21.7.05. Failed London Bombers C.C.T.V.

February 3, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
its not in their religion to do it if u read anything about islam. They r jus dickheads who misread it. Like in christianity everyone knows the old testamant is a load of shit and 99.9% of it never happened… thats why u cant trust jews either because they believe all that crap.

holt2k you are an idiot and use this to spew your hate agenda. christian extremists call for “attacks” on middle east all the time and they think islam is a threat which is funny cuz Jewism is much more of a threat to Christianity than Islam but I guess they can’t wipe out Jews so lets go at Muslims. you are an idiot

Please recognise that there is a difference between these terrorists and 99.9999% of peaceful Muslim people. The person shown in the video is a misinformed, idiotic twat, nothing more. I am proud to have many Muslim friends. Your hatred won’t solve anything. Here, have a hug. *hug*

You have seen these muslim morons “dancing in the streets” in celebration after any Christian nation is attacked, right? And why aren’t your ‘friends’ DOING anything about these fools instead of condoning with silence? I say roast ’em all.

you seen any videos of a christian sayin “roast them all” while israel keeps on bombing civil buildings? everything happens has a reason, guess what is the reason that makes some people happy just because other people of a different religion die thousands of miles away. before making comments that shows as a solution brutal death of many people, you might wanna read a bit about terror and islam and middle east

exactly, one these phrases being “roast ’em all”. the reasons that motivate people to commit suicide as a bomber are much more complicated than just hating mcdonalds. more than 300000 people are “roasted” by usa in iraq, majority of them being civilians. they have in some way the same reasons to hate you, that you have to hate them
i dont see any humanity atkilling other people, but you dont seem to notice the irony in suggesting to kill people of a different religion, because they did the same

Not a very brave suicide bomber?
Didn’t fancy the 72 virgins waiting for him.
A baby in a buggy one side of him???
He aint never gonna see the light of day again???
Hang on a minute??? I hear “what about his human rights?”
Damn i bet he’s out in 15 years!!!

Yes, we ought to start by giving people like fragamuffin at least half an education so they realise that your thinking is just as deviant as that of the terrorists. Your current attitude must make it hard for you to get to sleep at night. Think carefully about what you just said and you’ll see.

sad deluded empty shell of a man selfishly focused on his own delusional eternal reward, and prepared to tear people to pieces to obtain it…. no empathy, no sympathy, a pathetic impotent suicidal coward that cannot deal with reality. A WEAK WEAK WEAK man. And anyone who sees suicide bombers as heroes has an infantilised simplistic view of politics… ask them to picture their own mother disembowelled, dismembered, skinned and fried by an explosion.

Its funny how we are being shown loadsa cctv footage for this one, and not for 7/7.
These 21/7 guys are patsies. Created to furthur delude your rational analysis of the WHOLE game being played. Resulting with ‘them’ taking away OUR freedoms, right from under our feet.

Ghan D

Why are you a muslim? I am HONESTLY interested (no malice intended) Are the attendees at where you worship saying anything about this issue? I know that when I hear about an abortion clinic being bombed by a “Christian” I cringe, and if the leader of the Church he claims to represent doesn’t come out IMMEDIATELY and publicly condemn that stupidity, I would be on the phone post-haste!

Its funny how we are being shown loadsa cctv footage for this one, and not for 7/7.
These 21/7 guys are patsies. Created to furthur delude your rational analysis of the WHOLE game being played. Resulting with ‘them’ taking away OUR freedoms, right from under our feet.

Ghan D

there’s footage of the 7/7 bombers too – but they won’t show it because of the laws of criminal prejudice. Most of this footage never appeared until after it was shown in court and they still hope to get someone for 7/7. Or maybe they just don’t want to show someone’s brother’s last moments on national TV???

Why does our government even let these people in our country they let these people in even though they KNOW that they have links with these terror groups, they let them in because its an “Infringment on there human rights”, well what about our human rights as citizens of the UK.We need a whole new government to overturn the entire system because the wankers we have in now are a bunch of fucking pussies who wouldnt ban a piss head from a pub.

your nieve. your government doesn’t let him in..

stupid ppl holding all the problems and situations to the government.. hahah

god ur dumb… they can’t STOP IT.

and ‘THEY’ as in the government.. u think is all seeing.. OMFG–> go back under the rock you crawled out from

Well, i think any idiot who thinks killing a mass number of people who dont believe in the same God as you do says enough about their kind of people. The only thing thats going to end this world is the stupid people living in it. Kind of pathetic.

These people are so pathetic…they have poorly educated countries full of angry young men…brutal attitudes toward women….they haven’t ever been part of the modern world and now they wanna blow it up and call themselves religious warriors. They are an embarassing group of people.

I still don’t undertand what a purpose is behind it. What they want? I just can’t spot any reason for killing innocent people. I was that day on Sheppard Bush station and i could die there. What kind of benefit they can get for my death? Is Mr. Blair or Mr Bush will miss me? Who will ever notice my death?
If they want to make Bush and Blair suffer – they shall bomb oil installation in their own countries. That’s make any sense. Bloody sloppy bastards!

I would agree,…but then we risk sounding “islamophobic” or some similar rubish. Islam is unique in that it has a developed theology doctorine and law mandating war against non-believers. So actually as even the FBI concluded, suicide bombers are simply logical followers of their religion.

This is my country. Why do we let these fuckers in. The Englishman is becoming a minority in his own country. We tread on thin ice as not to offend these bastards who will kill you in the blink of an eye. Yet still, we accept more and more into our country. Immigration has gone mad. We are killing ourselves. The benefits these bastards get from our government could quite easily go towards the next device that could blow us up. Keep your friends close but your enemies even closer. Bollocks!.

We may all brace ourselves for the bleeding heart, “human rights” advocates that will no doubt descend here shortly to verbally spank the rest of us (who have the temerity to call a spade a spade) with all the shrieking, condescending lib-babble they can conjure up as though it changes anything; these mid-east clowns are savages and need to be dealt with accordingly.


Rosie O’Donnell attacks for Bush and screams for Bush’s Impeachment on The View

Come and see the full uncensored video here, or click on my profile:





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