Ashley Tisdale – Be Good To Me (Disney Single Premiere)

February 2, 2007 youtubemovie

Youtube Commments:
personally, i think for her first video off the album(not little mermaid for kiss the girl) she should have done a real video.

not a concert tour.

but otehr then that it is super awesome. thanks for getting it up! how you got it so early i won’t know. but i got it last night like in the morning…lol

Sharpay xoxo

Well it was a ok video. I would have been better if they did more than shown her on stage. I’m think that maybe He Said, She Said and Good To Me should have a music videos that aren’t at concerts and then have her other singles be a HSM Concert. Like Headstrong.

shes like the next brittney spears. the slut everyone loves but hates at the same time. except im not lovin this. look at the shorts shes wearing. i dont want my little sister to look up to that. these disney channel people obviously have no concept of morality in their bodies

there just shorts!! I mean come on it’s not like ashley wakes up in the morning thinking “What guy am I gonna grind on today?” I mean come on!! She’s 21!! And just tell your little sister not to follow ashley’s example if that’s how you feel about Ashley!!!

So, Carey wore a bikini on The Suite Life. She’s just wearing shorts. And she isn’t singing Be Good to Me anywhere else on tour, Disney wanted this song because it wasn’t as mature as the others and it has a good beat. She lip-synced to it at the HSM concert. Like Vanessa did with Say Ok. But the moves are a little mature for Disney channel. So it should be interesting when it premieres 1-25 at 5:25 during Sister, Sister on Disney Channel.

God damn these fucking videos suck. Where the fuck is some hot whore with big tits and a hot ass getting a cock in all three holes (asshole,pussy,mouth) at the same time
then the cum starts leaking out of all the holes after the hard cocks are taken out of the whore.

i like it! would’ve liked it a little better if it was an actual music video but shes busy with the tour right now so its still better then nothing. And guys shes 21, not 14…she can put a little “more” into her dance steps so its not that surprising.



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