

Christians have done those things, but tell me when Jesus told us to do those things. Most Christians, myself included, don’t claim to be perfect and don’t believe any human is perfect. Christians have done those things in the past, I won’t deny it, but can you judge all Christians based on the actions of those Christians?

please, read my comment, I’m not so sure you really did. You clearly have my statement confused. And I don’t judge all atheists as a whole, I do my best to never judge a single one, but sometimes I fail at that. My argument that started all this is that by doing this and at the same time demonizing Christians while branding us all the same, he is no better than Hitler.

I do my best, I’m human, I get aggitated, I said I fail sometimes. I’m not afraid to admit that, though it shames me. I know I am not supposed to judge, but sometimes I slip up. You’ll notice my screen name is tryin my best, i chose that for a reason. I’m not perfect, I’m human.

See, this is why Christians get so fed up with you, you come off trying to sound like you’re here for logical discussion, then we come on here, you mock us, we get frustrated, you point out we’re going against our morals, we admit our mistakes, and you go on mocking us. You’re like a child.

This is my first time on here and I watched your video just to see what it was about. Also I’ve read the comments. I noticed that all the people I’ve read so far that are complaining about Christians are mad or angry and seem to not be able to write anything without foul language and insults. Why is this? Can’t your replies be of a higher level of discussion? I would like to follow this thread more if you could, as it is interesting. But all the anger coming out makes that difficult.

I have never killed anyone, no Christian I know ever has, the bible has a commandment against killing. I follow Jesus’s moral of loving enemies as best I can. I would ask those people burners to do likewise, but sadly, I’m too late for that: they’ve been dead for centuries.

Trust me I know how you feel but I question whether burning a Bible and posting the video on YouTube is really such a good idea. I think it will weaken your argument and make Christians less likely to take you seriously. But I suppose I should know by now that provocative is your style. 🙂

I don’t understand how Christians can be offended, it’s not like they actually read the damn book. =/ tryin, you don’t know anything about Hitler, if you did you would realize that according to most Christian scripture there’s a good chance that he’s in Heaven, along with people like Jeffrey Dahmer which is hilarious, and points out the obvious flaws of Christianity. Good vid brett, as always.

Hmm, how does the Bible enslave people’s mind? Humans were made to believe whatever they want, you can choose to be a God fearing Christian, or a Hypocritic christian, or better yet you can just stay an atheist and prove yourself brave and burn as many bibles as you can. In the end when one wakes up in their moment of death they will open their eyes and see who was right.

The Bible is “Goddamned” (?)

…Try burning a priest, instead !?

You are accomplishing nothing but unknowingly hardening your own hearts, to your great peril. Perhaps it may now be getting too late for you all to repent.

Can’t you stop this habitual daily public assault on Christianity, Keane ? Sure, go ahead and live your way apart from and unsubjected to God, but have the class to do it by yourself.

what is a definition of a christian? There are all types of christians, some are true christians, some are evil wannabes like hitler, theres a whole assortment of them, it really is all up people to believe what they want to, in the end one will find out the truth, but its better to be on the safe side.

lol, thank you for the hilarious video! I got a good laugh watching your attempt. The bible verse that came to mind was, “Professing to be wise, they became fools.” I don’t know what’s more hilarious about this vid, that the fire kept going out, or that in the end you didn’t even burn it and just gave up. Lol!

it was always weird to me when I heard someone say “Christians burn people” as if it’s something they all have to do in order to be one. Here’s some advice so people will take you more seriously…

In order to get rid of delusion, one must first rid his/her own mind of delusion. It’s kinda weird to get angry when people categorize athiests as evil people when you make wreckless statements toward all Christians. That’s called hypocritical behavior/ a double standard for you 5th graders…

Oh I forgot…

Hey why don’t you re-write a testament for Athiests to follow that doesn’t involve the bashings of any other culture/religion. As you point out, the Christians didnt get too far with their message by burning people…

I don’t see this as an attempt at freedom… it easily mistakened for shock value. It kinda makes me wonder what you’d stand for if religion was never introduced to people.

