Many Video Responses in One

February 2, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
“If you’re a god. The most perfect system you could create is a system that can work without you”

How exactly is our system not working without “God”?

A bible is the symbol of Christian beliefs and considered a “Holy” test by all abrahamic religions. How do you feel about flag burning? Burning the bible is not a excerise in your disbelief of god. It is a sign of disrespect for people who respect the bible.

According to the book that sets the etiquette for such things, guess what method you are supposed to use when a flag has become worn out.

That’s right, you BURN it. Go look it up.

Just another layer to the symbolism of burning the bible. It has truly worn itself out and should be retired.

Funding stem cell research through a bible recycling program is better than just burning the bible and posting online videos of it. Burning bibles should be done in front of devout Christians rather than in isolation. Burning copies is fine but burning originals is an issue.

Yes I would be offended by any book being burned to make any sort of political or social statement, if you had shot it or torn it to shreds that would have been fine, and people like capnOawesome have done it, but burning books makes you appear to be just the way Christians want you to appear, if I were a Christian I would be thrilled with your bible burning campaign, because I would know what kind of milage I could get off it.

How in the world is burning a book different from shooting or tearing it to shreds? Do you people that take this stance have a fetish for books and a phobia of fire?

Do you correlate burning shit, i.e. bible, akin to burning useful/informative text such as science journals?

mooeypoo is an Israeli Jew. I’ve been subscribed to her vids since she first started posting on YT.
She is highly intelligent, reads from the original OT text and is very well read in a wide variety of other subject areas.
I expect that she is familiar with the contents of Mein Kampf.

Wow! All religion aside, I wish all parents would think like you: teach children as much as possible, so they are prepared to take care of themselves & be productive members of society.
What a fuckin’ novel idea!

(Good Golem impression! My precious! hehe!)



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