When can we see part 2 burn the Koran? With the violence Muslims display each time their religion challenged and insulted should further the point once they see it and hit the streets in the Middle East and UK in numbers showing the world yet again what bunch of pathetic primitive thinking bunch of animals they are

God is pretty easy to prove when you think about it. Can you look at working computer and say it has no creator? No you cant. Even the crappiest computers have a creator right? Now the Human brain is the mother of all computers. How can you claim that the crappiest computers have a creator yet the most advanced computer has no creator?

Sorry Rex, that does not follow. Computers were created by MANY people (and they also evolved from common ancestors!). All you ‘prove’ is that there might be MANY gods, each part of a large production line, creating the universe. In your scenario, multiple gods are a much more logical conclusion. If you can’t believe THAT, then your design argument has no substance.

I’d be curious to know how many people generalize Christians, Muslims, or people of any religion. I used to have a problem with Christianity, too. That was until I found that it was just a bad approach I didn’t like. People need logic to criticize religion as much as they do within them. Otherwise, it’s just nonsense.

Wish you hadn’t done that, Brett. Censor me if you must, but my words are intended for you only anyway. If “they” are ever to come over to “us” (which is surely the point of all your efforts) do you think you have made it more or less likely by an act that is more satanic than atheistic? They have to see light at the end of the tunnel, not the darkness they had imagined. Please, laugh it off, admit it was a bad idea. People will respect you more for it.

what did this prove? In order to believe you are creating that burning the bible is a “bad” thing, you’d have to believe that READING the bible is a “good” think I suppose. It’s like satanists who believe that saying “the Lord’s prayer” backwards is actually doing something harmfull. Time to grow up.

So once again you prove that Jesus is Lord! Did you all see how much trouble this clown had lighting the book? Notice that the words burned last, just the margins at first. I saw how God’s words resisted to prove this idiot a BAD sinner. Finally God let him burn it after he gave him a lesson. I know it was the devil and not him, so I FORGIVE YOU. I hope God does too. Personally imho that is 100 times worse than burning a flag. He should be fined at least. What state are you in clown?

Do you remember the old comedy skit about eating pussy? It works the same way…lol.

Seriously, ask anybody who works in a hospital and ask them the difference when people know they are dying now and their reactions to the realization the end is here. Real Christians mostly go peacefully while others do NOT…. It’s horrible.

1) In general, I don’t like burning books, but at least that one has plenty of copies.

2) If one is going to burn a bible, do it well. By this I mean one should burn the whole thing, not just a little old NIV paperback New Testament. Do a big KJV Family edition.

3) Maybe you should have poured a little gas on it first.

This is just dumb. I’m Christian, but I’m not even going to say anything about “blasphemy”. You’re just a wound up middle age loser. You know who used to burn books? Hitler. Yea. Great guy, you should look him up. I don’t care if you believe in God, Christianity, or the Bible. I don’t. But don’t disrespect others beliefs.

And it took, what, 5 minutes to get it to burn? Hmm…

either that or “god damn” could be a virtually ubiquitous phrase used for emphasis irrespective of the speaker’s religion. i’m leaning more toward that one.

i also don’t know why i’d have to believe in the christian god for someone to buy me something on christmas.

i think you should probably “wake up” from your delusion that everyone who says “god” or gives/gets gifts on a day in december is a christian in the closet.

I’m atheist and oppose religions, but I do not approve the burning of any books, religious or otherwise. Imagine how blindly intolerant and retrograde people burning a Dawkins book would look like.

(i did not understand the blasphemy challenge, its like publically stating you dont believe in leprechauns and make a big fuss 😉 )


Rosie O’Donnell attacks for Bush and screams for Bush’s Impeachment on The View

Come and see the full uncensored video here, or click on my profile:



From a non-religeous point of veiw you are a waste of your fathers sickly semen. You appear to look more retarded than I do after a 6 pack and 12 bong hits. I don’t say this as a christian, I say this as a human being. Learn how to start a fire you redneck piece of trash.

What purpose does it serve by trying to desecrate a book billions hold as holy?

What does this accomplish? You’re wasting precious resources, not to mention money, and for what? What will you accomplish by doing this? I’m sorry Brett, but you appear to care more about sensationalism, preaching, converting and judging than you do in educating, opening minds and starting a dialogue. This is a waste of time and energy.



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